27 Signs A Girl Likes You But Is Trying Not To Show It

Last updated on July 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Is there a girl in your life playing hard to get?  

Perhaps you don't know? Maybe she's not interested in you at all...

It can be tricky for guys to know what the deal is in this situation. 

I'm here to help you with this list of signs that a girl likes you but is trying not to show it.   

Let me tell you this first though...

You can expect most women to act this way. And you need to do it too!  

Flirting is a dance. Women love the drama of the "will we, won't we" when they first meet a man who interests them.

When guys ruin this dance by coming on too strong, that's when women back away more and more. 

I have the perfect story which illustrates this point. It explains why it's so bad for men to flirt too hard, plus what you can do to avoid being that guy. 

This story is essential reading for any man who is sick and tired of getting into flirty interactions with women, only for it to fade away into nothing. If you prefer to be the man who has women chasing him, click here to learn more

Anyway, the signs below are what you'll see when you're getting it right. Read on for my list of what you can expect a woman to do when she likes you but is trying to hide it.


How To Read A Girl's Mind

Sometimes, girls are just hard to read. Unlike men, they often play the passive-aggressive thing and hide their true feelings. If she’s really good, you may never know if she’s into you or not, which could be a problem. 

After all, how are you going to ask her out if you don’t know if she likes you or not? 

You can always just ask her out - one way or another, but you do risk rejection - something that’s never fun! Instead of trying to figure it out, let’s explore this topic more and define the signs a girl likes you but is trying not to show it! 

Are you ready? 

Top Signs a Girl Likes You But Is Trying Not to Show It

1. Watch Her Body Language

While a girl will try not to be obvious about her body language, in reality, if you watch for it, you can see the signs. One thing that she may do is preen herself when you are around; preening is basically fixing yourself up for someone else, so if you catch her looking in the mirror, she may be preening - possibly, just for you!

Other signs you can look for are related to open body language. This occurs when she points her feet toward you, facing you. She may tilt her head inadvertently, smiling at you. She probably can’t help it if she’s crushing hard! You may even see her push her shoulders back, sucking her tummy in, which pushes her chest out. How hot is that?

2. Be On The Lookout For Accidental Flirting

be on the lookout for accidental flirting

For the purposes of this discussion, “accidental” flirting is basically signs of flirting from a girl when she is not trying to show she has it bad for you. There are many signs of this to watch out for, so I’m going to give you a nice long list to check off. 

  • Dilated pupils
  • Sweating
  • Licking lips
  • Blushing
  • Staring
  • Twirling her hair
  • Glowing
  • Being louder than usual
  • Batting her eyelashes
  • Gulping 

See if this girl exhibits any of these things to tell if she really likes you. If you notice several of these signs, she may have it bad for you but is too shy to obviously show you she likes you.

3. She Either Talks Too Much Or Too Little

We all know that girls love to talk, but does this girl talk a little too much or too little? You may have thought this was strange, but if she likes you, she may not be able to help it. When a person is nervous, they tend to be overly talkative or really shy, so watch for either sign! If you’re into her, you may have to take the lead and ask her questions!

4. She Gets Closer To You (Physically)

This is another sign that people don’t realize they are showing when they like someone. A girl will just naturally inch herself closer to you if she likes you. She may even remove barriers that are between the two of you. 

According to Psychology Today, when you like someone, you remove obstacles that are in the way. Barriers may include things like cups, magazines, pillows, newspapers, or purses - any personal item that is preventing you from being close to your crush.

5. She Provides You With Some Serious Social Media Action

Today, everyone is crazy about social media. What a perfect opportunity for her to get to know you than with social networking! 

She may send you “drunk” Facebook posts, post pictures of you two on Instagram, or send you lots of pictures of her so that she always stays on your mind. She’ll possibly hit you up for some social media chatting.

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If she’s crushing hard, she may have what’s on your Facebook wall or latest Twitter posts memorized, liking, commenting, and sharing just about anything related to you! If she doesn’t have access, she’ll probably ask to join your social media accounts and then will always reply when you send her a message!

6. She Just Knows Things

I’m not saying she’s psychic or anything. She just already knows you are single, probably because she’s asked your friends or had someone ask your friends the truth about the matter. This girl also remembers the tiniest details you have told her. That’s because you are on her mind, and she wants to pick up conversations where you left off!

7. Her Friends Give It Away

her friends give it away

Have you noticed her friends leave the two of you alone, almost like they are trying to set the two of you up? She may make it a point to introduce to her friends (since they listen to her talk about you all the time); she’s hoping to give them a face to put with the name she blabs on and on about. That’s pretty cool, right?

Another clear sign is when her friends grill you, asking tons of personal questions. Plus, you may see her friends act differently around you, with all of them seeming to have an inside joke that involves you. Most likely, the girls are just whispering about your hotness! 

8. She Pays Close Attention To You

One way to tell if a girl has it bad for you is how well she pays attention to what you do and say. She may just be a very observant person, but usually, she’s paying attention because she likes you a lot. She’ll remember the details of what you two have talked about, and she watches how you react to things, showing empathy and compassion.

9. She Pretends To Be Jealous

The “fake” jealousy is a dead giveaway. She may be trying to joke about you flirting with other girls, but really, she’s trying to decide if you have a thing for another girl or not. She hopes that you will only have eyes for her!

10. She Shows Signs Of Nervousness Around You

Of course, this girl’s nervous around you; you’re a hottie! But, what are the symptoms of nervousness? First, she may shake, fidget, or act a little jittery when you are around. Also, she may seem a little flustered, as she’s trying to behave in the same way that she does around other people. You may recognize her having trouble around you, though!

Business Insider says that some of the symptoms of nervousness when someone likes another person include touching your face, blinking rapidly, yawning excessively, or rubbing your hands together. That last one has to make you laugh a little! Is she trying to warm herself up or show some superhero power??

11. Her Eye Contact (Or Lack Of) Is A Sign

This is something that people do when they like each other, but it can also be something someone does when they are trying not to show they like another person! The cause is the same - they are attracted to you - but one person is trying to hide the fact that she likes you! 

So, why can’t people control their eye contact if they are secretly trying not to show they like you? Basically, the neurochemical called oxytocin is responsible for this uncontrollable behavior, so you can blame science. Although, you may want to thank science since this is a sign you can recognize in a girl!

12. She Touches You

she touches you

Another scientific indicator that she’s got a thing for you is touching. Apparently, people touch who they like. Women tend to touch the arm of the person they are crushing on. It doesn’t mean she’s inviting you to the bedroom - at least not right now! Instead, this indicates the girl really likes you (and in the future wants to have your babies)!

13. She Likes To Be Around You

This may sound pretty obvious, but you may not think twice about it if she’s just always around because of school, work, or another mutual activity. Is there a chance she’s joined in those activities because she knew you’d be there? Think about it. How often is she just hanging around in a seemingly innocent way?

14. She Treats You Differently

If you haven’t noticed this, you should start watching out for it. Does she behave differently around you than when she’s with other people? Does she seem overly energetic or quieter than usual when you are around her? Check out the ways she is around others to see if this sign applies to your potential relationship. 

15. She Tells You Everything

Sure, the two of you may be friends, but how much do you really know about her? Has she been spilling her deepest, darkest secrets with you? Does she tell you a lot more than the average person tells another? Yeah, she wants you to like her as she does you. She’s trying to get you to share in the same ways she’s sharing with you!

16. She Asks You A Lot Of Questions

Again, she’s trying to get to know you, but if you listen closely, you will see that there’s more to it. She probably asks you for advice, wanting your opinion or expertise on subjects. This is a little trick girls do to get us to open to them. It’s all part of their Jedi mind tricks! She may pretend not to know things that she really does have knowledge of.

This girl probably asks you open-ended questions (the ones that require more than yes or no answers) in an effort to get you to talk more to her. Another hint is her asking about other girls. This is her innocent way of telling if you are hot for anyone else, assuming you are hot for her. Watch for these seemingly innocent questions, as they are signs!

17. She Is Happy To Be Around You 

This girl is excited to be around you, right? It’s probably partly because you make her nervous, but she also is just glad to be around you because you put her in a good mood. That has to make you feel good about yourself, right?

18. You Know She’s Available

If you haven’t already told her this, think about it. How would she know this information, and if she doesn’t like you, why would she know this? She’s clearly gone around and asked people to find out if you are single or not! Catch her in the act on this sign by telling her you are dating someone to see her reaction. Then, say, “Not!”

19. She Teases You

If she jokes around, giving you a hard time, she may clearly have the hots for you! It’s like what we do to the girls we like in grade school - picking on them to show we like them!

20. She Mirrors You

Forbes says that when a person likes another individual, they tend to mimic your physical posture and behavior and mirror your movements, like your gestures.

21. She Shows Signs Of Awkwardness Around You

It’s really hard not to be a clumsy person when you are around someone who makes you nervous. Pay attention to how she acts every time you are around each other, and you’ll know if this girl likes you or not. 

22. She Is Very Helpful

Guys often do this with girls as a way of showing we like them. If she makes it a point of helping you with your homework or driving you around when your car is in the shop, it’s a good sign this girl likes you and wants to be more than friends.

23. She’s A Really Good Listener

she's a really good listener

There’s more to being a good listener than just letting the other person talk without interruption. Pay attention to how she acts when you talk. A good listener hears what you say and might even offer feedback, asking follow-up questions to show empathy and understanding to what you just said. This is also a sign of a great girl!

24. She Has Shown You Her Weird Side

This means the girl likes you and is comfortable being around you. She’s also not shy or embarrassed anymore being around you, which shows you two have become pretty good friends. If there was ever a time to ask a girl out, now would be it because she is showing she loves spending time with you and can be herself when you are around.

25. She Loves Making You Laugh Or Smile

She probably gives you lots of compliments to see you smile. She may ease the tension by joking around, too. Also, you may have seen her laugh at jokes that aren’t even all that funny. She’s trying to show support for your goofy side. What a girl!

Also, a girl who is crushing hard does little things to make a guy happy. She may bake cookies to show support for the football team, but have you noticed her only handing them to you and baking your favorite kind even though they are technically for “the whole team?”

26. She Knows Where You’ll Be

What better way for one person to show another she’s crazy about you than to just “show up” wherever you happen to be! She probably follows your Twitter feed or school schedule to know where you’ll be, so she can happen to be in the places you go to! It’s usually innocent stalking and kind of cute - unless you don’t feel the same about her!

27. She Defends You

One of the signs a girl likes a guy is standing up for him when others are around. She may not start a fistfight over the issues, but she’ll have words with whatever girl is trying to diss you when she’s around. She may not even realize that she’s doing this! Watch for the girl who stands up on your behalf; she’s ready to have a relationship with you.

What You Should Do Next

what you should do next

If you are as crazy about this girl as she is about you, you should talk to her more to show her your interest. Hang out with her more, and ask her to group activities, or even ask her out on an official date. If you aren’t ready for that step, flirt with her to show her you like her a lot. 

You could always ask her friends about her to see what she likes to do before asking her out. This will also be a good first step because you know her friends are going to tell her that you asked about her! Girls never keep anything a secret! You may be able to tell by the reaction of her friends how she really feels about you!

If you aren’t interested in her but think she’s nuts for you, consider flirting with other girls or telling her you like someone else. If you want to be polite about the whole thing, maybe just tell her you aren’t looking for a relationship right now and get some space from her. Hopefully, she will get the hint and back off, especially if you feel like she is coming on too strong.


How do you know if a girl likes you but is hiding it?

Often, a girl will show she likes you through her body language. She may have increased eye contact or blushing. Many times, she won’t mean to do these things but cannot help it when she’s crushing hard on you. You just need to know how to read between the lines.

Can a woman like you and not show it?

Yes, because many women like men and hide it well. They are so nervous that someone is going to find out they have a crush on a guy that they do everything in their power to make sure no one knows how they really feel or what they really think.

How do you know if a girl starts liking you?

She may show one of the signs listed in this article. For example, if she becomes a really intent listener to everything you say, she probably likes you as more than a friend. A good sign she likes you is if she gets you to say yes to her events. 

How can you tell if a girl isn't interested in you?

If a girl is not interested in you, you will notice that she doesn’t look in your direction or stare at you. You could also ask her friends to see if they know if she’s interested. Usually, you will get a straight answer that way because her friends know her.

How do you make a girl want you?

Often, playing hard to get works well. If a girl thinks she cannot have you under any circumstances, it may make her want you that much more. Also, you could just be an awesome friend, which will possibly win her over as she gets to know you better.

To Sum Things Up…

Did I leave off any signs a girl likes you but is trying not to show it? What signs have you seen interested girls show you? Do you think they are trying to hide their feelings so that no one knows the truth? Leave a comment, and share this post!

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