What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Makes Excuses Not To See You

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There must be some unpleasant thing when you’re relationship is going to the wrong way. Some relationship has wrong from the beginning, but some of them are going downhill at some point. A relationship becomes unhealthy when a person feels uneasy towards the other. It could happen when your boyfriend has endless excuse not to see you.

Once or twice you are understandable but he always has something going on when you ask him to meet. Like he is avoiding you on purpose. Then what does it mean when your boyfriend makes excuses not to see you?


What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Makes Excuses Not To See You?

It’s ridiculous to ask him to free his time every weekend for you. At least give him some space for himself. But it can’t happen the whole time, where he doesn’t want (or can’t, in his words) to see you. The worst is when he has agreed to meet you but days or hours before the time he suddenly cancels it.

Little by little, your relationship will be fulfilling all the Characteristic of a Healthy and Unhealthy Relationship with him. If you let things going on like this, your relationship will be toxic for both of you. Now let’s understand what does it mean when your boyfriend makes excuses not to see you?

1. He Doesn't Want To See You

he doesn't want to see you

Yes, it hurts but it’s as simple as it is. He just doesn’t want to see you, that is why he made excuses not to. This is why spaces are important in a relationship. When he’s tired of you, he needs to revive the love again by separating for a while. When he has done with himself, he would be back to his usual self. Just give him some time.

2. He Has Another Appointment

If he cancels the date with you last minute, it could be that he has some urgent matters coming. Or if he rejects the date from a week ago, he may have prior engagement that can’t be cancelled. Be understanding as a girlfriend and not suspect him with the entire negative thing. You should be supportive instead.

3. He's Too Busy

His world doesn’t revolve around you and he has many other things to do. When he is too busy, he won’t have time to see you and it’s not like he is making excuses. His schedule won’t allow him to, and cancels them only for your sake doesn’t make any sense.

4. He Could Be Cheating

This is what could actually happen when he makes excuses too many times. It‘s okay when he said he have to work overtime last weekend, but did he really working overtime every weekend? Something’s fishy, right? But you must collect solid proofs after seeing the Clear Signs Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You in Relationship.

5. You Make Him Uncomfortable

Be a good friend that he always wants to keep by his side. Stop complaining, stop causing unnecessary fight, and start to love him more so that he feels comfortable in your presence. You need to reflect on yourself, since he could avoid you for he feels annoyed.

6. You Annoy Him Much

When he makes excuses not to see you, it means he is starting to ignore you. Maybe you’re too annoying for him. Yes, he can get annoyed by his own girlfriend. Don’t let it happen or else you’ll break up. Finding the ways How to Get My Ex Boyfriend Back When He’s Ignoring Me is pretty hard, you know.

7. He Wants To Break Up With You

Such a cowardly act from a coward jerk. He wants to break up with you he’s such a coward that he can’t say it to your face. Instead, he is avoiding and somehow makes you understand that he wants a break up. Go break up with him since this kind of guy doesn’t deserve you at all.

8. He Doesn't Love You Anymore

he doesn't love you anymore

He wants a break up because he doesn’t love you anymore. Making excuses not to see you is the initial Signs That He is Falling Out of Love with You. It’s very heartbreaking but this is what most of men does when he no longer has a feeling for his girlfriend.

9. You Need To Leave Him For Good

What’s the point of clinging onto someone who doesn’t want to be with you anymore. Him making excuses not to see you has said enough, right? If he wants to separate from you, then leave him. Don’t make him dumped you. You’re too good for him and you gonna find someone who will love you better. In fact, there are many Reasons Why You Don’t Need Boyfriend to be Happy

10. Too Much Negative Vibes Around You

Do you know that smile and happiness is contagious? It’s why most people fall in love easily with someone who looks cheerful. And for those who are full with negative vibes, you’d better stay away. So starting from now on, be more cheerful and stop bringing negative vibes to him.

11. He Is Depressed

He may have this vulnerable side he doesn’t want to show you. Not for another reasons, he is depressed. So much problem lately and he wants to solve them on his own. Maybe you won’t mind to get through it together, but he only wants you to see the best part of him.

12. He Feels He Has Spend His Time With You Too Much

Shortly, he needs a space. Don’t wait until he makes excuses to have his own space. Give him time to hang out with his friends or doing anything he likes. Don’t be afraid that he might run away, but he will be thankful and love you even more for being an understanding girlfriend.

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