Ways to Tell Your Straight Friend is Gay - What Should You Do

Last updated on May 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Even in the nowadays society, being a gay is not easy. He’s still judged here and there, makes him think it’s better to hide their true identity. Humanely, it’s not fair that someone doesn’t even have freedom to show their true self and what they believe in.

You might have a gay friend around you but he doesn’t have enough courage to come out. As he was straight, declaring that now his sexuality changes could sparks negative comments from everyone around him, including his friends. Also read How to Tell If Your Gay Friend Has A Crush On You

So you have a suspicion to your male friend of being gay, but you are not sure about it. We have some ways how to tell your straight friend is gay, so that you can encourage and ensure him that everything is okay. So let’s get down the lists.

  1. See the Way He Talks About Men

It’s common to see a man all excited when talking about hot girls, but what if he’s more excited when talks about men? This is something you have to pay attention the most. See his facial expression and gestures that show how happy he is when he talk about this man.

If he gushes about him a little too much, then it’s not just an admiration: he’s falling in love. For example, he had just spend the weekend with a male friend, and he can’t stop talking over and over again how good it was to be around him. Also read How to Tell a Friend You’re Gay and You Love Them

  1. He Has Lack of Interest on Women

He suddenly quiet about women, and you try to understand because he’s just had an ugly breakup with his ex. But he never talk about another woman again after that, and talking about any women makes his mood goes downhill.

Try to set him up on blind date or introduce him to a friend of yours. His reaction to all of it is important. Not about how he is still heartbroken but he actually has no interest to women anymore. For your information, a traumatic relationship can be another cause of how a man can be a gay.

  1. He Has So Many Secrets

So he is your friend and you care about it. This is another ways how to tell your straight friend is a gay: he has so many secrets from you. He suddenly get busy all weekend and even have no time to hang out with you.

Or, he brings his phone everywhere with him, as though he’s afraid you (or other people) might discover something. Connect all of his suspicious behavior with the signs above to validate your judgement. Also read Signs of a Guy Being Gay

  1. He Mind His Appearance Too Much

It’s normal for everyone who just breakup to makeover themselves to look better. But isn’t it strange if he purposely make himself look better but he doesn’t try to flirt to any other women? Instead, he looks all hyped up when a cool guy appears?

Well, this is another sign of a gay that you have to pay attention of. Men do mind their appearance, but gay persons groomed themselves even better.

  1. Don’t Judge from His Way of Talking

A lot of men talks femininely and it doesn’t mean they’re gay. You shouldn’t judge whether your straight friend is a gay solely because he talks slowly and girly. Also read Things You Should Never Ever Ask A Gay Or Bi Person

The way someone talks is influenced by many factors, including the environment they grew up in. Maybe he is naturally shy or everyone around him talks just the same way as he is.

What Should You Do

Now that you feel like you have enough proof, these are what should you do about it.

  • Confirm to Him

Have an intimate talk with him, explain all your suspicion and ask him the truth. Don’t sound like you’re judging otherwise he won’t talk anything to you. You have to assure him that everything is okay. Also read How Should You Talk to a Friend Who’s Gay

  • Be Okay to Have a Gay Friend

The thing a gay fear most is that his friends will leave him. This is way it’s important to state that him being gay doesn’t do anything to your friendship. He shouldn’t hide himself, at least not from you because you love him just the way he is.

  • Give Him Time

Coming out is easier said than done. You might think it’s nothing because he can only tell you, but for him, it’s a big deal. Even if it’s to one person, he still opens up his identity to other person than him. Wait until he feels comfortable to talk about it.

So those are the ways how to tell your straight friend is a gay from us. If you have another suggestion, share through the comment section below. Sharing is caring.

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