Ways to Get Close to Your Boyfriend's Mother and Win Her Heart

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You can be assured that your relationship is progressing when your boyfriend do this to you: introducing you to his mother! It means he take the relationship to a more serious and it may be what you have been waiting for all along. It also may be the signs that your boyfriend is going to propose soon. What comes later after you feel all happy and terrifies is will she likes you or not.

Ways to Get Closer to Your Boyfriend’s Mother

You shouldn’t come unprepared before you meet your boyfriend’s mother. First impression is very important and you have to make sure she likes you from the start. It will make the rest easier. There are many ways to get closer to your boyfriend’s mother that you can do. Since you’re both women, technically you won’t have problem getting along together.

Don’t be afraid of the scary boyfriend mother stereotype who disapprove of your relationship with your boyfriend and trying to break you up. It happens only in the movie and your boyfriend’s mother must be a good person for she has given birth to one of the most beautiful creature that you love.

1. Be a Positive Influence to Your Boyfriend

Every mom likes it the most when her son showing some positive changes after he started dating someone. Be the one who encourage your boyfriend to care about his mom more than before. This will make her think that she can rely on you and she will reach out to you every time. You can even be closer to her than he is!

2. Respect Her As an Older Person

You should treat all people with respect and manner, especially the elderly. Respect your boyfriend's mother as if she's your own mother. One day she might become your real mother after all. Remember always to put a smile in front of her since she is the one who had carried and raised the man you love. Once you mistreat his mother, you will notice the signs your boyfriend family doesn't like you very soon.

3. Treat Her Like a Good Friend

The best ways to get closer to your boyfriend's mother is by making her new new best friends! Talk comfortably to her like you do to your friends, but mind the manner. Making her your friends mean you break down the barriers between you and her. Show her how open you are to her and in the meantime, she will open up herself to you too.

4. Be Yourself

Every one has their own ideal type in everything. Your boyfriend's mother must be have certain qualities she wants from the person her son is dating. But you don't have to make it as a guide to behave in front of her. Be yourself, show her the ways to love yourself and be happy with the world, and make her fall in love with you. Who cares about criteria when she falls in love?

5. Find Out Her Favorite Things

Ask your boyfriend about what his mother likes. Does she like gardening, cooking, or shopping? Before you meet her, look up for information about it as many as possible. It can prevent the awkwardness between you and her. She will be delighted to talk about her favorite things with you.

6. Bring Her Gifts Often

Steal her heart by bringing her gifts when you see her. It doesn't have to be fancy, expensive thing. You can bring her your homemade food which she likes. Showing that you sincerely care for her is more important than spending much money with no sincerity at all.

7. Mind Your Look

Look makes the impression. You don't want to meet his mother in a shabby clothes as if you never take care of yourself. Put on some light make up and wear decent clothes every time. It makes her somehow comfortable around you.

8. Do Your Hobbies Together

This rule seems to apply in any kind of relationship and bringing the best result. The ways to make your boyfriend's parents like you, especially his mother is by doing your hobbies together. It's important to find common interest with her and it draws you closer. If you enjoy shopping together, you might as well spend a girls day out with her checking on some new collection in the store.

9. Ask Her a Lot of Question

Just like everyone, she likes to talk about herself. Ask a lot of question about her and let her talk as long as she wants. All you have to do is being a good listener. You may ask about her hobbies, her love story with her husband, or her achievement in life. And don't forget to ask her about your boyfriend. His behavior may relate to her story and it gets you even closer with her and your boyfriend.

10. Avoid Any Arguments

It's not good to have an argument with your boyfriend's mom. Avoid any arguments by avoiding sensitive topics in which you have a different thought with her. You better talk about common interest you have.

11. And Ask About Her to Your Boyfriend

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Who knows her better than her own son. Ask a lot of question about her to your boyfriend every now and then. Not only basic question such as her favorite things, foods, behavior, etc. but down to small things like what she's up to recently. It shows how much you care for her and your boyfriend will see the wife material signs in you.

There are more ways to get close to your boyfriend's mother that you can find out yourself. Remember that a mother is like the queen in your boyfriend's heart and she perfectly knows about it. Instead of appearing like a threat who is trying to steal her throne, make yourself as someone to whom she will happily pass the crown.

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