Good Ways To Get Revenge On Your Best Friend (101 Naughty Ways)

Last updated on July 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

No doubt, the negative impact a random person leaves in your life is different from your best friend. It's easier to forgive a work colleague, acquaintance, or business partner. But, it's a different scenario when it's your best friend. That’s because you trust them and don’t expect anything bad from them. So, it's hurtful to see your best friend expose your secrets.

There are numerous ways to get revenge on your best friend if you feel like you shouldn't let things go for the better. Keep reading to learn 101 good ways to get revenge on your best friend, whether they're male or female.


101 Good Ways To Get Revenge On Your Best Friend

1. Pour glue on their favorite seat

One great revenge to carry out on your best friend is to pour glue on their favorite seat, shortly before they sit down. It would be very embarrassing.

2. Hide their favorite dress.

Hide your friend’s favorite dress and let them look for it all day. You should do it on a day you know they'll want to wear it out.

3. Hang out with another person and take photos

One of the good ways to get revenge on your best friend is to make them feel jealous. It's easy. Organize a hangout with another friend and take photos.

4. Throw shades at them online

Social networking is one of the best ways to get revenge. Most friends know when they've hurt you. So, when you write things online where they can see, that's great revenge. 

5. Organize a games night without inviting them

Have a game night at your place with other friends who you know would tell them about it afterward. That way, you'll make them feel jealous.

6. Hide your friendship band

If you both have a friendship band, you could hide it when your best friend hurts you. It's to get to them temporarily till you sort things.

7. Travel without telling them

If you're feeling sad about what your friend did to you, go on a spontaneous vacation and don't tell them about it. Instead, update your social media pages.

8. Go to your favorite restaurant without inviting them

You both could have a favorite restaurant you both love eating in. Good revenge is going to that restaurant to eat without inviting your best friend over.

9. Tell some of their secrets to people

Telling your friend’s secrets to someone else is a form of betrayal. But, they betrayed you as well, so you could spill their secrets as great revenge.

10. Temporarily hide your photos together on social media

You don't need to delete your photos with your best friend. You could archive them just to let them know you're mad at them. It's part of social networking that will hurt them.

11. Ignore their calls without a message

A good way to make your best friend feel crushed is by ignoring their calls without a reason. It would make them wonder what could be happening.

12. Don’t visit them

If you visited your friend often before the betrayal, cut down on your visits to their house. That way they know you're unhappy with them. That's great revenge.

13. Send them one-word replies

Your best friend will surely know things are not fine when they see their vibrant friend responding with one word to each juicy message. It's good revenge.

14. Stop liking their posts

Being one of your friend’s greatest fans on social media, if you stop liking their posts, you'll succeed in making them feel bad. That's good revenge.

15. Don’t respond to their comments on social media

One of the good ways to get revenge on your best friend is to ignore their comments on your posts. Let them see you online and your replies to other people to feel worse.

16. Have a new study partner

Nobody wants to be replaced, even when they betray you. So, the revenge you could try on your best friend is to find a new study partner.

17. Reduce time spent with them

One of the good comebacks for a best friend who hurts you is to reduce the duration of time you spend with them. That distance is enough to make them sad.

18. Block them from seeing your posts

Block your best friend from seeing your posts. But, they may not notice it until someone talks about the details of your photos or videos.

19. Put up a playful advert for a new best friend

If you don't want to lose them as your best friend, you could threaten them a bit with a playful advert for a new best friend. That way you make them feel jealous.

20. Ignore their messages for some time

ignore their messages for some time

Your best friend will expect you to respond to their delivered messages in little or no time. The best way to get back at them for betrayal is by ignoring them.

21. Throw tantrums to make them feel bad

If you're feeling bad about what your best friend did to you and unable to solve it, throw tantrums as a way to get back at them.

22. Tell them how hurt you are in the midst of people

Let people know what your best friend did to make you angry. But, don't say it to them directly. Say it to your best friend. Be sure to make it loud enough for them to hear.

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23. Tell their other friends the bad things they've been doing

Tackle your best friend inside by going to their other friends to tell them the wrong they did to you. Make sure you speak to the point where you gain their trust.

24. Leak their drunk videos

This is not something they would expect you to do, which makes it good revenge to try on them. Leak the videos and tag them.

25. Do annoying things to them

Nice revenge is doing everything in the opposite direction to annoy your best friend. Say hurtful words just to threaten their existence.

26. Physically ignore them

When you meet your best friend in a public place, pretend you don't know them from anywhere. It will make them feel bad.

27. Pretend they don't exist

One of the good ways to get revenge on your best friend is to pretend they don't exist. Avoid calls, text messages, and physical contact. You'll get to them.

28. Act like you’re too busy to help

Best friends always need help, whether it's financial, physical, or emotional help. Tell them you're too busy to help them fix it. That's one of the best revenges to get on them.

29. Log in to their social media accounts and do crazy things

If you know your best friend’s social media password, you could log into their accounts to message random people they dislike talking to. That's good revenge you should try.

30. If it’s serious, involve a lawyer

If it's a really bad situation and you're too emotional to handle it, try your best to involve a lawyer. It's one of the best ways to handle such situations.

31. Don’t help them when they really need your help

You could use your best friend’s desperation for help to get revenge on them. Let them know you won't help them because they made you feel bad.

32. Beat them up a bit

If you're not good with words, you could throw a few soft punches to make them feel as horrible as you felt when they betrayed you.

33. Work on their guilty conscience

Some friends know when they hurt you. If you notice your best friend falls into this category, use it against them. Do things to make them feel guilty.

34. Keep calling them as anonymous

Anonymous revenge is one of the best. You watch them feel so helpless not knowing it's you playing on their emotions and intelligence. You should try it.

35. Play loud music when they're sleeping

This could be very annoying, especially if your best friend doesn't joke with their sleep time. Make sure it's a song they dislike the most.

36. Zone out when you’re with them

This is one disrespectful thing to do to your best friend, but it's okay since you're getting revenge on them. Pretend you didn't hear them, let them repeat everything they say many times.

37. Don’t listen to their issues

If you usually listen to your best friend, don't listen to them when they make you feel bad. Cut them off before they even start. That's a good comeback.

38. Be very nice to them

A great way to revenge someone is by being unnecessarily kind to them. Do it when they know they betrayed you, so you'll confuse them with your niceness.

39. Prepare a meal for yourself only

Do this when they're with you. Cook a beautiful meal for one and don't let them join you in eating. If your best is a foodie and you're seeking revenge, this is the right one.

40. Send anonymous threatening messages

send anonymous threatening messages

Use anonymous revenge to get back at your best friend. You could do it when you know they're having a good time to spoil their fun at the moment.

41. Make your best friend’s personal details public

Personal details include their phone number, address, or email. You could post any of these publicly and invite people to a party your best friend didn't plan for.

42. Post a screenshot of your nasty chats together

You could post one of the nasty chats you had with your best friend, pretending you did it by mistake. But, post the one that won't ruin your reputation.

43. Change their ringtone

It could be very embarrassing to be in the midst of people and your phone rings with the weirdest ringtone. Do this to your best friend.

44. Make funny noises when they're asleep

Nice revenge is playing the sound of an animal your best friend fears the most, while they're sleeping. You could put it under their bed and leave them clueless when they wake up.

45. Change the time on their phone to make them late for a meeting.

If you're feeling bad about a situation your best friend put you through, you could change their time to confuse them for a bit.

46. Use a weird color of dye on their hair

This would look funniest on your male best friend. Imagine adding a pink dye to his hair. That could be a big deal for him if he cherishes his hair.

47. Hide their favorite accessory

If your best friend is obsessed with a particular accessory, hide it as revenge on them. Let them spend so much time finding it. It would make them sad.

48. Make them wake up to a dead animal in their face

Nobody wants to wake up to a dead animal in their face. It could be creepy, scary, and disgusting. So, you could try this as revenge.

49. Tell them non-existent creepy stories about their house

Tell them fake ghost stories that happen in their house, they'll freak out in no time. Of course, the imagination will be stronger in the night when they want to sleep.

50. Draw a fake tattoo on their face while they're sleeping

Use a permanent marker, so it takes time for them to wash it off. Take your time to paint it until you achieve what you want to draw.

51. Tie their hair to the chair

This would work most if you have a best friend with longer hair. Do it to your best friend inside, so they have to struggle before they can find their way out of it.

52. Pretend to forget great memories

Pretending to forget great memories is a good comeback to your best friend. That's because it could make them sad knowing that you don't value your memories enough to remember them.

53. Send anonymous letters

Sending anonymous letters is one of the good ways to get revenge on your best friend. Write things that make it look like you're stalking them, like their secrets.

54. Use what they did as a good comeback in your conversations

If your best friend took your last feeding cash for cigarettes, make sure you hunt them with it in your conversations. Let them feel guilty.

55. Repeat the same thing they did to you to hurt them

This will come into play if you want them feeling bad as you did when they betrayed you. Do the same thing they did to you.

56. Make them jealous by pretending to have a new best friend

One good comeback you can have for your best friend is pretending to replace them. Choose other positive friends to hang out with and pretend your best friend doesn't exist.

57. Tell their family what they did

If they love their family members so much, use them to get your revenge. Tell the daily member they love most to get back at them.

58. Sleep off on them while they're venting to make them feel lonely

When your best friend is saying something important, sleep off on them to make them feel lonely. It will show you don't care about them which is the worst feeling.

59. Turn their other friends against them

To make them feel guilty about what they did to you, go to all their positive friends and turn them against your best friend. That way the message will be sent.

60. Make nuisance and frightening phone calls

make nuisance and frightening phone calls

Making frightening phones is great revenge on your best friend. Don't forget to mask your voice, so they don't know before you complete your deed.

61. Mix their hair products with bright colored dye

You could use lemon green, bright red, pink, or white color. But, it will take continuous use for it to take effect on their hair.

62. Make an offensive post about them

A good way to get to your friend’s guilty conscience is to use social networking. Upload a photo of them with a bad caption. You could take it just for them to see it.

63. Send anonymous letters to a random person with their name

Write romantic anonymous letters to your best friend’s opposite sex and use their name as the writer. Let them start having unwanted romantic stalkers.

64. Hide one of each pair of their shoes

This could be very annoying to experience. Do it when you know they need it most and leave them a pair of flip-flops to use.

65. Send them creepy gifts

Get some costumes from a cheap costume store and make a bloody gift for your best friend. That's a good comeback for them.

66. Scare them with a cursed-looking doll

You could just get a random doll and decorate it with different markers. But, you should watch them jump out of fear.

67. Exchange their house key with a random one

This would be very frustrating to them. Do it continuously until they start getting tired of life. It's a good comeback for a backstabbing best friend.

68. Spread fake rumors about them

One great revenge is spreading fake rumors about your best friend. You could tell people they have a bad communicable disease.

69. Set many alarms on their phone with annoying alarm sounds

Set alarms with a five-minute gap and change their alarm tone to weird sounds. It will get on their nerves and they won't discover it soon enough.

70. Stain their outfit to make their day ruined

You could do this with food or drink, pretending you didn't mean to. But, let your gesture show you did it consciously.

71. Mix their body mist perfume with water

This will make them go around town smelling so bad. And the funny thing is that they won't know it until days later.

72. Replace them with new positive friends

If your best friend’s actions made you feel betrayed, the perfect revenge is leaving them to make better positive friends. This is not pretense, but reality. You need to be happy.

73. Make your friend feel crushed by ruining their fantasies

Fantasies are dreams people know may not come true. But, you can fuel up that process and make them lose the fun of it.

74. Take advantage of their weaknesses

You're their best friend and you know where it pinches them. Take advantage of their weaknesses, intentionally, to get your revenge. 

75. Make them have the worst embarrassing experience

You could prank them in public. Use a prank you know will make them make a fool of themselves in the midst of people. 

76. Give them so much space

Sometimes, you need to give your best friend space if they make you feel bad. If they always want you around, they'll feel this one in their hearts.

77. Eat a meal without giving it to them when you know they're hungry

Do you know how annoying it could be watching your best friend eat and not invite you to join? If not, try it with your friend and see how sad they'll look.

78. Place a plastic wrap over their toilet bowl

You'll smile while doing this. It's the perfect revenge for a best friend that hurt you. Because you make them have a share of their shit.

79. Replace their toothpaste with hair removal cream

The bad thing about this revenge is that they'll get to know it soon. So, you can do it as a mild one to get back at what they did.

80. Tell them fake information about you

tell them fake information about you

Give them fake information about you. It should be something you know they'll discover from someone else over time. That would be painful.

81. Forget about them and move on

Sometimes, you don't need revenge. Leave your best friend to go through their painful karma, while you focus on your life. You don't need to feel negative anymore.

82. Volunteer to do laundry so you can mix their white clothes with red ones

You shouldn't do this if you still want to maintain your best friend, except you have replacements. That's because it will cause more issues.

83. Hide their phone

Hide your best friend’s phone for a while, leave them alone to be lonely. While doing this, play with your phone to make them jealous.

84. Swap their salt and sugar containers

Swap their sugar and salt containers as revenge and encourage your best friend to prepare a meal that needs either of them. Make them do it without including you.

85. Cook food without spices for them

One way you can get back at your best friend is by preparing their best meal without spices and pretending you did. It's to make them feel sick.

86. Spray their worst fragrance on their clothes

Open your best friend’s wardrobe and spray the fragrance they dislike the most on their clothes. Close it back and let them face the rhythm. 

87. Talk about their past relationship

Nobody wants to hear about their past relationship, especially if it ended in a bad way. Use this as revenge. Talk about their relationship continuously until they get tired.

88. Use indirect words to say they've been a shitty person

You could do this by telling stories from the third-person perspective. Emphasize the wrongs your best friend did. That way, you'll get them feeling bad.

89. Mix a reasonable amount of super glue with their styling gel

If your best friend uses styling gel for their hair, mix it with superglue, and make them use it, so you fulfill your revenge.

90. Use their email to sign up for spam information

One of the good ways to get revenge on your best friend is by letting them have a fair share of their painful karma through spam emails.

91. Take them to hang out but spend time with others

One of the best revenge is to make your best friend’s day ruined. Fake your friendship with others and let them feel guilty about what they did to you.

92. Deceive them to go for the worst blind date

If your best friend is not in a relationship, make them go for an unplanned blind date with someone annoying. Then say what they did to make them feel guilty.

93. Say disgusting stories when they're eating

Get your revenge by saying disgusting things when your best friend is enjoying their meal. You could even make disgusting sounds to make them puke or get tired of the food.

94. Lure them to play the most annoying game

Find a game that has some tricky rules, make them play, and lose it. This could be annoying and it would work more on your best friend if they live games.

95. Drop honey on every surface of their house

This is good revenge as they'll go round their house stressing to clean it up. They would think it's one place until they discover other parts.

96. Change their phone setting to a different language they don't understand

Imagine your best friend rushing to find important information on their phone just to notice the language has been changed. They'll be confused and clueless about what happened.

97. Make them think you mixed saliva in their bottle of fruit juice

You could do this with their remaining pack of juice. Let them drink it for a while, then say you mixed it with your saliva or something poisonous.

98. Change their AC or heater settings and hide the remote

This would make your best friend sad and frustrated as they walk up and down turning on and off the switch from the socket to have comfort in their space.

99. Organize an embarrassing fake proposal for them

Make someone your best friend doesn't know fake a marriage proposal to them in public. Prolong it until people come around to start taking photos. 

100. Make their lover break off their relationship

make their lover break off their relationship

Making their partners break off their relationship is huge revenge. It has consequences, so you shouldn't do it if they didn't hurt you so much.

101. Take their purse from their bag when they're going out shopping

This would be most effective with a female best friend because they're fond of using big handbags for shopping. Take it out seconds before they go and let them wander a bit.


How do you get sweet revenge on someone?

If you have any revenge ideas, get on with them.

But, the sweetest revenge is not doing things that would make you feel good about yourself. It’s moving on smoothly with your life and letting the hurt go. Living your life in a better way than the person who did bad to you.

How do you get extreme revenge on someone?

It depends on different people and their personalities. Some people are a bit immune to revenge, while some are very emotional about it. Find the things they love and value the most and manipulate them to hurt the person in different ways. That way you get to revenge them inside out. 

Should I get revenge on my friend?

Seeking revenge doesn’t help sometimes. It could make you feel better, but if you analyze it well, you’ll notice there’s no point in making yourself feel negative anymore. That’s because it activates the evil aspect and makes you do what you wouldn’t love to do in any normal situation.

How do you get revenge on someone who betrayed you?

No revenge would justify how pained you feel from the bad the person did. You may have one, but it will take time and effort to plan. So, the best way to get revenge on someone who betrayed you is to cut off from them and focus on your dreams and aspirations.

How do you make your enemy cry?

See your enemy as your best friend. Pretend you don't know that they dislike you. Whenever you meet them, greet them like old-time friends. And try your best to be happy and unpredictable. That way, they'll be confused about what's happening in your life at the moment.

In Conclusion

There are many ways to get revenge on your best friend. For a start, you could refer to the 101 ways I've mentioned. Don't forget to keep things subtle so you don't complicate things. With these, I hope you liked this article. If yes, please feel free to share and drop your comments.

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