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25 Cool Ways to Seduce a Gemini Woman in No Time

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Well, Gemini woman is a figure worthy to be reckoned to be a lover. However, before seducing her, you must know the reasons what makes a Gemini woman deserve to be your lover. The following below here is the personality of Gemini women you should know, boy before you know her further. Learn and understand her.


1.  A charismatic figure

Look at her, are you see the charm of her? Yup, her charismatic figure is a thing that stands out in the soul of Gemini woman from birth. That’s why she can catch other people’s heart. See also Signs of Gemini Characteristic

2. Has a full range of knowledge

You need to know the Gemini woman is a smart person, she has a full of knowledge that is wide and she always knows about many things. Everything that is an important thing or not she knows it as well as possible. Don’t you try to test her, okay?

3. Has high creativity

Not just a smart woman, Gemini is also a creative figure. She is able to do something different, from things that may seem ordinary to be something special. Gemini woman is very good at making a surprise that makes others impressed. Wanna try? See also Why Geminis are Hard to Understand

4. You will never get bored with it

Together with Gemini women, your life will always be filled with happiness. Why? Gemini, they have a great sense of humor and are able to turn on the atmosphere whenever and wherever.

5. Very interesting

Gemini woman is very interesting and unique, but it’s not because of its beautiful face. They love sharing with friends. For Gemini women sharing with friends will not make it short. Really a Gemini woman has an angelic heart, it’s true. See also Signs Gemini Man Fall in Love

6. Always loved by everyone

The goodness of Gemini woman makes her always loved by others including friends and her family. But sometimes the good of Gemini women is wrong because they treat everyone the same way. No wonder, sometimes Gemini women are used for bad things. Do not do this.

7. Curious

You will never know what the Gemini woman thinks. From the outside, you may think of her as a haughty figure. But believe me, she is an amazing figure. That’s why she always makes others curious.

8. Multitasking

Flexible is the word for a Gemini woman. At one time they were able to do several jobs at once. Her multitasking ability is no doubt because that’s what she is an independent figure.

9. Firm figure

Gemini women sometimes find it difficult to conclude an important decision. But do you know if the Gemini woman has made up his determination, his firmness cannot be shaken whatever it is.

10. A capable speaking ability

Together with Gemini women will never bore you. Whatever the topic of conversation they can answer it appropriately. Remember, she has a lot of knowledge, boy. Her capable of speaking ability is her weapon. 

The sign of the dream man of Gemini woman

Before knowing the ways to seduce a Gemini woman, you should know some of the following things below. Actually what kind of men that Gemini woman want? Are you one of her dream men? Immediately see this list of men who Gemini women want.

1. Intelligent man

Gemini woman is an intelligent figure, for that she also needs an intelligent man who is ready to talk about any topic.

2. Understanding

The figure of a romantic man and understanding also become the ideal man for Gemini women. Gemini women need someone who is able to understand her personality as well.

3. Family Man

A family is an important thing for the life of Gemini, for that Gemini woman always expect her dream man will love her family and put the family into a very important position.

4. Men who do not like to curb

Freedom, that’s what Gemini women want. If you want to have it do not ever curb it. Gemini woman knows how to put herself well. Once she thinks you’re the right man, she will not turn away from the others.  It is only you, boys.

5. Be patient man

Patience with Gemini women is important. Facing a Gemini woman like facing twins, who have multiple personalities. Gemini woman change of mood also often change. That’s why Gemini women need a patient man. See also Ways to Get a Geminis Attention

6. Handsome man

Gemini women are eager for men who look good-looking, ideal high and have a good body. Gemini woman always dreams a perfect man.

7. The man who can control the Gemini woman

Sometimes Gemini women can not control themselves especially if their mood often change. That’s why she needs a man who can be her controller, not a curb. 

How to seduce a Gemini woman

It’s time to find out the ways to seduce a Gemini woman. For those of you who can not wait, below here are the ways to seduce Gemini woman.

1. Keep your appearance

The first step to seduce a Gemini woman you need to keep up your looks. Make sure you always comb your hair, dress neatly and use fragrant. This is the first step to get her attention.

2. Seduce her with smart words

Flirting her with the usual love words, it is not the right way. Tempt her with something smart like talking about topics about their hobbies or her interests.

3. Do not rush

Give a little time to Gemini women. They always need a little time longer in their relationship. They do not want to rush into this.

4. You have to be patience

To melt the heart of a Gemini the key is patience. Slowly but surely this is what every Gemini woman wants.

5. Humorous Men

Make sure you have the same sense of humor with the Gemini woman. Make her laugh to giggle, please make her happy every time. See also Why Geminis Are The Best Lovers

6. Glad to be noticed

To capture her heart, notice her. Your gazes and smiles are the most powerful weapons for Gemini woman.

7. Show that you’re the right guy for him

Gemini woman is a doubter person, in her mind, she sometimes assumes that you are not the right man for her. So, you must show that you are a man who is able to lead and nurture her in a better direction for her future.

8. Give her a surprise

The last way, make her curious. Occasionally make a romantic surprise for her, such as making a special song for her or give her a romantic dinner.

Hopefully, 25 ways to seduce a Gemini woman above can help you how to seduce with the right way. With these, you can catch her heart as quickly as possible. Good luck.

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