How to Make Your Ex-Husband Regret Leaving You (31 Delicious Ways)

Last updated on May 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you still feeling sore over your divorce?

Do you feel like getting revenge on him? 

Perhaps you’re after devious ways to make him regret leaving you?

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Read on for some more ideas to make your husband regret leaving you.


How to Make Your Ex-Husband Regret Leaving You (What to Do)

If you want to know how to make your ex-husband regret leaving you, you’re in luck because this post will cover the many ways you can make your ex regret leaving you and start thinking of how to get you back! If you are sick of wallowing in misery about the breakup and ready to look at ways to move on with your life, these ways are perfect for you, too!

If you just want to make your ex regret leaving, these ways will work for that, too. When you go through a big breakup like divorce, regret is often involved. Your ex probably wishes he hadn’t said many of the things he did and wants to make up for it. There are lots of things he probably does regret doing. He’s probably very sorry for things he did and said; he may not admit that!

Today, we’ll talk about the surefire ways to make your ex regret ending your relationship and wish things were different between you two. Plus, we’ll cover the many ways that you can move on with your life and be happy on your own! That’s the ultimate goal, right?

1. Take care of yourself

It’s very easy at the end of a relationship to stay guarded and be upset about what happened. It’s very important that you focus on yourself and being the best you can be. You’ll want to be happy and that starts with you taking care of yourself. This means you need to start eating right and exercising on a regular basis. 

If you really want to make your ex drool, you’ll need to be in tip-top shape and be your best self. This may mean that you need to go on a diet to get to a healthier weight or something like that. It all depends on what’s going on with your health. If you need to see a doctor for a mental or physical health condition, what are you waiting for?

You are single now, so you don’t need to check with anyone before you start a diet or see a healthcare professional. You are finally your own boss. This means that you can do what you want (to an extent) and say what you want. You can even be around who you want without worrying about what someone else would say!

2. Dress sexy

If you plan to see your ex on a regular basis, it’s critical that you look your best. Wear skimpy clothes and really show off your hotness. There’s no reason to hide anything, right? Of course, you don’t want to dress too obviously slutty, but you can show some skin if you have a great body! Wear that tight red dress that made him hot for you!

3. Think positively

It’s important that you keep a positive mindset as you build a new relationship with someone else. It’s also crucial that you are positive about everything that you do; you want to show a happy disposition when you are around your ex. This will make him wonder what you are so happy about since he’s not around anymore. 

He may wonder if you are seeing someone new or if you have a new hobby; he’ll just be thinking about why you seem to be happier without him in your life. This is exactly what we want! You want him to wish that the two of you were still in a relationship together. He’ll want to have your happy disposition in his life if he sees it regularly.

If you need to be a more positive person, practice saying positive mantras when you are by yourself. Memorize them so that when you are around your ex, you don’t have to think of anything positive. Just try to recall something pleasant in your life and smile when you are around your ex. This will show him just how happy you are without him.

4. Go on a vacation

Sometimes, getting away from everyday life can be very pleasant. It can make you realize that you should have gotten away sooner. Since you are no longer in a relationship with your ex, he can just envy you all he wants to since he has no say on whether you go on a vacation or not. Enjoy yourself and your time away from it all!

5. Find yourself

Now may be the perfect time to read some great self-improvement books or watch some YouTube videos that help you with self-discovery or enlightenment. Start doing yoga or develop another passion that helps you find yourself. You want to know who you really are before you get mixed up in another relationship. 

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If you think that you might be ready for a relationship, you’ll first need to know what you can do on your own. You want to prove to yourself (and your ex) that you can do it all on your own and be confident in who you are and what you are made of. If you know these things in advance, you’ll be ready to get into a new relationship in no time!

6. Be a good example

When you are around your children, you will want to put your best foot forward. You’ll want to be a positive influence on them, so when they see their dad, they report good things about what is going on in your life. You don’t want to come across as sad and needy if you want your ex to regret leaving you. Be your best self!

7. Make yourself look your best

make yourself look your best

At all times, as a single adult, you should try to look your best, but when you are going to see your ex for one reason or another, you will want to especially look beautiful. If you are not big into hair and makeup, go to a salon and have them help you! Most beauticians are more than happy to help a customer look her best!

8. Forgive your ex-husband

There’s no reason to hold grudges even if your ex did something truly horrible. You may want to make him suffer and regret what he did, but that’s not always the best thing for your mental health. In fact, it has been shown to be more healthy to forgive your exes than it is to hold grudges about things that happened in your relationship. 

I know it’s not always the easiest thing to do, but you’ll be glad you forgave him after you’ve done so. Probably, for your sake, you should tell him in person that you forgive him for what he did when you were in a relationship together. This way, he’ll know that you are okay with him now. Forgive him, and you’ll get the closure that you need.

9. Exercise regularly

Exercising releases endorphins, and endorphins make us happy! If you want your ex to regret leaving you, you want to show him that you are happy without him, so we need to work on the many ways that you can make yourself happy. One such way is exercise. Practice yoga or do some cardio by riding a bike! Take a walk with a friend.

Exercising will also keep you healthy, and you’ll want to be the best version of yourself that you can be while you are on your own. If possible, exercise at least five times a week so that you can stay healthy. Plus, once you establish a regular habit like this, it’ll be easier to do on a regular basis - like every other day at least.

You never know, too. You may meet all sorts of new people at the gym or out walking around your local park. Consider the possibilities as you find the best exercise program for you. Of course, if you have health conditions, the best thing for you may be to consult a qualified physician to treat you and advise you of the best plan.

10. Give back to the community

When you do things for other people, you usually benefit more than they do. It’s an amazing fact, but it’s also true! Think about the reward that you receive when you are giving back. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, doesn’t it? Don’t you want to feel that way as much as possible? You can do a lot of different things to give back.

Donate clothing and toys to a local shelter or volunteer there. You could donate old pet toys to an animal shelter or volunteer your time there, by helping them bathe animals. You could also work at your local soup kitchen or just make crafts for the homeless. I’ve been knitting scarves for the homeless in my area for almost a decade now. 

Doing something like that is so rewarding! Just give it a try and watch the benefits you receive just pile up! Seriously! You can even make your ex quite jealous and want you back if you do things like this. He’ll see what a great person you are and wish that you were in his life more! He’ll be thinking about how he could get you back!

11. Smile more

Your ex will melt and wonder what you are up to if you are always smiling. He will want to know what’s going on in your life if you have a grin on that face all of the time. You can do this by just thinking happy thoughts. Think about something that makes you happy, and you’ll naturally smile more.

12. Post fun pictures of you on social media

What a great way to make your ex want to have you back and wish that he’d not done the things that he did! Just go out and have fun with your friends, and he’ll see all the pics you post on social media! He’ll think that you are always having a blast without him in your life, and he’ll regret many of the decisions he made in your relationship.

13. Be a good mother

Treat your children with respect and be a good mother. Just wake up every day and put their needs first, even if you don’t want to do it. It’s probably easier to think about yourself and what you need to do to recover from the end of the relationship, but try to think about them, and this will make your ex see what a great job you are doing alone.

14. Show that you are happy now

show that you are happy now

As mentioned, one of the best ways to show your ex that you are doing fine by yourself is to be happy! He’ll want to know what is making you so happy and content when he’s not around. He may think you adopted a new pet or have a boyfriend now. He may be thinking that you are doing something new in your life. It’s none of his business!

15. Stay busy

This is probably the best way to make your ex regret leaving you. If you are constantly doing other things, you will make yourself happy because you will surround yourself with things and people that make you enjoy life more. As you stay busy - with work or school or whatever makes you happy, be sure to stop and smell the roses.

16. Determine what you want

It’s time for some self-reflection - a view of what you want out of life. What will make you the happiest in life? Maybe you love baking cookies and are very skilled at this. If so, consider what you want out of life and how it could be reflected in the cookies you bake. Maybe you could start your own side business making cookies or something like that. 

If you loved being a wife and having children, you may want to start thinking about what kind of partner you want to date next. If you have someone in mind, you should think about your future with this person and what it looks like. What would make you the happiest? Would you like to be married to him and have his children?

As you think about what you want in life, start picturing how you will achieve that goal. Do you need to take some classes, read some blogs, or check out some movies? Maybe you need to learn a new skill or hobby. You’ll have to do some brainstorming to determine how you will reach your goals and what needs to happen!

17. Embrace a hobby

As mentioned, you may want to try a new hobby - something you really enjoy doing. I never was into crafts as a child or teenager, but once I got married, I developed a need to do more things with my time, so I began doing all kinds of crafts, from quilting to knitting. I had to teach myself how to do these things, but you could take a class!

The point is to find something that you are passionate about and do it! This will give you a new kind of happiness and will certainly make your old spouse wish he hadn’t left you!

18. Play hard to get

Playing hard to get is about more than just telling your ex that you are busy on a Saturday night. You need to embrace a mysterious persona. Don’t reveal all when you drop off the kids. Instead, let him wonder what you’ve been up to. What does he think you do with all your time? Also, let him call you; don’t always call him!

19. Give yourself a new look

Sometimes, adding a new color palette to your makeup routine can really spice your look up. Get a haircut or grow your hair long. Many men love girls with long hair! Figure out what will make you feel more confident. Confidence is the key to making your ex wish things had turned out differently between the two of you.

20. Don’t blame others

It's easy to blame yourself, or your ex for what happened that ended your marriage, but what's important is that you stop looking at the past and start looking at the future. This will make your ex wish that things had turned out differently because he will see you looking toward the future and not toward what your relationship was like. 

21. Think about the future

think about the future

As mentioned, you can think about the future rather than the past. There isn’t much that can be done to change the past. In fact, there is no way to change it, so you might as well embrace the future. If you begin thinking about what is to come, you will be a more positive person, and your ex will enjoy being around you once again.

22. Make the holidays memorable

When your kids are around you, make sure they have a good time, especially during the holidays, because that is a special time for children. If your ex sees what a great time the kids have with you on the holidays, he'll wonder what all you guys do together and want to be a part of your life once again.

23. Talk positively in front of your children

There’s no better way to show your ex that you are doing fine without him than just being a good mother. You don’t have to badmouth your ex when he’s not around. Your children will likely tell him what you said or mention it to their friends, who will pass the information along to your ex. You don’t want him to know what you said behind his back. 

24. Remain hopeful

You could be feeling quite drained right now; a divorce will do that to you! It’s normal to feel a little down and depressed about your love life, but try to remain hopeful of what is to come in the future. You can date one day again, even if it doesn’t seem like a possibility right now. Someday, you will want to move on, so keep the faith.

25. Get a boyfriend

While I wouldn’t recommend getting a boyfriend without having closure from your divorce first, getting a boyfriend is a surefire way to make your old husband very jealous.

26. Have a good time by yourself

It can be scary to be on your own again after being married for a long time. However, if you start finding ways to enjoy being alone, you will be happy by yourself. It’s important that you use this time to heal and get over your ex. Also, if your ex sees that you are just fine by yourself, he’ll wonder what is making you so happy!

27. Build friendships

If you have a lot of friends, great! If you never made any, it’s time to get busy! You need to spend time calling associates and making plans so that you can go out and have a good time. Make sure you are a good friend to other people, too! This means you need to listen and care about what the other person is saying and talking about.

28. Date around

date around

If you feel you are ready, there is no greater way to make an ex jealous than to date around. Build up your dating portfolio by trying dating websites online. You could ask your friends to set you up on blind dates, too. 

29. Do things you couldn’t do as a wife

If you aren’t used to being by yourself, you can now do things that you couldn’t do before. Walk around the house naked if you want to. You don’t have to worry about someone getting the wrong idea and thinking you want sex if you are by yourself. Just make sure the blinds are shut! You can have a lot of fun doing things alone!

30. Be patient

Mr. Right is out there. You just need to be patient that he will come when the time is right. If you are really feeling antsy about dating, you may need to talk to your friends to find out what they do when it comes to finding someone new. Have faith that the right person is out there and will come to you when you get your ducks in a row.

If you feel particularly lonely, don’t sit around listening to sad songs and letting yourself cry. The milk has already been spilled. It’s best to look toward the future rather than to think too much about what happened in the past. There’s just not a lot you can do about it, so you should think about what is to come. That will make you happier in the long run.

31. Get help as you rebuild your life

It may be a good idea to talk to a qualified therapist about what happened with your ex. He or she may have the right tools and techniques to help you rebuild your life from scratch. It’s never an easy thing to do; no one is saying that it is, but with the right help, you can have a productive, happy life on your own without your ex. 


How can I make my ex-husband regret losing me?

Make your ex regret losing you by living your life to the fullest. Remind him of the beginning of your relationship, when you were his best friend, and he’ll be thinking about when the two of you can begin a relationship again.

How long does it take a man to regret losing you?

You can make your ex regret losing you in a few weeks, really! When your ex does regret leaving, it depends on how fast you move on with your life. He’ll be running back to you in no time once you are happy on your own. That’s just how it goes!

Do ex-husbands regret divorce?

Many times, an ex-husband does regret losing his wife. He does regret leaving his ex-partner and children. If you want to make your ex regret losing you, you can play hard to get, as this is one of the best ways to make an ex regret the divorce and distance between you.

How do you know if your ex regrets leaving you?

When an ex does regret losing you, he will try to get you back into a relationship with him. Exes are frequently thinking about what they lost, the ways they could have done things differently, and the changes they could have made to make the marriage work. He’ll be back!

Does silence make a man miss you?

If you want your ex-husband to regret leaving and come running back, you can play hard to get. That’s one of the best ways to make your ex regret losing you; he’ll wonder what you are up to, what changes you are making in your life, and how to go back to the beginning.

To Sum It All Up

What are some of the best ways you know of to make your ex regret leaving you after a breakup? Do you now know how to make your ex regret leaving you? We’d love to hear all about the ways you have found to make your ex regret losing you!

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