How to Tell If A Gemini Has Lost Interest in You and Want to Leave

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The Gemini (May 21- June 21) is the famous Twins of the zodiac. They are often described to have two very different sides of themselves. Geminis are born to seek excitement. Easily curious in everything and everyone around them, can they ever lose that interest?

How to Tell If A Gemini Has Lost Interest in You

Geminis can indeed become uninterested in people. It happens all the time. Keep an eye out for these signs that show how they’ve lost interest in you:

1. Boring Conversations

Gemini is one of the most active zodiacs out there. They are into everything. Basically, a Gemini feeds off their own interests. They love to talk about any topics that interest them at the moment. A great conversation with a Gemini is expected. But once they lose interest in you, the talks turn boring. A Gemini will seem uninterested and lazy to converse with you.

It’s so important to have a great knowledge on a variety of topics when you’re dealing with a Gemini. That way you can have fun talking to them. It’s also the answer to How to Make a Gemini Man Loves You Forever.

2. Stops Asking Questions

How to tell if a Gemini has lost interest in you? A gemini can turn into a very curious person. They don’t just ask superficial questions, they can dig deep. Asking about life goals, expectations, future plans and thoughts about the world are normal to a Gemini. They want to figure you out. Once a Gemini stops asking questions then something is very wrong. Most importantly, it’s probably because they just don’t feel interested in you anymore.

3. Becomes Quieter

It’s highly unusual for a Gemini to be quiet. By now, you should know that they live their life through conversations. If a Gemini is quiet around you then that’s a bad sign. They won’t ever run out of topic unless they are really bored with interacting with you. No matter what you do to liven up the conversation, it won’t work.

4. Acts Restless

Sometimes, a Gemini can become restless. It often shows that they’re either bored or nervous around you. A Gemini will find it very difficult to hide their restlessness around you. They become so bored that they wish to be somewhere else. Somewhere where they can get more stimulation for their interests. Learn more about the Signs of Gemini Characteristic Personality Traits.

5. Moves On to Someone Else

One very obvious way to tell if a Gemini has lost interest in you is if they move on to someone else. Either it’s in a friendship or a romantic relationship. A Gemini will find someone else that they are more interested in. They are sometimes known to leave people behind like that.

6. Cheats on You

This will be a very hurtful thing that a Gemini can do in a romantic relationship because they have lost interest in you. A Gemini won’t give a second thought to this because they will always find someone else that can give them what they want. Will they feel the guilt? Maybe. But what they care most is moving on to the next thing that won’t bore them. 

7. Acts Like a Completely Different Person

It’s always surprising to see a sudden change of behaviour in a person. You wonder if the Gemini that you meet today is the same person as yesterday. They were so charming and warm to you. But now they’re giving you the cold shoulders. With no explanation needed, you know that they’ve lost interest in you.

8. Stops Replying to Texts or Calls

A Gemini will no longer respond to your texts nor your calls. They won’t think that it’s necessary to do any of those things. You’re not important to them anymore. Don’t be taken aback if they leave you on read, reject your calls or reply back to you days later. But if you’ve done something bad then these are the Ways to Apologize to a Gemini.

9. Ignores You

No matter how hard you try to reach out them, a Gemini will still ignore you. They will find it easy to leave you behind as you mean nothing to them anymore. Even if you happen to meet them at a particular place, they won’t spend a minute talking to you. They’ll find it best to walk away immediately.

10. Complains a Lot

One of Gemini’s pet peeves is people who complain. But it’s what exactly they will do to around a person that they have no interest with. They will somehow make unnecessary complains about anything. It’s actually one of their tricks to make you leave so they won’t have to deal with you anymore. 

11. Picks on Your Weaknesses

Other than the insistent complaining, a Gemini won’t be afraid to pick on your weaknesses either. It’s one of the Signs a Gemini Hates You . They may say that you’re just too lazy. A Gemini may also make it clear that they are unhappy at the fact that you’re not critical enough like them. They will always see the flaws in you and make sure that you know.

12. Leaves You Hanging

To tell if a Gemini has lost interest in you, you just have to see how they act eventually. It’s not an odd thing for a Gemini to disappear from you. They will leave you hanging with no explanation. The Reasons Why Geminis are Hard to Understand are that they need space and time alone. They will take as much time as they want without caring too much about you.

Other Things to Look Out for in an Uninterested Gemini

Below are more signs that should tell you when a Gemini has completely lost their interest in you:

  1. A Gemini will stop to have fun activities together with you.
  2. They will say that they’re too busy to do anything.
  3. You will feel that they no longer have any concerns for you.
  4. You will stop being their first priority.
  5. They will keep things to themselves and no longer be open with you.

Not all Geminis act in the same way but these signs can be your general guide. They may help you understand why they act a certain way towards you this whole time and find closure.