How To Tell A Family Member They Can't Live With You

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As you grow up, you have your own lives and matters to deal with. There are times when you move out from home and the sudden call from your family member tells that they want to stay at your place.

It isn't like something you should ignore but still, it could be hard to let them in.

Here Are Ways On How To Tell A Family Member They Can't Live With You

Your life would be so much easier if you could just say “no” to that, don't you think? However, your family member remains one person you can’t kick out of your life.

So you’ll just have to figure out a way to deal and you come to the right site. Here are how to tell a family member they can't live with you.

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1. Say "No" Gently

The best way to telling your family member that you can't gladly accept them at your place is by explaining your reason. By being honest will make them understand.

So if it's a no, the better tell them straightly too.

2. You're Not Home

you're not home

Here are how to tell a family member they can't live without you. If they already informed you about the date when they would come, maybe you can tell them that you're not home on that day.

3. You're Busy

They need to know that you are busy so you may not at your home every time.

4. You Live With Your Partner

Here are how to tell a family member they can't live without you. Your family needs to understand that you have your own life now and there are Reasons Why You Should Always Make Love with Your Partner in the Morning.

You just can't let them stay at your place since you live with your partner now and you should consider your partner though.

5. You Won't Serve Them Well

Even though they live with you, tell them that you might not serve them well since you have to take care of yourself too.

They probably realize that it isn't a good idea to stay in your place. Check this too How Do You Know If God Wants You to Marry Someone for Worse and Better.

6. You Want To Focus On Something

Here are how to tell a family member they can't live without you. You have your reason why you live away and by yourself.

They would learn if you tell them you want to focus either on your work or your study now.

7. Your Place Is Small

It is somehow not because you don't them to live with you but because your place is too small.

8. You're Sick At The Moment

you're sick at the moment

Here are how to tell a family member they can't live without you. You're not in a good health.

Therefore, you can't let them stay in your place or they'd get sick too. Don't forget to check this too How to Let Your Boyfriend Know You Are Ready for Marriage.

9. Your Place Is Being Renovated

It would be bad if they are in your place when it is being renovated. Not because they may be in a way, they won't feel comfortable about it too.

10. Suggest Another Time

Instead of refusing them immediately, you can suggest another time for them to come. It is a better idea since they are your own family.

Signs Your Family Member Understand They Can't Live With You

Here are signs your family member understand they can't live with you.

1. They Agree With Your Reason

After you explain to them that you can't have them in your place, they may understand they can be bothersome there.

2. They Doubt Their Own Plan

They think about their own plan and especially after you have your reason not to let them live in your place, it might be better if they don't.

3. They Know You Don't Want It

If you don't want it, then they won't come too.

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4. They Only Visit

At the first time, they may want to live with you. However, after you explain the situation, it comes to only a visit and they back home the next day.

5. They Search For A New Place

Instead of living with you, they ask for your help to find an apartment for them. Maybe the one that near you.

More Tips If You Don't Want Your Family Member To Live With You

more tips if you don't want your family member to live with you

Here are more tips if you don't want your family member to live with you. Learn also How to Tell Your Ex-Wife About Your New Girlfriend.

1. Being Honest

You need to be honest with your family member if you don't want them to live with you.

2. Put Yourself First

You may want to help them, but, don't push yourself if you think that's hard to do.

3. They Still Can Live With You For Days

Even though you don't want them to live with you if it is only a couple of days to stay obviously you won't mind.

4. Ask Them To Understand

You have your own circumstances and make sure you explain them gently to them so they would understand.

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