Signs That Your Ex-Girlfriend Has Moved On (25 Signs She’s Over You)

Last updated on June 8, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Are you struggling to get closure from your most recent break-up?

Are you desperately holding on to the hope that your ex-girlfriend will come running back to you? 

Is this affecting your general mood and your ability to connect with new women?  

If so, this is the guide for you. It features 25 clear signs that your girlfriend has moved on. If your old flame is showing several of these signs, you’ll know it’s time to stop pining for her. She’s gone and it’s time for you to move on too. 

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Here are 25 more methods for finding out whether she’s moved on or not.

Is your previous partner showing signs of moving on? Is everything different between the two of you? With a few clues, you’ll know whether your ex-girlfriend has moved on or if she’s still hung up on you. Thankfully, we’re here to help you with that.

Many stages accompany post-breakup experiences. From grief to anger, and even to denial, past lovers will undoubtedly experience these emotions. However, a conclusion to them all is the process of moving on. 

Below are twenty-five ways to know when your ex-girlfriend has moved on from you and is completely over the relationship. 


25 Signs That Your Ex-Girlfriend Has Moved On

1. She Goes On Dates

she goes on dates

If you find out that your previous partner has started dating again, it’s an obvious clue that she’s moving on. Whether she chooses to inform you about her dates or not, her action shows that she’s ready to embrace the future and not dwell in the past. 

After a breakup, an ex will feel like meeting new people when they’ve handled their unresolved emotions. This process can take a few months, and even though they try to go on dates before their healing stage, they won’t be able to keep a relationship. On the contrary, when she’s handling the process well, you can tell she’s moving on.

2. She Has A New Boyfriend

One of the most obvious signs that your ex-girlfriend has moved on is when she’s in a new relationship; one that looks more than casual. If your ex were still hoping to get back together with you, it would be hard for her to enter a relationship with someone new. She wouldn’t want to start developing feelings for another person. 

Therefore, she would keep herself out of the dating world for a while. On the contrary, being in a new relationship shows that she has moved past the grieving stage and is ready to love someone again. This action serves as the best way to know when an ex no longer misses you.

3. She Doesn’t Want To Hang Out

If an ex still cares about you or misses you, it will be hard to resist spending some time with you. They’ll accept your offer for a casual meetup, as long as they can be around you for a period. On the contrary, you can tell your ex is slowly moving on when she doesn’t want to be with you for any reason. 

Even though it’s somewhat essential to meet up with you, your ex would rather look for an alternative than spend some time with you. There’s no longer any desire to be around you, and these are signs that your ex-girlfriend no longer has feelings for you.

4. She Has A New Appearance

If your previous girlfriend has switched up her appearance since the breakup, it’s an indication that she has marched on. While dating you, your ex inevitably had a significant style or dress sense you could identify. 

If most of those things have either improved or changed entirely, like a new hairstyle or new clothes, it’s a sign that she has moved on. Not only is your previous partner now embracing her new life without you, but she’s also trying her best to leave the past behind. Making an effort to look different identifies her zeal to prepare for the future and whatsoever it has to offer.

5. She No Longer Flirts With You

If conversations with your ex are rigid, unexciting, and only have single-line responses, you can tell that she’s not excited talking to you. More so, if she’s no longer flirting with you, or trying to impress you during conversations, it’s one of the signs your ex-girlfriend has moved on. 

Usually, there’s a sense of familiarity between an ex-boyfriend and an ex-girlfriend. Flirting happens when they’re catching up with one another, and they can be free around themselves. However, when things seem official between you and your previous partner, it’s a sign that she has marched on, and is no longer familiar with that past life.

6. She Told You She Doesn’t Have Feelings Anymore

she told you she doesn't have feelings anymore

Another primary way you can tell that a previous partner has gotten over you is when she outright tells you. If she confesses that she doesn’t have feelings for you anymore, she has most likely moved on. Usually, when an ex is still trying to stick around you, they would avoid telling you that their feelings have faded. 

If your previous partner has made this statement, it’s a sign that she’s no longer trying to be close to you. Plus, she’s no longer hoping for you to come back, your ex probably wants to move on and see what the future holds.

7. She Thinks You Need Someone Better

If you confessed to your previous partner that you’re still hooked on her, but she told you she needed someone better, it’s indicative that your ex has moved on. She no longer pictures herself with you, or at the least, envisions getting back with you. 

Her advice shows that she doesn’t want you to be hung up on her either. Your ex wants you to move on in the same manner that she’s trying to. These are signs your ex-girlfriend no longer has feelings for you and is ready to embrace the future. She wants bygones to be bygones, without dwelling on what used to be.

8. She No Longer Talks About You

If mutual friends of your previous partner confess that she no longer talks about you to them, it’s one of the signs your ex is moving on. Speaking accompanies the grieving stage, where the breakup parties seek closure for the separation. 

They’ll talk about how they feel, and the current status of either their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. When this process no longer happens, it’s a sign they’re slowly leaving the grieving stage. They’re not ready to face the future and live their life. Therefore, if you find out that your previous girlfriend is no longer talking about you, it means she’s moving on.

9. She Doesn’t Respond To Calls Or Texts Anymore

Even after a separation, lovers stay in contact to find some resolution to what happened. Calling and texting happens, to the extent both are comfortable spending time with one another through this medium. You can tell when things have changed if your previous partner is no longer returning your calls or texts. 

If she doesn’t feel like talking with you or texting you, it’s a sign that she’s ready to move on. She no longer wants to sustain a relationship with you, especially if it will keep her from moving forward. These actions are signs that her feelings for you have faded away.

10. She Forgets Important Dates

If your ex is no longer keeping up with important events in your life, she no longer has a desire to keep her relationship with you going. Although she might do this intentionally, it tells a lot about her current state of mind and emotion. 

If she forgets to wish you a happy birthday or fails to send her standard text when it’s the day of your previous relationship’s anniversary, then it’s a sign that she has moved on. She’s no longer holding on to the past and doesn’t want to hold on to any hope that things might go back to the way they were. Hence, your ex refrains from this action.

11. Her Friends Are No Longer Rooting For You

If you and your previous partner had a fantastic relationship, it’s likely that both her friends and yours will wish for both of you to get back together. This action might prolong for a period, especially if you and your previous partner are getting along once again. 

However, you can tell when things have changed if her friends are no longer rooting for you. Your former partner’s decision to move on will influence these actions. Without her fixating on the past, her friends will have no choice but to stop expecting a reunion.

12. She’s Enjoying Her New Life

she's enjoying her new life

There are signs you can observe to know whether your previous partner is moving on, and one of them is when she’s genuinely enjoying her new life. You can tell that she’s having a blissful post-breakup experience if she’s looking good, meeting up with friends, as usual, posting frequently, and undoubtedly having a good time.

These little signs go a long way to show that she’s not still grieving. Your ex is back on track and looking forward to the future. If you can’t deny the fact that your previous partner is doing great, then she has undoubtedly moved on.

13. She Tells You To Find Someone New

Similar to your previous partner thinking you deserve someone better, if your last partner tells you to start a new relationship with someone else, there’s a high chance she has already moved on. After a breakup, both the ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend dread the idea of seeing their ex move on from them. 

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They can go as far as retaining contact with one another to ease the hurt of knowing they’ve lost one another. Nevertheless, you can tell your previous partner is no longer grieving when she doesn’t mind you starting a relationship with someone else. She has probably finally let go of the pain of losing you.

14. She’s Not Bothered If You’re Dating Again

Apart from your ex wanting you back in the dating world, you can confirm she has moved on if she’s not bothered you’re seeing someone else. She doesn’t react to your posts about your new girlfriend, neither does she cross her boundaries by interfering when she’s not supposed to. 

You can tell that she’s at ease with the idea of meeting other people. This action is one of the signs that your ex-girlfriend has moved on. You may try to rub it in your ex’s face to get a reaction from her, but when she’s not troubled about it, it’s a glaring sign that things have changed.

15. Your Presence Irritates Her

If you’re trying to retain communication with your ex, her irritation towards your company will show that she no longer has feelings for you. If she happens to see you at her favorite restaurant, the supermarket she gets her groceries, or at a mutual friend’s birthday party, but is not happy being around you; then you can ascertain that she no longer cares for you. 

When an ex still has feelings for you, she’ll enjoy even the littlest of conversations with you, because it brings a sense of closure to the breakup. When this process is otherwise, those feelings have inevitably gone.

16. She’s Not Excited About Seeing You

Similar to when your ex finds your presence disturbing, if she’s likewise not excited running into you, it’s a sign she has gotten over her grief. Your ex now associates being around you or talking to you as an unstimulating encounter, and therefore, dreads the experience

Since she has moved on from the past, she will find it unexciting to revisit old wounds, thus, making it hard for her to express any pleasant emotions when she sees you. Your ex might also feel that her post-breakup relationship with you isn’t essential anymore, making it quite hard to keep up with it.

17. She Doesn’t Find You Intriguing Anymore

If your previous partner misses you, little details about your life will continuously intrigue her. Even so, your conversations and affiliations with her will keep her fascinated because she no longer has access to every side of you. When these emotions start to fade, it’s a guarantee that her feelings for you are disappearing too. 

She no longer laughs at your cheesy jokes or finds you humorous. More so, she doesn’t respond to any of your remarkable uploads. You can tell she’s lost that soft spot she had for you, and you can no longer get a positive reaction from her when it comes to you.

18. You No Longer Have Access To Her Family

If an ex maintains contact with a previous partner’s family, it’s a sign that they have a special relationship with each other. More so, they hope that everything will change someday. On the contrary, being out of contact with your former partner’s family, to the extent that reaching out to them would be impermissible shows that nothing is the same anymore. 

Your ex has let go of the past and is ready to move on, and so is her family. The broken communication shows there’s no hope of reunion in the nearest future.

19. She Doesn’t Want To Get Back

she doesn't want to get back

If you’ve ever suggested getting back with your ex, but she turned down your request, she may not have feelings for you anymore. There’s always a low point to every separation where the two parties crave the comfort of one another. 

At this stage, the ex-lovers are vulnerable and would get back together merely to ease the hurt. If they overcome this period and focus on other things, they can deal with their emotions better and start moving on. If your ex-girlfriend can decline your request to come back, it shows she has overcome those low points and is ready to experience life without you.

20. She Returns All Your Stuff

To fill the void that a breakup causes, most exes find closure in holding on to physical reminders of their past lover or the relationship. When moving on, keeping these items wouldn’t be plausible anymore. hence, an ex might discard or return them. 

If your previous partner starts sending back your things, it shows that they’ve progressed beyond the stage of holding on to hopeful emotions. Holding on to those items would mean they still have a little hope or reluctance to let go. So if she returns everything, it means she’s over her feelings for you and ready to fully move on.

21. She Deletes Your Pictures On Social Media

Another way to identify that your previous partner is doing fine after the breakup is when she deletes your photographs from her social media. She doesn’t want to hold on to those memories anymore because it might prevent her from thoroughly enjoying her next phase of life. 

Leaving the pictures would only cause herself and other people to recall specific memories she’s trying hard to forget. If she had any hopes of reuniting with you, she would keep the pictures. On the contrary, you’ll know she has marched on when she takes the bold step to erase them.

22. She Restricts You On Her Social Media

You can tell when your previous partner has progressed from her life with you when she no longer wants you to have access to her personal life. To that effect, she would either unfollow or block you on social media to prevent you from monitoring her new life. 

She doesn’t want you to see how much she’s enjoying her post-breakup phase, because you will quickly identify that she has moved on. If you happen to find out new details about her life through other people, it shows that she’s making an effort to hide certain matters from you.

23. She Doesn’t Check Up On You Anymore

Little things like the frequency of communication can reveal a lot about whether your previous girlfriend has moved on or not. If she used to reach out to you occasionally but stopped all of a sudden, it tells that she’s moving on. 

If she has no desire to be in constant contact with you, even to the very least, then she has progressed past the stage of dwelling on the association. She wants to focus on her future, and hanging on to her past might hinder her from doing that.

24. She Is Distant From You

she is distant from you

You will know that your previous partner has marched on by the distance between the two of you. You will feel the change in everything - especially if you monitor the differences. Observe how both of you used to communicate before, some weeks or months after the division, and now. 

If your present association with her is nowhere close to the former, then it’s clear she has moved on. Her distance is the best way she can focus on herself and the new life she’s choosing to live without you.

25. She Doesn’t Make An Effort To Talk To You In Public

If you run into your previous lover in a public place, and she doesn’t make an effort to speak or reach out to you, you can conclude that she has moved on from the past. Although this action is not the best way to handle the process of moving on, it reveals the extent to which your partner has indeed moved on. 

She doesn’t feel the need to impress you, therefore, keeping a straight face or expressing her desire not to have contact with you, only shows how much her feelings for you have faded.



How do I get my ex-girlfriend back if she has moved on?

If you want to reignite a relationship between you and your previous partner, you need to avoid being friend-zoned as much as possible. You can also try other things like talking to the people closest to her to see where you stand on plans for a reunion.

What are the signs your ex is over you?

You can tell that your former partner is over you by the distance created between the two of you. If she’s seeing other people, and rarely communicates with you, it’s an indication that she no longer has feelings for you. More so, if she restricts your access to her private life, then she has moved on.

How do you know if your ex secretly misses you?

When your former partner is deliberately trying to make you feel jealous about their association with new people, it indicates that they might secretly miss you. Usually, a partner that has moved on wouldn’t feel the need to display their new relationships in your face.

Can your ex fall back in love with you?

More often than none, it’s possible for your previous partner to fall back in love with you. This scenario can happen if they never truly got over you. If they still hold onto a piece of you or the memories shared, they can grow fond of you over time, and it can develop back into love.

Will no contact make my ex-girlfriend miss me?

Spending time away from your previous partner will inevitably make them miss you. They’ll reminisce on time spent together, their association with you, and will undoubtedly crave your presence. They’ll also wish that things could go back to its previous state, which is normal after a recent breakup.

To Conclude

Did you find this article insightful? Understand that it’s always best to respect your former partner’s call for distance. If they need space to move forward with their life, it’s best to give them that. Kindly leave a comment and share this article if you liked it.


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