How to Get Someone to Notice You're Sad But Not in Desperate Ways

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Well, when you're friend is sad, send these comforting messages or a friend who is sad. You're friend is sad because she is depressed. So,  how to get out of this depressed? And how to get someone to notice you're sad but not in desperate ways? Come on check the lists of ways below here.

1. Take a break, enjoy your life

Depressed in love life can happen in all people, including you. So, if you feel very depressed about your love. The first thing to do is to take a break and enjoy your life. Keep the focus on your goal, it's important for your great future.

2. Look for seeking help, reading is the best answer

The best healing for your depressed is reading. So, stop to make a status on your social media. It will make all the people know that you are sad. Keep your gadget off and get ready for reading on relationship magazine, or watched Oprah regularly. This tips may helps you too check on some sweet things to say to your boyfriend when he's depressed.

3. Try asking or telling something to someone

Sometimes just reading on a relationship magazine can't help you from depressed. But, it can give you positive energy about life. So, the next is you can tell or try asking your mother, mentor or your trusted friend on how to getting out from this depressed and how to live with a confident soul.

4. Spread your love to others

Love is just not for human, you can spread your love to others, like animals, and plants. Being a volunteer in a shelter is a good choice to spread love. It really can drop off your depressed level in no time. While you see a dog or a cat that sick. You feel pity for them. Remember, animals need love too from you.

5. Do a makeover

It's no time to beautify your self, but now it's a great time to change your look little a bit. Try to ask your mother, or your relatives even your trusted friend how to do a makeover that suits you. Do a workout and healthy diet to turns your body slimmer than it was. Or try to style your hair or try to put another style on the outfit that can bring different look over you.

6. Take a rest do more physical activity

Say and noted in your head that you are taking a rest from the relationship. Turn off of all about that man and all about your past. Do a more physical activity than useful and it can bring many benefits to your body and your life. Do works, cleaning some stuff, cooking, try new hobbies, hiking and others.

7. Being alone and be happy

It's better being alone and be happy. There're many singles out there that have a happy life without any relationship. Just change your mindset that being alone is not the end. With being alone you can do all things that benefit. It will bring you up being someone that behaves.

8. Look the other sides of near you

You still on sadness, this love very makes you depressed. So, try to look at another site near you. Look of the people that have no future of life because they're very poor. They can't eat in one day, it needs a long time to get food in their tummy. But, see they still survive to get their life, isn't it? Try to be a person like that. You can survive among your sadness.

9. What your needs are

Throwing little back, what are your needs on a relationship? Ask your self and answer it. If it because a reason like you want to increase your popularity, it's a mistake thing. You should know that a relationship is a bridge for your future life. So, what to do when a man pulls away in a long distance relationship? You should do these things.

10. Create a fake smile on your face

If it hurts and you can't forget it all about him. Try to create a fake smile even while you meet your friends or even him. This is a successful way to make him disappointed with what he did on you yesterday. Create something fakes sometimes it can work and it will change your ex mind.

How to fix your sadness and get back to happy again

These are ways on how to maintain you're sad and get back to happy again. This is naturally you.

1. Let it go all that happen

Let it go your past, and try to accept the future is the big point. Life is about learning something, right? If you want be happy, check on how to lead a happy and peaceful life in a simple way

2. Throw out the things

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If you have some things that are about him just throw out the things. If you want to burn, burn it without excuses.

3. Decorating your room

Room or bedroom is a place that very comfy. You can change the atmosphere by painting the wall of your bedroom or place some wallpapers to look better.

4. Buy new stuff

The old stuff makes you depressed all of the time? So, change them with new ones. You can buy new stuff with the other model that makes you happy.

5. Do a DIY treatment

Cleans your face with face milk cleanser then do scrubbing after that mask your face with your favorite face mask. It will be relaxed and drop down you're depressed.

Hopefully, the above ways on how to get someone to notice you're sad but not in desperate ways maybe these things can help you out. Maintain you're sad and come back to happy again. Every problem there's a solution. Check the other tips on how to tell your parents you broke something expensive. Good luck.

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