How to Kiss Perfectly Step by Step For Beginners (Kissing Tutorials)

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There are so many things that we can do to express our feelings to someone we love. And different people will have different ways to express their love feelings to someone they love. When it comes to love and the expression of loving, we will know that there is one action that is so close with these two things.

And that thing is an act of kissing someone we love. Even since we were just a kid, our parents love to kiss our cheeks as a way to show how much they love us. The same thing also applied within a relationship. There is a also a scientific benefits that we can receive from kissing.

But, what we can feel more is the psychological benefits where we will feel safe, happy, and loved. Of course we want to give this feelings to someone we love especially our partner. So, if you still don't know or basically confused on how to kiss perfectly step by step for beginners, I will give you some basic rule for it. Here are some.

  • Know whether he is kissable or not

What you need to know first is to know whether your partner is kissable or not. What I meant here is that you need to know whether your partner want to do a kiss with you or he might uphold some values.

  • Stay calm

The first thing on how to kiss perfectly step by step for beginners is to shape your mindset first. Do not think that just because you never did it before, you will make your first kiss become a disaster which will disappointed your partner.

Please let go this kind of mindset. Because your partner will surely choose you for who you are and it is more than a kiss that made him falling love with you. And if you think that your partner choose you to be his partner just because of your appearance or how good the way you kiss, please leave him.

Because you are in a toxic relationship with someone who is not loving you whole heartedly. The most important thing is to know the ways to love yourself and be happy with the world, love yourself first. Just stay calm because if you are not trying to manage yourself to stay calm, you surely can ruin it. This is also the very basic and the first tips on how to kiss your boyfriend for the first time when you're 13.

  • Take your time and make moments

Secondly, you don't need to worry on how long the kiss will last. Because of course it will be different to one person to another Just like after you know how to kiss someone on the cheek without it being awkward, you will know the appropriate time to do the kiss which is quite quick and not too long.

After you know the time allocation needed to kiss your partner later on, or simply do it directly and not thinking too much about the timing, you need to make your moment together. Of course you will not be able to kiss your partner when both of you are enjoying action movies which make you feel the tense ambiance created by the movie.

Make sure you make that romantic moment together starting with a deep conversation for example. This will help you to make an unforgettable first kiss for both of you.    

  • Let it go with the flow

What is important is that you may find out all information you need on how you need to make the lips movement and so on. But, what is more important is that how you can learn it through your own experience. Just because you see most people prefer to do a french kiss, does not mean that this type of kissing will work for you and your partner.

Just try to figure it out together. And after you have your own kind of kissing, this will become the first ways to kiss your boyfriend that will drive him crazy. Make it authentic!

So this is the end on how to kiss perfectly step by step for beginners. Practice will make it better. And do remember that imperfection makes it perfect!

Thank you for reading this article. Hopefully after you read this article you will know that you shouldn't worry to much about yourself. Trust the practice because it will help us to get better. Also, please find out another interesting article that is still related to love and relationship such as signs of incompatibility in relationship with your partner.

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