30 Easy Ways to Get A Libra Jealous with You

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Sometimes when you want to get close to someone, you do all the crazy things that you think will make them love you. But sometimes the way to make them love you is the thing that makes them angry.

Making someone jealous can be really effective when done in a good way, especially when you do it to a Libra. Here are the sneaky ways to get a Libra jealous that makes them want to get you more and more ;

  1. Be Active At Your Phone

Being active at your phone especially your social media is the first step to making a Libra show the  Signs That Your Friend is Jealous Of Your Relationship

  1. Stop Texting Them Bit By Bit

When you stop texting them bit by bit they start to feel the loss of your presence and they start wanting to know why you do this.

  1. Do Not Engage To Them In Social Media

The trick is to not ignore them completely but to limit your engagement to them in social media. This makes a great seduction action.

  1. Interact With Someone Else In Social Media

put a target on who you want to interact to more in social media so your attempt to make them jealous doesn’t look desperate.

  1. Post Photos With Other People In Social Media

Use photos that shows closeness, happiness, and intimacy. This really makes a person get jealous towards you.

  1. Show Your Support To Other People

A Libra relies on support. When you take away that support and direct it to someone else, you can succesfully make them jealous.

  1. Minimize Meetings With Them

When you minimize the encounter with them, you are making them show the Signs That He is Jealous of You with Another Guy more and more !

  1. Don’t Be Too Available For Them

Show that you are busy. Just don’t look like your life is empty and that you are too available for them.

  1. Don’t Budge When They Try To Make You Jealous

If they ever try to make you jealous in reply, don’t come running back to them right away. This will put down your every effort.

  1. Don’t See How They Are Physically Seducing You

A Libra’s move is to physically seduce you. As much as you want to be with them, you shouldn’t budge when they do that.

  1. Try To Be Physically Intimate With Someone Else

Show the Physical Signs A Woman Likes You Like Crazy, not to them but to someone else. Don’t seem rushed, just be slow in this.

  1. Laugh When Someone Else Talk

Laughing shows how you are happy when you interact with someone else. This will surely make them feel like they are missing out.

  1. Show Your Concern To Someone Else

Show that you are concerned deeply about someone else just because you really care for them as a person.

  1. Talk About Someone Else Kindly And Passionately

When you talk about other people kindly and passionately, you make Libra wonder why you are not talking about them that way

  1. Eye Someone Else

Play with your eyes and direct it to someone else. Gaze softly at them and make sure that a Libra is watching. 

  1. Smile When Seeing Someone Else

Smiling shows the  Signs You Are Falling in Love with Someone which can make a Libra suspicious.

  1. Don’t Ask How They Feel About You

Asking about this makes them feel like they are dominant and they have every right to play you.

  1. Don’t Praise Them Too Much

The effective ways on ways to get a Libra jealous is to not praise them too much even though there are so many impressive things from them.

  1. Don’t Buy To Every One Of Their Story

Reacting a lot to every one of their story will just give them the satisfaction.

  1. Show Only A Friendly Kindness To Them

Only show a friendly kindness with them which makes them wondering and jealous.

More Ways To Make A Libra Want You More

Making someone jealous can be the only way to make them angry but make them want to chase you more and more. This is why you need to do these ways to make a Libra want you more ;

  1. Keep Your Feelings To Yourself

If you feel the Signs She is Into Me or Signs That A Boy Has A Crush On You, don’t ever show it to them because it will make them stop chasing you.

  1. Don’t Respond To Their Flirtation

Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush will come your way but you shouldn’t respond.

  1. Do All These Patiently

It will take  a long time, so be patient. 

  1. Never Beg For Their Love

Begging makes you lose in the first place.

  1. Get Your Life Together

Once they see that your life is put together, they will want you even more.

  1. Look or Be Happy Without Them

When they see how independent you are, chasing you will be even more desirable.

Signs That A Libra Is Jealous

Do you want to know if your effort to make them jealous actually makes them jealous or just makes them mad? Here are the satisfactory signs that a Libra is jealous because of your effort ;

  1. They Will Be A Little Quiet To You First

Being quiet is normal because what they are doing is trying to be calm and supress their feelings.

  1. Anger Will Be Lashed Out On You

They will be a little angry at you but don’t react emotionally.

  1. Wanting To Know More About You

After the negative period is over, they will want to know more about you and their approach to you will be different.

  1. Showing That They Really Love You Through Action

They will show the Ways to Say I Love You without Saying I Love You

A Libra is someone that is hard to get but isn’t it better to make them chase you? Well you definitely can when you do the ways to get a Libra jealous. Because of that you will see that a Libra will start to chase you and show that they love you