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This Is How to Tell Your Ex Wife About Your New Girlfriend

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Being a divorced man after a long time might turn out to be an exhausted yet empty both in your life and your heart. Decided to open yourself to a new love also needs time especially when you have kids with you, kid would think differently about divorce so they need to learn about Ways to Get over Your Parent’s Divorce. However, you still go into that since you can’t deny that you need someone to complete your life.


Back again, it isn’t easy to start dating with a new partner if you are a widower. You might consider to let your kids and also ex wife know about your new relationship. Well, you better because sooner or later they will know either. Then, tell them, especially your ex wife, is a wise decision.

Here are how to tell your ex wife about your new girlfriend

Telling your ex wife seems to be a tricky decision. It can show how you respect her as well as also might bring cuts for her that is why you put this into consideration since you worry about your ex’s feeling. To help you go through this matter, here are how to tell your ex wife about your new girlfriend. Also check this good stuff to help you know Signs Your Girlfriend Isn’t Over Her Ex Husband.

1. Prepare Yourself First

How to tell your ex wife about your new girlfriend is probably a hard thing to do if you aren’t in a good term with your ex wife. When you already decide that you should tell about this to her, then you need to prepare yourself first, like what are you going to tell and also find the perfect time.

2. Schedule the Time

After you have your preparation, address the concern to scheduling the right time to meet. This is important if you haven’t ready yet to tell about your new girlfriend to your ex wife.

3. Be Sensitive

You may think she already over you as you do. However, you should be more considerate and sensitive since you don’t know what’s in her heart. Woman sometimes has more sensitivity than man. Check this too to know Signs Your Wife Knows You’re Cheating

4. Open for Your Ex’s Opinion

How to tell your ex wife about your new girlfriend? If you know the character of your ex wife, she might give her honest opinion when you talk about your new girlfriend. She can be objective yet subjective but whatever it is you should open up and appreciate it.

5. Only Talk About Important Thing

Maybe you have a plan to icebreaking the situation, but throw away that plan! I know you will ask her about her personal life, nope, just don’t do that. Talk about the important thing only.

6. Initiate the Conversation

If you want to make the conversation going well that bad, then initiate the conversation with a better topic. Maybe you can talk about the kids and their future plan.

7. Reassure Your Ex

Even though your ex might have her own opinion about your new girlfriend, you need to reassure her that you are fine with your life now. And also, the relationship won’t affect your rule as a father of your kids if you already have them with your previous marriage.

8. Do It Step By Step

If you that excited to tell about your new girlfriend to your ex wife, don’t rush it and take a slow step. You can start by mentioning her name then go further by how you both met. This might helpful for you Signs She Is No Longer Interested in You

9. Never Compare Both of Them

You may think your life is happier now and your new girlfriend better than her. However, don’t talk about it and make it as you compare both of them. Nobody likes being compared, do you think?

10. Be Respectful

How to tell your ex wife about your new girlfriend? When you think a way about how should you tell your ex wife about this new relationship, think as you respect her because you don’t want she catches you when you go out with your new partner. And also, you think of her as a friend then she needs to know about this.

Signs You Tell About It in a Good Way

After knowing about how to tell your ex wife about your new girlfriend, here are signs that you tell about it in a good way and it works.

1. She Understands

She will understand whatever your choice well basically she doesn’t have right though to tell you what you can and can not.

2. She Lends You Advices

As a woman, especially since she knows you better, she will lend you some good advice about your new relationship. You better listen to it carefully.

3. She Doesn’t Angry at All

You are obviously wrong about she will sensitive about this topic. She doesn’t angry at all, in fact, she is happy to hear that.

4. She Wants to Make Sure You Are Okay

Maybe she knows that you are lonely in your divorced man day since she through that also. That is why she wants to make sure you are okay with that new relationship.

5. She Gives You Support

She is being supportive. No matter what makes you happy she won’t stop it as long as you do your rule like for being such a good father for your kids.

More Tips Before Meet Your Ex Wife

Here are more tips before you meet your ex wife.

1. Let Go the Past

Even thought you already divorce for long, you can’t deny that the memories is still there. However, it can bring up your anger again so you should let go the past and move on, learn this so you can do that Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship.

2. Consider As a Friend

Your ex wife once is your friend too. Then consider her as one.

3. Remember the Good Thing About Her

You might know everything about her including the worst and that could be the reason you’ve divorced at the first place. But, of course she has the good side too. Try to remember it so you won’t feel angry about it anymore.

4. Appreciate Her Time

She has been really busy with works, kids, and stuff. Then you should appreciate her time because she wants to make it there.

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