7 Sweet Things You Should Say to Comfort Your Depressed Girlfriend

Last updated on June 16, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Depression is something that is not easy to describe. It is also not easy to make someone who is depressed feels better. Each person has different causes of depression so the treatment is also different for each one of them.

Most depressed people do not show it to others that they are depressed. Some of you might search some tips on how to get someone to notice you're sad but not in desperate ways. While some of you might do nothing about your depression problem.

If someone who is depressed is your girlfriend, you will certainly do everything you can do to comfort her. Even though you know that there are some things you should know before you date someone with depression, you still choose that person to be your lover.

Do not let your girlfriend feel and think why doesn't my boyfriend understand my depression. You can do simple but cute things on how to make your girlfriend more comfortable if she is with you.

In addition, you can also make your girlfriend comfortable with words or something sweet. To help you, this article will discuss about sweet things you should say to comfort your depressed girlfriend.

1. Is There Something I Can Do for You?

If your girlfriend is feeling depressed, offer something you can do for her. No need to force her if she refuses. You just need to be there by her side and try other ways to make her comfortable.

When your girlfriend says she wants something or wants to do something, do it as she wishes as long as it is possible to do. Do it with a smile on your face. If her wish is impossible to do, try to reject it gently.

2. You Don't Need to Feel Alone, I'm Here for You

When your girlfriend is feeling depressed, she will feel that she is alone in this world. This is the moment where your role as her boyfriend is important.

Make sure that your girlfriend will not feel alone and reassure her that you will always be there every time she needs you. This is a kind of support that you can do for her. It is simple, but it means a lot.

3. What Might Make You Feel Better?

Offer something that will make your girlfriend feels comfortable and feels better. Once again, do not ever force her.

Offer in a subtle way and with a tone of voice that can calm your girlfriend. Hopefully, she will feel that there is someone who understands and appreciates her. Maybe this is what she really needs.

4. Do You Need Someone to Talk To?

You can also ask your girlfriend whether she needs someone to talk to. If she needs you to listen to what she wants to talk about, be a good listener for her.

Do not interrupt her while she is talking to you, and give some responses if your girlfriend really needs your comments or suggestions.

5. Do You Need Someone to Accompany You?

You certainly worry about your girlfriend who feels depressed, right? Then ask her whether she needs someone to accompany her. Either accompany her for a walk to get fresh air or to do other things.

Do not force your will to her. Make your girlfriend as comfortable as possible. Give her some time to be alone if she needs to be alone.

6. There Must Be a Way out and There Is Still Hope

Convince your girlfriend that there must be solutions for all the problems she has experienced, and that there is still hope. When a woman is depressed, she will not be able to think clearly.

In fact, many of them will feel frantic and feel useless because they cannot manage to solve the problems in their lives. You can also convince your girlfriend that you will help her as much as you can.

7. It's Okay If You Feel That Way, I Understand

If you really understand the problem that makes your girlfriend depressed, you can say that it is okay if she feels that way.

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But you also have to make her realize that she must not feel hopeless for too long. Position yourself well so that she knows that you can understand her.

Those are some sweet things you should say to comfort your depressed girlfriend that you need to know.

At least by saying those sweet things, you can make your girlfriend feel better and you can lessen the burden on her shoulders.

Actually, there are many ways to tell a woman you love her, so do it for your girlfriend. In this way, your girlfriend will understand that there is someone who will always be there for her.

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