How to Make a Gemini Man Loves You Forever and Ever

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Gemini man said to be one of the best lover out there. Their dazzling personality makes woman easily attached to them, and soon wanting them to be their man. There are many Ways to Make a Gemini Man Falling in Love, and once you did soon you will want to know ho to make a Gemini man loves you forever. Because you simply don't want to lose his love.

How to Make a Gemini Man Loves You Forever

Stealing the heart of a Gemini man that he grows on you is indeed an achievement. So you only have to be better to make him love you constantly until forever. Some of the tricks below may help.

1. Give Him His Freedom

Gemini man is a free man. He valued freedom highly and he never want a relationship that steals away his freedom. Be understanding of this and let him have his freedom. Don't worry if he might cheat on you because he's not. Gemini man is a loyal lover.

2. Don't Pin Him Down

He doesn't like to be controlled nor being pinned down. Don't try to tell him not doing this or that, bossing him around because you fell that he is yours. If you do this, soon you will se the Signs Gemini Lost Interest with You. Being bossy to him means you're pushing him away.

3. Make Him Laugh

Gemini man is fun and he knows how to enjoy life to the full. Don't expect him to be interested in a lover who is too serious and never have a laugh in her life. In fact, you have to make him laugh. Maybe not all the time but enough to keep him excited and entertained.

4. Be Fun and Spontaneous

It's why dating a Gemini man is very interesting. He knows How to Lead a Happy and Peaceful Life in a Simple Way, by adding spontaneity in his life. He never fear to try new things, take risks, and go on a new adventure. You will be really happy with this adventurous side of him.

5. Let Him Take Time to Open Up

Everyone want their lover to open up to them. Unfortunately not anyone can open up in short period time after dating. And Gemini man is one of them. You don't need to force him open by continuously dig about his deepest secrets. In time he will open up to you when he thinks you are trustworthy enough.

6. Blend with His Social Circle

He is one sociable man. If there is a celebrity in zodiac world, then it's a Gemini. As much as he loves his friends, you should blend in too. Don't act like you're hating his friends because he could choose them over you. Of course it's the last you'd want.

7. Give Him Some Time Alone

Not only he want his freedom, but your Gemini man needs a lot of spaces too. He wished you can give him some time alone for him to grow. Yes he needs to gather himself and reflect. Don't take it to too personally when he said he wants to be alone. It actually has nothing to do with you.

8. Trust and Share with Him

This is also important if you want to make the ways on how to make a Gemini man loves you forever. Give your trust o him. It doesn't matter if you have to be the first to it, so that he knows he can entrust his secrets to you. Also, in his eyes you have all the signs she is a girlfriend material he's been looking for.

9. Tell Him What You Want

Gemini man values honesty in a relationship. He'd like to share his vision with you and he expects you to open up with him about anything you want. Not just sending signals and wait for him to understand. It's his thing really.

10. Be Honest with Him

As said before, he values honesty. Once he caught you in a lie, he won't be trusting you again. Be careful with this because for a Gemini, a naked truth is better than a best dressed lie.

Lists of Gemini Man Personality

To love a Gemini, you have to find the Signs of Gemini Characteristic Personality Traits like below:

  • Enthusiastic - Gemini man is very, very enthusiastic as a person. He always excited to do something new and open up to new experiences as well. His enthusiastic must one of the things that make you fall for him, since he seemed to be enthusiastic in wanting to know you better.
  • Intellectual - Be thankful for having a Gemini man in your life. He is a great problem solver and a deep thinker. He always comes up with the solutions you need.
  • Humorist - Who don't want a little laugh in life? Not a little, but a Gemini man will give you a lot of it. He knows how to laugh and enojy little things in life.
  • Flirty - Maybe you're not so fond or this one. Yes, Gemini is a big flirt. He enjoys being popular among girls when he doesn't have any serious intention towards them.
  • Energetic - Being with a Gemini man is always fun. He gives his best in everything he do and looks like he never runs out of energy. And it applied in many fields. Not only he's good at adventure, he doesn't mind to help you doing the house chores. And all round boyfriend material, isn't he?

To figure out how to make a Gemini man loves you forever, surely you have to understand his personality as well. It's good to do it by the suggestion of his zodiac sign but you must not forget the basic principal such as honesty, loyalty, and openness which are very important in a relationship.

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