Easy Ways To Know If Your Friend Is Jealous Of You

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Jealousy is not only present in couples, but jealousy can also be present in friendly relationships. Actually, jealousy in terms of friendship like this is a common thing. It's depending on us whether we can control jealousy in a good direction or even in a bad direction. In fact, more than 90% of jealousy is directed in a bad direction. So to solve it here we will find out how the ways to know if your friend is jealous of you. So, let's check out some reasons that could be the trigger of your friend's jealousy of you.


1. You Are Great

You are a prima donna at school, one school that does not know you. Both the teacher and even the principal are amazed by you for your great achievement. You are a child who can scent the name of the school and this could be the first reason your friend is jealous of you. 

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2. You're Smart

In addition to achieving in a certain field, you are also known as a smart and diligent figure in the classroom. Your grades in school are so rewarding that even you are always a class star because you are among the smartest students. Your teacher is always praised for your intelligence.

3. Humble

In addition to smart, you are also known as a good person and friendly to other friends. You are not too cocky proud of the achievements you've achieved. You are still a humble person and like to help others.

4. Many People Likes You

many people likes you

Who does not like you because of your good personality, clever and your school achievement. All your friends are amazed and proud of you. But behind your popularity, it turns out there is one friend you are jealous even jealous of you and she does not want to be defeated by you.

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5. Have A New Boyfriend

Being famous in school, there must be a lot of friends who admire you, it also boys. Your life now is perfect for the presence of a boy who likes you. Without you knowing, it could be a boy who likes you this is the same person who is also liked by your friends. Oh, no. Your friend would be jealous of you.

6. Have A New Friend

One day, you get news that a new student is going to school at your place and she's in your class. The new kid sits next to your seat and you become her friend. It's nice to have new friends, but the friend sitting behind you does not like this, she hates it because of the jealousy itself.

7. Fear Of Losing

Your jealous friend instantly becomes the most possessive person, wherever you go you are always followed. It is not only that, she also did not hesitate to show her ego because its make her upset

8. Your Life Is Perfect

Nothing is missing in your life, everything feels perfect; good environment, good friends, all look fine. However, be careful with you there is your friend who is jealous of you. 

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Your Friend Is A Possessive Figure

It could be from some reason your friend jealous of you, in fact, she is a very possessive friend. A very possessive person usually has a role as a guard. Everywhere you go she will surely be with you. Sometimes you also have a sense of discomfort because your friend is likely to like to stick like a stamp. Below are some signs that your friend is a possessive person.

1. Contacting You At Any Time

Only an hour has passed, your friend has asked you how you are and whether you have arrived at home or not. Contacting you at any time for this, it's very disturbing.

2. Always Want To Spend Time With You

Every day even your school holidays, she spends time with you. It seems there is less if not spend time with you.

3. See The Visible Pique On Her Face

see the visible pique on her face

You plan to make a party on your birthday and you also invite some of your other friends. Do you see how your expression of your friend is annoyed or happy?

4. Angry With Unreasonable Excuses

You tell your friends that you just have a new boyfriend. However, what happened? She is angry with unreasonable excuses.

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5. Always Bad Prejudiced Against Others

One day you want to meet new friends at school, but this is even forbidden by your friends. She was even bad prejudiced against the new one. It does not make sense.

6. Like To Forbid You To Go With Another Friend

Have you ever hang out with your boyfriend or another friend but you are even banned from your good friends? What's going on? Know her just afraid he lost you.

7. You Feel Restrained

Saturated, it seems your life is always arranged by your friends and you become feeling constrained as if life is in jail.

8. You Feel Uncomfortable

Having a good friend is good, but if it's too possessive like this? Certainly does not make you feel comfortable, does it? 

9. Always Want To Be A Winner Among Your Other Friends

Because of the high sense of possessiveness of your friend, she always shows that she is the most loyal and kind friend to you. However, this competition is frankly unhealthy because it is too pushy.

10. Difficult To Divide The Time

Confused, that's what you feel. On the one hand, you want to pay attention to your boyfriend and your family on the other side your friend feels abandoned. Well, the decision is in yours. 

The Ways To Know If Your Friend Is Jealous Of You

Friends that have possessiveness always leads to jealousy. Below here are some the ways to know if your friend is jealous of you.

1. Always Want To Be A Winner

If your friend starts trying to rival you it means she's starting to get jealous of you. She wants to perfect like you and some other things she also tried to be the winner.

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2. Dislikes To Give Support

A good friend always gives positive support, but she does the opposite. She will not give you any support.

3. Always Compare With Others

always compare with others

Your friend feels her life is the worst. Then, she was always complaining why your life is so perfect while she is not.

4. She Turns Out To Be Bad

Just because your test score is better than her, then she does not accept this. This is for sure she is jealous.

5. Talk About Your Ugliness Behind You

This could be the trigger for the breakup of your friendly relationships. How is not, she's your good friend who used to talk about your ugliness behind you. Is she still worthy of being called a friend? 

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6. Likes To Manipulate

In front of you maybe she looks fine. However, behind you, she turns out she likes to vilify your name. She is like to manipulate you.

7. Feeling She Is The Most Righteous

A jealous friend will always advise you on what to do and not do. Each of your behavior is sometimes considered inappropriate even if it is good. Only she is the most right.

Hopefully, the 25 ways to know if your friend is jealous of you can be useful to all of us and hope none of these signs are owned by our friends.

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