Why Does My Gemini Ex Keep Coming Back, Start Your Relationship Again

by Michelle Devani

Sometimes after break up, it is happen that why does my Gemini ex keep coming back? This is a common question when your mate feels doesn't want to leave you and want to keep the relationship. Off course, this should be not a weird thing. There are thousand of reasons on why they still coming and what to do when he ghosts you and comes back. But sometimes, it is difficult for you to trust whether this is a truth or only last for short period. Therefore, it want to know more on this thins, check below reasons on why does my Gemini ex keep coming back.

Reasons Why Does My Gemini Ex Keeps Coming Back

Off course there are plenty of reasons on why is your ex is keep coming back. Specially if he or she is a Gemini. It is important to understand that basically a Gemini is a person that easily to feel touched on something. Even there are 6 main reasons why it is hard for Gemini to commit. Therefore, below can be a rational reasons on why does my Gemini ex keep coming back.

1. Soft Hearted

They easily get touched and by the time they think about the memories last between both of you, they feel to want you again. This is common to happen since Gemini has a soft heart that easily feels touched.

2. You're A Good Person

you're a good person

You might be a too good person for them. Therefore, there is no one can replace you ever. This is common to make someone to keep coming back to their ex after finding that other persons can make them happy or not suit with their thinking. By the time they remember that you are better and too good, they will start to think to come back with you again.

3. They Miss Something In Your Relationship

It also might because they thinking something is missing when they end up the relationship with you. Therefore, they don't want to feel this empty space and wish to have you come back again with him. They expect that this can brighten their day and everything will get better anymore when you both turn into relationship again.

4. Your Romantic Side

They might thinking that you are the most romantic zodiac signs in relationship so far. Therefore, it is difficult not to let you go. Especially if both of you having too many sweet memories. It is truly hard to forget and they will absolutely wish can come back with you again.

5. You Treat Your Relationship Serious

They also can think that you are fit with them to run a serious relationship. Such as if both of you ready to make family or being married. Of course it is a long decision. Therefore, it possibly that they think about it much and finally ready to make commitment together. They have sure that you are the best person for their life.

Tips To Get Relationship With Your Gemini Again

tips to get relationship with your gemini again

If you wish that your Gemini ex can come back to you again, then it must be a perfect timing to get your relationship better. Therefore, to make sure you can end up into relationship again, make sure to do the following tips:

  • Express your truth feeling. Tell them how much you want them to stay with you and wish to have better relationship. Things that has been over can be fixed again through trusting each other better. Therefore, it will lead both of you to come back and fall in love again.
  • Try to surprise them with many romances. Through this tips, they will feel your big attention and feeling sorry that they had left you last time. After this, they will feel more commit to run the relationship together with you. Therefore, try to take them out for romantic dinner can be a good way to do this. Or it can also through on how to get hug romantically without being awkward. This small things will definitely works for your Gemini ex to feel happy and start the relationship with you again.
  • Blew their mind with poetic and romantic things. Promise them something good if you're two back together. They will easily thinking that this time is a correct time to comeback with you. Therefore, it can be a good way to reach your expected relationship with your Gemini ex again.

Those all some reasons of why does my Gemini ex keep coming back If you feel still loving him or her and wish to get your relationship back again, then do the above things. Make sure this time you run a good relationship so that it wouldn't over after short period and even can stay longer and result a serious relationship or even feel the advantages of love and arranged marriage. The key is to be patient and to know each other very well. Then you will end up with a happy ending together. Good luck!

Michelle Devani
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