30 Certain Ways To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Fall In Love With You Again

Last updated on June 30, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Have you suffered a painful break-up with your ex-girlfriend? 

Are you still desperately in love with her? 

Are you searching for ways to make her fall in love with you again? 

If so, this is the right guide for you. 

It features dozens of strategies to help your ex-girlfriend rediscover her passion for you so you can get back together.

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It's not always an easy journey to make your girlfriend fall in love with you again, but the tips in this guide are proven to be incredibly effective. 

So, scroll down now to discover these tips - and best of luck to you, sir!


30 Ways To Make Your Ex-Girlfriend Falls In Love With You Again

1. Start Greeting Her Again

It all starts with a ‘hi’ or a ‘what’s up’. These simple things can open the door to a million of possibilities, including being with her again.

2. Be Patient

be patient

She might ignore you or scare you off. In these times, it is important to be patient to win her heart.

3. Persist In Being In Her Life

No matter what she does, stay true to your love to her and stay in the relationship.

4. Do Not Make Your Agenda Known

Don’t talk about getting her again with anyone because if she knows, all the plan will fall from the start.

5. Claim To Want To Be Friends

Being her friend guarantees that you will be able to treat her well and stay by her side without any suspicion.

6. Ask How She Is Doing

This shows that you care and is a simple Ways on How to Get Your Ex Girl Back When There’s Another Guy.

7. Communicate With Her Constantly Through Social Media

A constant communication lets her become closer and closer to you unconciously. One day, she will even want to make you stay.

8. Compliment Her

Complimenting her on a deeper level, more than her looks, is important to lift her mood and strengthen her love towards you.

9. Share A Common Interest With Her

Whether if it is music, painting, movies, or more, sharing a common interest makes you have tons of conversation with her.

10. Walk Down The Memory Lane

Remind her of how good the relationship was back then. She will start to want to have that again.

11. Don’t Bring Up Old Fights

Bringing up old fights is a recipe for disaster. It will further ruin the bond for good.

12. Say Sorry

Saying sorry is something that your ex never expected. However it is the best way to make her show the Signs Your Ex Still Loves You but Won’t Admit It.

13. Start To Have A Makeover

start to have a makeover

A make over for how you look is a great way to increase your charm towards her.

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14. Chase Your Dreams

Chasing your dream or working hard in general is a definite attraction for any girl, especially your ex. It shows that you are a great and determined guy.

15. Change Your Mindset

The first step to being a better you is to be aware of your mindset and change it to the better. Your girl will want an improved you. 

16. Listen To Her

Listening to her is actually the best Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Obsessed About You. In this case, ex girlfriend.

17. Don’t Talk About Yourself Too Much

Making yourself look too self involved is never a good idea.

18. Be Kind To Her

Kindness to everyone is what everyone is looking for in the Husband Material Signs.

19. Be Gentle To Her

To take it slow and be gentle is essential to build her trust and love.

20. Make Believe About Being Her Boyfriend

‘if i am your boyfriend, i would..’. This sentence instantly increase a girl’s heart rate.

Tips To Make Your Ex Crawl Back To You Again

The regret and the happy memories does not have to kill you for a long time. You can do some things to get her back again like these tips to make your ex crawl back to you again;

1. Open Up

Showing your vulnerability is important to make her love you.

2. Send Her Gifts

Gifts is a representation of your values and your love towards her.

3. Hang Out With Her

hang out with her

Hanging out creates new memories and blurs out the old and hurtful ones in the past.

4. Be Constantly Amazed By Her Beauty

To be constantly reminded of her beauty actually helps a girl’s confidence and helps her build her faithfulness towards you. 

5. Respect Her

To respect her is the most important ways to make your ex girlfriend fall in love with you again.

6. Protect Her

Don’t be over protective until you show the Signs of A Possessive Male Friend.

7. Help Her Grow To A Better Person

Who would not want to have a brighter future? Those who help her will forever be in her heart.

8. Promise A Great Future

This promise should be followed by your confidence and action.

9. Commit To The Relationship

Committment is needed to make her take the leap.

10. Don’t Play With Her Feelings

Don’t mess with a girl ever.

Signs That Your Ex Has Taken The Bait

With enough effort and the right kind of lure, you can make your ex wants you more than ever. Here are the signs that your effort has paid off ;

1. Not Trying To Make You Go Away

not trying to make you go away

She actually invites you back into her life.

2. Not Getting Into Any Relationship

This means she is being loyal to you even if there is no status for the relationship.

3. Making Time For You

Now she believes again that there is no time enough to make her desire for you disappear. Because of that she wants to spend all her time with you.

4. Showing Affection To You In Public

She is not afraid to show affection in public.

In Conclusion

You can’t go back to the past and change what you have done but you can revive the romance bask in your dead relationship with your ex girlfriend. To do that you need to follow the ways to make your ex girlfriend fall in love with you again. You will see that life is okay again when you see the signs that she likes you again.

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