How To Tell Your Ex Boyfriend You're Pregnant With His Baby

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Nobody wish to get through a break up. It's a painful process that needs time to get over with. But not all relationship could last long and ended up in marriage. Even when you said you love your boyfriend to death, there's always possibility that you might break up someday.

Getting through a breakup is stressful, lonely, and sad at the same time. You have no choice but to move on. In the middle of the process, you find yourself pregnant. As if things are not that for you to bear, you need to find the right ways how to tell your ex boyfriend you're pregnant with his baby.

This will get you freaked out and even more stress. Before anything, you have to stay calm and take a deep breath. Don't be panic or do anything stupid. Stay calm and tell someone you can trust. Later on you can find the ways how to tell your ex boyfriend you're pregnant with his baby.


1. Make Sure About The Result

Don't make a prior assumption of yourself being pregnant because you have your period late. Do some pregnancy test, see a doctor to make sure that you are pregnant. What's more important is you have to be sure that the baby you carry belong to your ex boyfriend. You are the only one who know the truth though.

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2. Calm Your Thoughts

You must be shocked, panicked, and out of your mind. First, get a grip and accept the reality. Calm your thoughts, take some deep breath and take a seat. Think about all possibility and how to tell your ex boyfriend you're pregnant with his baby. It's important for you to keep yourself calm or else you'll do something you regret.

3. Tell The One You Trust

tell the one you trust

Find support through the one you trust. You don't have to feel alone because there are always people who got your back. Whether it's your mother, your best friend, or anyone, tell the first. Tell them about your condition and what you're feeling at the time. Ask for advice what should you do next.

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4. Find The Right Timing

From the first time you find out about it, you can't wait to tell your ex. But to find the right timing is everything. Get update about his whereabouts and what he's doing. You don't want to tell he's busy with work or have some family matters going on. Do it on his spare time. This is why it's important for you to be friendly with his friends.

5. Reach Him First

You can sit around sending hints to him that you want to meet him or somewhat. You have to reach him first by any means. If you have blocked and erased his numbers, reach him through the social media. If have deleted him as well, reach him through his friends. You can always find a way.

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6. Ask For A Meeting

You don't want him to get the wrong idea why you reach out to him, right? Then tell him that you requested a meeting. He will understand when you say this is something important that can't be said through phone or text. Ask him when he could spare his time.

7. Don't Beat Around The Bush

To be direct and straightforward is how to tell your ex boyfriend you're pregnant with his baby. It's okay to ask him how he's doing or he seems busy and you apologize for cutting him in between. But you don't need to ask have him eaten or have he dated someone new. Just get to the point, "I'm pregnant. And it's your baby."

8. Find A Solution Together

The point of telling him that you're pregnant is to find the best solution for both of you. One thing you must bear in mind is that he might not want to get back together with you. Probably you don't want it as well. You could have a bad break up or you simply moved on from each other. Have a talk about what should you do next.

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9. Keep Yourself Calm

Seeing his bad reaction upon hearing the news you just brought in may trigger your emotion to. Keep calm and don't start a fight with him. Bring proof why are you sure that it's his baby. You can tell him that you didn't date anyone after him, or that you just broke up couple days ago, and that you have sex only with him. If he's not convinced enough, tell him you want a DNA test to make sure.

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10. Be Prepared For His Reaction

be prepared for his reaction

He will be as shock as you are. This is surely beyond his expectation. He's not ready for this and he can react very, very badly. You need to be prepared for all of this. Don't just expect him to nod and say yes. He might be angry, not accepting is, and even accused you of trapping him. Yes, he is surely out of mind at the time.

11. Be Mature And Embrace The Reality

If both of you still have feeling for each other and willing to get back together for the baby's sake, it's a big relieved. But if he doesn't love you anymore and not considering getting back, be mature and embrace the reality. Life doesn't always go the way you want it to be.

The key on finding the ways how to tell your ex boyfriend you're pregnant with his baby is to be mature. The purpose of this is to tell him the truth so both of you can find the best solution. Don't be freaked out or begging him to come back to you, not when he's moved on already. It is hard, but it's something you have to get through. Later on you can learn the best lesson out of this.

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