17 Toxic Signs a Family Member Doesn’t Like You

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In life, it’s impossible to get everyone to like you. There will be someone who is jealous, backstabbing, or badmouthing you behind your back. But what if that person is none other than your own family members? Someone who should be your biggest support is turning their back on you.

Now let’s talk about the real deal. Instead of keeping it only in your mind and you’re not whether they really don’t like you or not, let’s find out through these signs a family member doesn’t like you.

1. They Always Look Down at You

That person is always underestimate you and belittling you. Somehow they think that they are better than you and you are no match for them. Like, what makes you think so highly of yourself?

2. They Ignore You

This is the rudest thing someone can do. They act like you are not exist and this happen a lot during the family gathering. They never respond to you nor paying attention to what you say. Maybe you can look at the Reasons Why Your Best Friend is Ignoring You and find the answer.

3. You Feel Sad Around Them

It’s hard to explain but never feel bright around them. Just like how you meet someone you don’t like. Maybe because they don’t like you that much it affects you. Don’t let it be.

4. They Clearly Avoiding You

Not just ignoring you, they are avoiding you. They never go to the place where you are around. They seem to be far away and you will never reach them no matter how hard you have tried.

5. You Don’t Want to See Them

You will have this strange feeling when someone who doesn’t like you is around. You don’t want to see them badly. It’s okay, just don’t go near them.

6. They Never Say Hello

Let alone a long, friendly conversation. They never even say hello to you. Try to take a look at you Zodiac Signs Best Friend Compatibility. Maybe you don’t match them right from the starts.

7. They Act Like They Don’t Know You

Their dislike to you could be seen clearly when you are not in a family gathering, but when you meet her outside. Even though you are related by blood and practically family, in fact they act like they don’t know you.

8. They Talk Bad Behind You

What’s make us think that somebody doesn’t like us? It’s when they badmouth us behind our back. Moreover, they made up stories that doesn’t exist. It’s also Signs That Your Best Friend is a Frenemy, just like them. 

9. You Have Nothing to Talk with Them

When you are together with someone who you can’t talk comfortably with, there are only two options: you like them so much or you don’t like them so much. And vice versa. The fact that you are family and have nothing to talk about is weird.

10. You Can’t be Yourself Around Them

One of the best Reasons Why Your Best Friend is Your Soul Sister is because you can be yourself around them. You are not afraid of what she may think about you. This is never happen when you are together with that person.

11. They Get Jealous of You

Maybe because you are smarter, prettier, or simply better than them that they use it all to dislike you. Well, it’s not that they don’t like you. They’re jealous of you and they can’t think of another better option but to dislike you.

12. They Tend to Cause Trouble with You

To cause trouble and not to cause trouble is actually depend on that person. If you want to exaggerate little problems into bigger one, you are capable to do it. That’s what you do when you don’t like someone. You want them to be in trouble so you create a situation to make one. 

What to Do to Deal with the Situation

So you have sure that you find one of the signs your family member doesn’t like you. It may stress you out since it’s unexpected. But now the sadness should be cut. Make a move and here are what to do to deal with the situation

  1. Be Kind to Them. Learn the Ways to Kill Someone with Kindness since it’s the best way to take revenge to them. Ugliness shouldn’t be always rewarded with evil. Turn the table around by being kind to them.
  2. Avoid Meeting Them. It’s such a waste to deal with someone who brings no good for your life. Use your time wiser by not meeting them. Avoid them at all cost, not because you are afraid but because you are more mature than them.
  3. Tell Your Parents About It. It’s family matters after all. You may tell your parents about that person in a way that wouldn’t cause fight within the family. You tell them so that they can soothe and calm your heart.
  4. Give it a Go. When you feel they have gone too far and you can’t take it anymore, just give it a go and confront them. This is not recommended of course but you need to give lesson to that kind of person.
  5. Prove Them You are Better. Just like the Good Ways to Get Revenge on Your Best Friend, prove them that you are a better person. Kill them with achievement. This work when that person is around your age.

Those are all the signs your family member doesn’t like you and how you should deal with the situation. It’s not good keep someone like that around, so as long as it’s not your nuclear family member, it’s okay just to avoid them not being around them.