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29 Reasons Why You Should Never Marry Your First Love

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Our first love defines what we think a relationship should be and what we think love should be. It introduces us to a whole new world of compassion and joy. But you shouldn’t be with that person forever. Why?
marrying our first love might sound like a good idea. You’ve become comfortable with this relationship and you think you should marry them.But actually there is so much reasons why you shouldn’t do it. Confused? Here are the real reasons why you should never marry your first love;

  1. You’re Not Growing

Not having a change in the condition of our life means that we can get too comfortable with less change. This means you are missing out on self growth and elf explorations.

  1. Your Definition Of Love Is Too Stiff

You only define love as you see it in your first love which means that you won’t be fully experiencing the many sides of love.

  1. You’re Being Less Tolerant

You can only tolerate and love your first love when you marry him which is bad. This attitude can drive people away from your life.

  1. You’ll Lose A Bit Of Your Self Identity

Losing your identity can come when you are stuck in the same things for too long that you start losing sight of who you are and what you are. Knowing yourself is important according to the  Reasons You Should Know and Love Yourself Before You Love Someone Else

  1. More Prone To Boredom

Being with someone for too long can make people bored and potentially break your relationship.

  1. More Prone To Cheating

Because of the boredom that arise, you start showing the Signs He’s Thinking of Cheating On You which is never a good sign.

  1. More Prone To Hurting Each Other

Boredom and having a stagnant life may actually lead you to be resentful and start to hurt each other.

  1. Thinking That The Relationship Will Always Be There

When you feel too safe, you stop fighting for the relationship which is essential when you want a passionate relationship.

  1. You’re Being Stuck In The Past

You’re too stuck in the version of love from the past, you stop being present.

  1. You Are Less Experienced With Relationships

Only having one experience for a lifetime with your first love will make you less experienced in having a relationship.

  1. You Are Scared Of A Different Kind Of Love

Because you are too comfortable, you start being scared of a different kind of love when in fact love is always changing.

  1. Making You Scared Of Changes

You are scared on any types of changes because your relationship have always been stagnant.

  1. Not Having Butterflies In Your Stomach Anymore

You stop getting excited and getting that magical feeling that you usually have when you are really interested with someone. This is the  Signs That He is Falling Out of Love With You

  1. You Are Stuck With The Same Circle Of People

No new people are coming to your life because you are stuck with the same people which can make life boring.

  1. Your Life Won’t Be Filled With Adventures

Why you should never marry your first love – Stagnant love and limiting yourself means less room for explorations and adventures.

  1. You Start To Lose Sight Of What You Love In The Relationship

Boredom can make a person underestimate the relationship which leads them to forget what they love. 

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  1. You Need To Choose The Bold Choice

Why you should never marry your first love – Life is made for bold choices and bold adventures but marrying your first love isn’t one.

  1. You Trust Them Too Much

You start to trust them too much which can be a disadvantage because that person might actually show the Signs He is Player

  1. You Are Blindsided By Your Love

Being blindsided by your love leads to all kinds of bad things in your life.

More ways to know why marrying your only love is not a good thing

Stuck with the same idea and condition is dangerous for the growth of anyone. If the ideas above haven’t convinced you enough, here is more ways to know why marrying your only love is not a good thing;

  1. Not Being Up To Date About Romance

You don’t know how to use dating apps or more.

  1. Not Relating To Other People

You don’t relate to how other people experience love because you only feel  Signs That Someone is In Love With You from one person.

  1. Making You Live A Life Of Regrets

You won’t stop questioning yourself with the question ‘what if i didn’t do this’ which is not a recipe for a great love.

  1. Making You Bitter Inside

All this regret will rot you inside which makes you show the Signs Your Husband is Not in Love With You Anymore

  1. Making You Have More Anxiety And Stress

Too much regrets and untaken responsibility can lead to stress and anxiety.

  1. Building Up Secrets Between You

Secrets will start to build up because you are scared to admit you want something more. 

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Tips on what to do

It might seem shocking now that you are convinced with not marrying your first love. But now you have to figure out what to do with that idea with this tips;

  1. Break It Off Cleanly

Find a way to kindly break it off with your first love without arguments or heat.

  1. Keep In Contact With Each Other

Keeping in contact means that you are not having any resentment.

  1. Start To Dive In To New Experiences

Start to find people to date with and experiences to jump into.

  1. Be Smart About Your Dating Life

Learn to be smart with your dating life and not to date for the sake of dating.

Our first love might seem like our only answer to the question of which love you deserve. But the truth is there are so much more growth and experiences that you are missing out which is shown in why you should never marry your first love. Once you’ve become convinced, you can jump head first to the great life that is waiting for you, letting your heart soar.

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