31 Sneaky Ways To Get A Libra Jealous (And Want You More)

Last updated on May 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you hoping to ramp up a Libra man’s interest in you?

Are you willing to play dirty to do it? 

If so, this article could be of great interest.

It features 31 ideas to make a Libra man jealous. 

Libras are particularly prone to reacting to these tactics, but honestly, these could work on any man who happens to be slipping away from you. 

However, before we explore these 31 sneaky strategies, I have something important to explain to you.

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With that said, here is my list of ideas for making a Libra jealous.


Ways To Get A Libra Jealous

Are you trying to find ways to get a Libra jealous? Are you going to try to make your ex jealous to get back at him for something that happened in your relationship? 

You may be in a situation where your Libra man is trying to make you jealous of another woman. If that’s the case, you may want to move on to a guy who isn’t already dating another woman

In your rulebook, there is probably no room for competition, and you don’t want to compete against someone else. You may also like having a clear runway if you are trying to win the heart of a Libra man, but if you must compete, make sure that you have the upper hand. Always look your hottest, and don’t let another person shake your confidence. 

Having the right attitude can help you win the heart of a Libra man. He will always come back to someone who is even-tempered and can control her emotions. 

If you want to try to make him jealous, be the girl of his dreams and make sure he knows you aren’t easy to catch. That’s where making him jealous will work wonders.

What It Is Like Dating A Libra Man

Dating a Libra guy can be a challenging experience, especially if you are looking to make him jealous for some reason. At times, he has trouble making decisions, and he avoids confrontations at all costs; he just doesn’t enjoy facing those tough issues because he thinks enjoying life is a better experience than debating over every little thing. 

However, because of his peaceful, fair nature, there will be things that he just won’t want to address for one reason or another. This may make it hard to talk about the difficult subjects that need to be discussed. He just would rather keep the peace than have a fuss over something. This isn’t always a bad thing, though. He is a very gentle, kind soul who loves the outdoors.

You may find that he finds peace outside. He finds it calming and soothing to his nature. He just likes the balance that nature can provide him with. If he isn’t outdoors, you may find him somewhere quietly meditating or finding a way to keep his calm. He finds this to be very important. If you are an argumentative, confrontational person, you won’t enjoy a Libra man.

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How To Get A Libra Man Jealous

1. Spend time dating around

spend time dating around

Sometimes, the best method for winning the heart of a guy is to date more guys. Let him know that you are a hot commodity, someone he should have snatched up when he had the chance. Depending on why you are making a Libra man jealous, you should enjoy dating different men, exploring their various personalities, and going to new places.

2. Be confident around him

If you have a strong sense of confidence around your Libra guy, he will know that you have something up your sleeve - maybe a social life he isn’t a part of! He’ll wonder what you have going on in your life, if there is someone else in the picture, or if he is the only man you are pursuing. Let him question those things until he ties you down (figuratively).

3. Go out to dinner with another guy

Before I was in a serious relationship with my Libra man, he said I went out to eat with someone else, and he got very jealous over that. Shortly after, we began a committed relationship, which led to marriage. I wouldn’t say all that happened because he was jealous of another man, but he did mention it when I asked about jealousy!

4. Give someone else more attention

This is an excellent method for getting a guy’s attention! Just talk about another man in front of your guy and watch his reaction for feedback on whether you are doing the right things or not. You may find that one thing works better than another. Keep trying different things until one of them works the way you want it to, and you’ll be golden in his book!

5. Laugh a lot when you are around other people

If you are having a good time and laughing with someone else in front of your Libra, you can bet he will be envious of the fact that he’s not part of the inside joke or whatever is making you laugh so much. Get his attention by having fun with other people in front of him. You can bet he’ll be curious as to what’s going on over there.

6. Be too busy to go out on dates for a while

Take a break from dating your Libra man for a little bit; give him lots of time to miss you and wonder why you are too busy to go out on a date with him. You could still have fun; go out with friends or even other guys if you are not in a committed relationship with a Libra man. If you don’t have a ring on your finger, then how committed are you anyway?

7. Ignore his texts or direct messages on social media

ignore his texts or direct messages on social media

Give him some breathing room, and you are sure to get under the skin of your Libra man. He’ll want to know why you are too busy to talk to him, but it’s good to play a little hard to get from time to time. You don’t want to appear always available or free when dating a Libra guy. Keep him guessing and wondering what’s going on.

8. Post pictures with other men on social media

Wow! So, you’ve had time to go out with other guys, or you’ve been hanging out with a group of friends. Get some juicy shots of you and just the guys you’ve been hanging around, and you will make a Libra man very jealous. He’ll wonder if you have gotten serious with someone else since he last saw you.

9. Spend less than ten minutes on the phone with him at a time

I read this once in a book, and it really does work! Try this with your Libra man. Basically, you only want to take his calls SOME of the time, and when you do talk, set a timer for 10 minutes. Once the timer goes off, have a great excuse to get off the phone with your Libra man. Make him curious as to why you can only talk for a short period of time!

10. Cut back on the length of your text messages

You don’t have to make the NEXT message short, but gradually reduce the length of the texts you send your Libra man to show him you are too busy to write a novel to him via text message. This is just one of those ways you can play hard to get and make him very inquisitive as to why you are so busy! This is a great way to make him jealous of time!

11. Get on social media when he thinks you are busy

This is a classic move when it comes to playing hard to get. You can tell your Libra man you will be busy on Saturday night, but then, let him see you active on Facebook or whatever social media forum you know he’ll be on. He’ll see you weren’t really busy and be jealous of the time you are spending on social media when it could be with him.

12. Watch the number of compliments you give him

Make a Libra man think you are maybe losing interest by cutting down on the number of compliments you pay to him. You don’t have to insult him or be rude in another way, but you can just be a little aloof with your attitude and tone. Act as if you don’t really care about anything - easy come, easy go, as the saying goes. 

13. Don’t get jealous back

If you make a Libra man jealous, there’s a good chance he’ll know what you’re doing and return the favor by trying to make you jealous with someone else. Don’t let him shake you; if you aren’t at the top of his list and he has other girls on speed dial, do you really want to compete? I’m sure you have your reasons for making him jealous.

Does he have the same reasons, or is he just doing something to get back at you for what you are doing? You can choose how he makes you feel. You don’t have to be upset and feel anger; you can control how he affects you. It may be a smart move to move on with someone else or leave him altogether if he’s acting unfairly.

One thing about Libra men is they usually act fair. They believe in peace and harmony, not conflict and anger. I doubt he’s doing it in an unfair way; just find out the facts of what is going on before getting enraged over something that could be nothing! He may just be getting even with you for the stunts you are pulling, so keep that in mind.

14. Be a spontaneous person

This is a surefire method for making him wonder what the heck is up with you. Why are you acting sporadically with him? He may think you are wishy-washy in how you are acting. That’s okay! Keep the mystery alive in the relationship by doing spontaneous actions and acting in different ways from time to time. This will keep him on his toes!

15. Don’t be clingy or respond to his flirting too much

don't be clingy or respond to his flirting too much

Be mysterious a little bit so that he has to wonder what’s really happening in your mind. Don’t hang on his every word, treating him as if he were the best thing since gravy. You want him to know that you are one of a kind, a person who has many interests, someone he should perhaps learn more about rather than not giving you enough attention.

16. Talk about other people with him

Sometimes, there is nothing more annoying than being around someone who will not shut up about another person or people. Your Libra man may be irritated by the ways you are talking about others when he wants to have your full attention. By doing this, you also keep your Libra guessing as to what you are doing when he’s not around.

17. Make him feel a little less important in your book

You don’t have to be mean and drop his ice cream cone on his birthday or something like that. A Libra doesn’t require a great deal of attention, but they can occasionally be insecure. You can play on that insecurity by making him feel as if you have other things on your mind. Your Libra man will wonder what’s changed in your relationship. 

18. Mention another person a lot when you talk

Again, talking about other people is a great method for getting a Libra jealous because he’ll wonder what you are up to when he’s not around. Even better is when you talk about one particular person a lot - negative or positive. That means you have someone else on your mind other than him. Keep him guessing like that!

19. Stare at other guys when you are together

You don’t have to be rude or too obvious, but let your Libra catch you glancing in the direction of other men, and he’ll wonder what the status of your partnership really is. If you were looking to maintain more attention in the relationship, this might just do the trick. He’ll think your wandering eyes mean you are looking for another boyfriend.

20. Smile when you talk about other guys

When you smile when talking about other guys, you are showing that the topic makes you happy. Don’t talk negatively about other guys and smile, or it will have the opposite effect. You want him wondering why it makes you happy to talk about others or if something less than positive is happening between you and other guys.

21. Dress elegantly all the time

Libra men love it when their women dress with class and style. This is the perfect time to take up that new behavior - dress elegantly when you are around your Libra, and he’ll fall even harder for you than he already is. He may be jealous if he thinks you are trying to impress someone other than him. He’ll start to question what he’s doing wrong!

22. Use your phone a lot on dates with him

use your phone a lot on dates with him

Consider being phone crazy when you are around your Libra. You’ll show you are popular (in high demand) with other people blowing up your phone.

23. Touch another guy’s shoulder in front of him

Touching is a powerful move to gain the attention and reaction you are hoping for from your Libra man. Do it right in front of him to let him know he isn’t the only one who can float your boat.

24. Don’t comment on his social media for a while

Consider going silent on his pages on social media to let him wonder why you are so distant from him. If you are trying to whip him into shape, this may just do the trick. Let him wonder if you are mad at him or what he did wrong to not receive the attention he once was getting from you! 

25. Don’t be overly eager around him

Don’t be needy or clingy around him; show him you are a strong, independent woman who is fine on her own. Don’t act like you cannot survive without him. Assuming the two of you are not having relationship problems, you don’t ever want to act like you cannot live without someone. It appears needy if you act like that! 

26. Put comments on his friends’ social media pages

This is a great plan if you really want to catch his eye. You don’t have to flirt with them, but combine this with not commenting on his page, and you’ll make him want to give you more attention to find out what’s going on. Then, you can reveal the reason you are upset or why you are trying to make him envious of something.

27. Don’t talk too much around him

Being talkative is great when you are in a healthy, committed relationship. However, for some reason, you want to make him jealous, so sometimes, you must act in different ways. 

28. Be mysterious

When he asks you about your week or who you have been spending time with, be vague with your answers. He doesn’t need to know all of the details of your life. Make him wonder what the truth is if you are trying to make him jealous. 

29. Pretend to be only mildly interested in what he has to say

I’m a strong advocate for being a good listener, but you are trying to make him jealous for whatever reason you have. You can still listen, but you don’t have to offer feedback or follow-up questions if you are trying to make him want to give you more attention.

30. Take your time responding to him

You can wait until you’ve received a certain number of text messages before responding. If he’s been trying to call you, let it go to voicemail from time to time. You can be less available and still be the sweet girl he fell for. You don’t have to be cruel or anything; just be a little mysterious, as mentioned before. You want to make him curious!

31. Do not be overly romantic or emotional

You’ve decided to make him envious of something, right? Now isn’t the time to be overly sweet or romantic with the things you do or say. Make him question why your behavior has changed, so he can jump into shape and be the boyfriend you are hoping he will be. It’s okay to teach your man a thing or two every now and then.

Good Things To Always Keep In Mind

good things to keep in mind

If you are trying to make a Libra man jealous, you may want to make sure you play by the rules. Be patient with him; don’t play games and test him just for the joy of it, because if he discovers what you’re doing, he won’t get jealous; he will want nothing more to do with you. I will repeat this: Don’t play games with his heart; that will get a Libra guy to go away permanently.

Also, as you go about trying to make a Libra man jealous, don’t do anything that will humiliate you or him. That’s not going to turn out the way you hoped if that happens. If you are trying to make a Libra man jealous, be sure you are ready to be in a relationship with him. If you succeed and make him jealous, he may want you to be his girlfriend, so be prepared.

Now that you know a bit more about a Libra man and how to make a Libra man jealous, you should make certain that you could be happy in love with Mr. Right. Is this relationship the one you want to be in? Don’t try to make him jealous if you don’t see a future right away with him. Making a Libra jealous may end up with him being in love with you. Are you ready for that?

Signs Your Libra Man Is Now Jealous

If you get Libra men jealous, you may first see them as quiet and shy because Libra men don’t lash out in anger right away or anything like that. You may feel like he isn’t jealous at all because he doesn’t react the same as other guys do. One thing you can count on with a jealous Libra man is his silence; he may be at a loss for words if you engage with him.

If you have made a Libra man jealous, there’s a good chance he will try to rush things with you and get you to come back with him or start a new relationship with him. If you are interested or if that was your goal, you should let him know that you are ready for a relationship. If you aren’t looking for a committed partnership, why are you trying to make him jealous?

When making a Libra jealous, you may see that he can make you jealous in just the same way you did him. If you feel like this is unfair, let him know that you want to have something real with him - a serious relationship. It’s best to just be honest about how you feel rather than playing games with his heart. As mentioned, he won’t take it nicely if he thinks that’s what you’ve done.


Do Libras get over their exes?

A Libra man avoids fighting with his partner, so if you’re an ex to a Libra man, he may not want you back because you are a source of conflict and pain. If you are trying to win him back, making him jealous isn’t the way to go.

How do you get a Libra’s attention?

One way you can get and keep the attention of a Libra is to look really pretty and act the same. You want to behave in a way that puts the best light on you. Don’t be hateful or mean when you talk about others; be kind-hearted.

What do Libras find attractive?

To get the attention of a Libra guy, show off your beautiful soul in everything you do. Learn to have a high degree of emotional intelligence, where you are in touch with your feelings and emotions and keep your cool in difficult situations; you must also relate to others well. 

Who is Libra's soul mate?

The soulmate for a Libra is someone who can resolve conflict in a reasonable way, a person who is able to relate to the emotions of others well - someone with a high level of emotional intelligence. He needs a good listener, too, someone who values his contributions in life.

Do Libras fall in love quickly?

No, Libra men do not just jump into relationships because they don’t hand over their hearts easily. They want to be with someone who values peace and harmony in life in the same way that he does; Libra men hate fighting and arguing. When they love, they do so wholeheartedly.

To Sum Things Up…

Do you have a Libra man in your life? Is he jealous and possessive, or do you just want to make him jealous for another reason? Is he trying to make you jealous right now? I’d love to hear all about your experience. Please comment, and share this blog post!

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