How To Get A Gemini Man To Stop Ignoring You

Last updated on April 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Why is your Gemini man ignoring you? You’ve done everything you can but he’s still not paying the slightest attention to you. It’s time to use a different strategy and apply these tips when he’s around:


1. Act Sexy And Mysterious

The first thing to do on how to get a Gemini man to stop ignoring you is to act sexy and mysterious.

This will immediately grab his attention. He is intrigued by someone he can’t fully figure out yet. That’s already sexy enough for him. Know more on What Qualities Does A Gemini Man Look For in A Woman.

2. Blend In With People

blend in with people

The Gemini man is really good at adapting to social situations. He can’t stand it when someone chooses to stick out like a sore thumb.

It’s better if you can blend in with people in a party or other social events.

3. Have A Chill Personality

What bothers a Gemini man and makes him ignore you is your intensity. Try to display a chill attitude. A Gemini man likes it when a woman has a relaxed and calm demeanor.

Being too intense will have him run the other way. Here are other Things You Need to Know Before You Date A Gemini.

4. Take Him Out For Some Fun

What you can also do to get a Gemini man to stop ignoring you is to take him out for some fun. Go bungee jumping or ride a rollercoaster together. A Gemini man is always up for the extremes.

Adventures attract him. Being too stagnant or boring will make him want to hang out with someone else.

5. Let Him Have His Own Time

Most psychologists agree that having your own space and time alone is beneficial for mental health.

A Gemini man applies this to his daily life. He doesn’t like it when a woman keeps pestering him every day. He needs space to do his own thing too.

6. Tone Down Your Jealousy

Your jealousy can push a Gemini man to ignore you without a second thought. He hates it.

It’s something that he doesn’t find attractive at all. However, if you are easily jealous, try to find ways to tone it down a bit.

7. Be Confident

Another tip on how to get a Gemini man to stop ignoring you is to be confident. Lots of dating coaches agree that men find confidence attractive. It’s a quality that they would like to see more in women.

A Gemini man tends to ignore people who display insecurity. That trait doesn’t appeal to him. Get to know What Is The Most Compatible Sign for Gemini Man and if your traits suit him.

8. Show Him What You’re Good At

show him what you're good at

Are you good at playing tennis or making a perfect score at bowling? No matter what you’re good at, show it to him.

A Gemini man likes his woman to be intelligent. Let him see your amazing skills and be mesmerized by it. He won’t ignore you anymore.

9. Avoid Playing Mind Games

Let go of the idea about playing mind games with a Gemini man. There’s a huge chance that it will only make him want to ignore you even more.

A Gemini man thinks that it’s such a waste of time to play mind games with women. Here's How to Make a Gemini Man Loves You  forever.

10. Don’t Be Too High Maintenance

This is also how to get a Gemini man to stop ignoring you. Don’t be too high maintenance.

A Gemini man can’t handle that. If you can’t stop, at least don’t force him to take care of single things that you do or own. Show a bit of independence so you won’t scare him away.

11. Be Optimistic

Optimism is attractive to a Gemini man. He thinks that it’s a great mindset to have.

Stop being so negative because that will only make him ignore you. Put out a positive persona. He’ll start noticing you right away.

12. Have A Passion In Your Life

Is there something that you’re passionate about in your life? Let your Gemini man know that. Allow him to see that you are doing something that’s meaningful to you.

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13. Be Gentle

be gentle

This last tip on how to get a Gemini man to stop ignoring you lies on your attitude.

Be gentle when you’re with your Gemini man. Don’t shout or say rude things around him. Particularly when they’re not even necessary.

Now you know what to do to make a Gemini man to truly see you. No more heartache about being ignored because you’ll have him wrapped around your finger very soon.

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