21 Ways on How to Get Your Ex Girl Back When There's Another Guy

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Break up is just another process in a relationship. It was devastating and heartbroken, but the saddest part is when you regret breaking up wit her. As things couldn't get worse, she already found the new guy. Seems like there are too many Signs That Your Ex Girlfriend Has Moved On from you as she is happy with her new beau. But all is fair in love and war, dude. If you want her back so badly, you need to find the right ways on how to get your ex girl back when there's another guy around.

1. Don't be in a Rush

Know that she has another guy, you should make your move more careful. Do one thing at one time. It will take longer time than it should be, but rushing things do no good for you. Instead, it will only make things worse. Don't make her run away from you and making it as the Reasons Why Your Ex Girlfriend Won't Talk to You.

2. Focus on Yourself

Don't make the other guy as a reason for all of your doing. Rather than making him as an excuse, you better focus on yourself. Do some improvement. Physical revolution is not the only things necessary. There are more, like behavioral maturity. Show her how much you have changed.

3. Increase the Value

Don't make yourself look like a beggar in front of her. You need to raise your value so that you will be demanded more. Growing mature is one way to, but you should be a gentleman by acknowledging your mistake as well. Apologize for any wrongdoing you have done in the past, and let all the guilt be on you.

4. Make Use of the Social Media

Who said social media is useless? Not if you know how to use it right. One of it benefit is to show to your ex girlfriend you have a perfect, happy life without her. Post a lot of group photos and travelling memories. Make her wish she is still with you.

5. Tease Her Through Text

Don't block or erase her number right away after break up. Not when you're not sure whether you wish to get back. Use it as a way to tease her. Go to a place she wished to visit, take a selfie, and send it to her. She will reply your message for sure. Well. she will know what she's been missing for.

6. Don't be Clingy to Her

As if the whole universe hasn't know you want to get back to her, there's no need to follow her around like a little puppy. It will look weird and do no good for you. She will be annoyed by your constant existence and you'll get into trouble with the other guy as well.

7. No Ill Talk About the Other Guy

Try to win without stepping the other down. It's what you should do as well. Don't speak ill about her new beau if you want her back. It only makes you look cheap and she won't be impressed by it at all.


More Ways to Get Her Back from the Other Guy

Everything started off as friends. Now let's get to the real deal. After you make it to get back in her life now as her "new friend", here are the things you should do to win her back.

  1. Try to communicate with her once again. It may not go smooth as there could be some bitter feeling left. Keep up with it.
  2. Present yourself as a good listener who will always be there for her.
  3. Ask her for a meet up some time. Check all the Things to Do When Hanging Out with Your Ex Girlfriend.
  4. If she agrees, don't be too obvious with your intention. Keep the friendship for a while.
  5. When everything has calmed down and settle, apologize for your past mistakes. Show her how much you have grow. 
  6. Recall all the good memories you've had together. If she's not missing you, at leat she will be missing the memories first.
  7. Show her how important she is to you by asking for her advice in an important decision you are about to make.
  8. If your relationship ended on your mistake, she won't be the one asking for getting back together. You have to.
  9. Don't speak ill about his boyfriend. This is a must.

It's Possible to Get Her Back Because...

Putting some effort in winning her back is probably worse than putting on a bet for you. You never know how big your chance to win. You don't know either which is the bigger chance: getting her back or losing her forever. Just relax, your can get her back because of these reasons:

  1. It's easier to make her loves you back due to the old memories you've had together.
  2. She sees you grow as a person, and becoming the better version of you that you were in the past.
  3. There is something in you that she hasn't found in her new boyfriend yet.
  4. She unconsciously letting her guard down by forgiving you.
  5. You know the best way how make her fall in love.

Well, like it or not there are no a hundred percent guarantee that all the ways how to get your ex girl back when there's another guy will work. All depend on how good you were in the past and how good you are compare to her current boyfriend. Remember that the bigger your mistake, the smaller the chance of getting back together. If you can't see any Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Will Eventually Come Back to you, maybe it's time to do the real Ways to Forget Your Ex girlfriend. Learn for your mistake and move on. Surely there will be better girls out there who deserve your love.

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