Potential Effects Of Discrimination On Family and Friends

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Discriminationis a bad thing when someone always distinguishes things from other things. Discriminationis very often encountered in our environment. This can happen anywhere, for examplein the family, friends, and even people who don’t treat each other. Behaviorand nature of discourse is something that must be eliminated as much aspossible in our environment, in order to create a peaceful and peaceful environmentfor each individual. Discrete treatment of a person will clearly have anegative side, someone will lose confidence, stress, or physical or mentalhealth disorders. However, actually discrimination from people directed at ushas a positive impact if we can see things from a different side. Positivethings are clearly going to have a good effect on our lives in the future toget a better future than others.

1.  Learn tocontrol our own thoughts

When someoneelse discriminates us, the first thing that comes to our mind is that we arehuman beings who have no talent, are incompetent in doing something, and aredifferent from others who have more ability than us. It clearly makes us verybad and our own minds will come to blame and discriminate our own selves. Badthoughts that we build by our own thoughts that actually destroy our own selvesto develop and become a better person. Actually discrimination done by othersaimed at us can be a race and passion for ourselves, provided we can controlour thoughts. Building thoughts that are always positive is very difficult,there are just evil whispers that support others to blame ourselves whoactually have struggled with all their might in doing something. from thenature of discrimination, we actually can train it. The discourse that someonetells us, we can digest it first, or we absorb it first to evaluate ourselves.do not rush to blame ourselves for what we have done.

2. Self-encouragement

When otherpeople discriminate us, change our thoughts from the negative side to the positiveside. we can suggest that discrimination is carried out and directed at us inorder so we can improve ourselves and that it can become a reference forourselves to be more advanced in the future. when others discriminate us, don’tfollow them in blaming our own selves. think of it as self-motivation andself-reflection so that we can become better like people compared to us.

3. Multiply grateful

Sometimes we as humans often forget what we have, what we have achieved, and most importantly we often forget our god. We always see others who have what we don’t have. We are always looking for ways to get what we want. And that triggers us to discriminate our own selves with others. When in fact we as humans always have strengths and weaknesses, God created us with each other’s uniqueness. When other people or ourselves discriminate us, we must always remember, that we must be grateful for what we have done, and we have achieved. We must congratulate ourselves for being strong and continuing to endure many obstacles and many trials. When we try to be grateful, then whatever we face will feel lighter. Read : Toxic signs a family member doesn’t like you.

4. Appreciate yourself

“For thenext 5 years, what do you want to give to you about all that you havegotten?” Many other people who say that are actually to motivatethemselves. This is also a lot of other people ask both parents, friends, andyourself to us. Without us knowing this is a form of discrimination. We are toofocused and compare what we don’t have with other people who are more perfect.We forget to appreciate ourselves, that all the things we strive for eventhough the results fail are worthy of appreciation. We must appreciate thesmallest thing we do and we must change our minds about what we can becomeabout what we have fought for and the great thing is we still want to surviveand continue to try to do it without feeling tired and giving up. We cannotdiscriminate our own selves with others. We just need to keep going, fighting,and doing everything as well as possible and as much as possible so that theresults we want are achieved.

We should not distinguish or discriminate other people in various ways. Living humans naturally need not be discriminated against because we are human beings who need each other, not happy to differentiate, moreover, discriminating against humans must live in justice to create a peaceful atmosphere of life.