Advantages of Love and Arranged Marriage You Should Know

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Marriage is the ultimate goal for every couple who is in a serious relationship. Even when somebody is not in a relationship, they could want a marriage. But marriage is surely different with dating. You really have to be with the right one unless you want your marriage life to get screwed. Unfortunately, finding the right person to get married with is never easy.

From how couples reach marriage, there are two types we are familiar with: love marriage and arranged marriage. In the modern era, arranged marriage still exist especially is Asian ethnicity. Both have their own positives and negatives.

Set aside the negatives, now here are the advantages of love marriage and arranged marriage.

Advantages of Love Marriage

  1. Freedom to Choose the Partner

People nowadays, either young or adult enough, prefer love marriage as they want to choose their partner themselves. It’s probably the biggest advantages of love marriage. As you choose your own partner yourself, you may live your life the way both of you want and compromising would be much easier. It’s almost a guarantee for your marriage’s happiness. Also read Signs that Your Boyfriend is Going to Propose Soon

Speaking about expectations, love marriage usually a result of a long term relationship so your partner loves you the way you are. They won’t expect much from you as they know your weaknesses already. It undeniably makes you more comfortable.

  1. You Feel the Bliss in Your Marriage

When you get married to someone because of love, you will find the bliss and excitement in it. You will feel like your dream is accomplished and becoming excited as you enter the marriage life. You already know little things about them such as their favorite color, their favorite things, and many intimate details like what makes their mood down and what to do to lift it up.

Imagine when you marry a stranger, let alone knowing those little things, you have to adjust your unfamiliarity before everything. And there is no guarantee you will madly in love with them.

  1. Love Marriage Gives You Confidence

Getting married is about to accept your partner as a whole, and they should do the same. It’s hard to be yourself unless you are comfortable with your partner. Love marriage gives you the comfort to make you no longer hesitate to be yourself. Knowing that they don’t mind with who you really are, you become more and more confident to stand on your own shoes. Also read Advantages and Disadvantages of International Marriage

  1. The Communication in Marriage is Better

Communication is one of the most important thing in a relationship. It takes time to build trust and communication, which is usually done when the couple was dating. You have a better communication, always at ease around them and you can talk about your problem. And open communication is what makes a marriage last a long time.

  1. You Completely Understand Their Financial Status

If you get married for love, you know exactly the financial status of your partner. Money is important in marriage and when you have understood their financial situation, there will be less fight about money. You know how much you should expect and how far they can afford. You also know how they handle their finance. You perfectly aware of the financial security in your marriage. It’s another huge advantage for love marriage. Also read Disadvantages of Marrying A Rich Man

Advantages of Arranged Marriage

We are talking about the advantages of love and arranged marriage. As we have done with the former, now it’s time to dig more about the latter.

  1. Finding the Right One is Much Easier

It’s no secret that deciding whether to marriage or not is never easy. Many people wait for years until they are assured they have find the right one to live with forever. While finding someone to get married with can be stressful and desperate, it’s not something to worry in an arranged marriage.

Your right one has already chosen so you don’t have to worry anymore. It becomes the best alternative for singles who are not confident enough and especially worry about marriage.

  1. The In-Laws are in a Good Terms

Arranged marriage was planned by both of the couples’ parents, so it’s guaranteed that they have a good relationship. You don’t have to worry about how could they get along together since they already are. Your in laws are also like you without having to put much effort. There will no in laws drama in your marriage. Also read Chinese Dating Etiquette

  1. No Conflicts in Child Rearing

The best advantage in arranged marriage is how small fights are cut down. There won’t be dramas with your in laws and no dramas in the child rearing as well. Both parents who arrange the marriage usually come from the same culture so they share values and customs in everyday life. You won’t have to adopt different parenting style due to different cultures.

  1. The Responsibility is on the Parents

It’s not good to blame other for what happen in your life, but you likely could do it if you’re in an arranged marriage. This kind of marriage is basically happen not because you wanted it, but your parents did. So everything that happen later in your marriage, it’s on your parents. Also read Ways to Get Close to Your Boyfriend's Mother and Win Her Heart

If you are happy, the credit goes to them. But if your marriage is troublesome, it’s their responsibility.

  1. Both Families Gives Endless Support

You will have less worry in an arranged marriage. You always have both families to back you whenever you fall. And it’s true. Your family wouldn’t mind to share your marriage’s burden with them, and they will give all the support they can to make it less burdensome for you. They support you in all circumstances.

Those are all among the advantages of love and arranged marriage. There should be many more of them that didn’t get mentioned above. However, there will always be plus and minus in everything. Not that one is better than another. It’s a matter of preference and choice. Not all of love marriage lasted long or full of happiness, and arranged marriage often resulted in an everlasting marriage.

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