16 Insane Signs Of Possessive Girl You Wouldn't Know

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Women usually like to pay attention to their partner and sometimes the attention become excessive. Possessive act actually is not only owned by men but also owned by women.  Sometimes, women can not distinguish which is the possessive and which side of attention. This possessiveness is usually not recognized by her. If you are a woman who has a male partner and he often complains to you because of your possessive nature then maybe your girlfriend's words are true.

Then, if you are a man who has girlfriend then recognize these signs so that you can find out if your girlfriend is included Possessive or Not. Meanwhile, to recognize the possessive act of it is a good idea you know the characteristics of the following possessive women:

1. Very Inquisitive

What's the signs of possessive girl? Yes, the first characteristic you may encounter in a possessive woman is an inquisitive one. She will usually always ask what his partner does each time and wants to be told. She will sulk if not told, she also tends to have the characteristics of protective boyfriend.

2. Always Stalking

Nowadays very easy to watch people through social media or better known as stalking or stalking. The possessive woman usually always check the wall of your facebook account or other things that concern her. She will immediately ask you if he asks things that are suspicious.

Attitudes like this often happen in the present where every activity we can see in social media but it's good that this is avoided because it is not a good courtship for the current generation and tend to make it impulsive and ignite the argument. But it might be just another Lovable Signs He is Fighting His Feelings for You.

3. Want To Know Your Secret

If you are a woman who is always suspicious of couples, your woman has possessive side. Usually, if the woman does not get an answer from the thing she asked, she will directly ask for a proof. For example, if she finds a female friend close to his partner then she may not hesitate to ask for your password. Indeed, that may be also the Indonesian Woman Characters.

However, usually she will feel reluctant but rest assured that a possessive woman also wants to have his partner's password despite not asking for it. If you encounter an insecure partner then you do not provide your password then your partner may be a possessive woman.

4.  Always Demanding

always demanding

A possessive woman will always want her partner's time always spent with her. She will sulk or be angry if she does not contact him or she will feel left out if the man goes to play or just chat with his male friend. She will never spend time with his partner enough for him. This kind of behavior can be the cause of faded couples love to the woman. That's the signs of possessive girl you need to deal with.

5.  Don't Give Free Time To Her Guy

If you are a woman and do not like your spouse to spend time with her friends without you, then you are a possessive woman. Your attitude like this can make it uncomfortable and could be this is the cause of your partner's faded love. It could show you the clear Differences Between Dating A Girl or A Woman.

6. Taking Role To Lead Her Guy

A possessive woman will not like it when a man talks to another woman even to a business friend. This feeling can make the woman act by prohibiting her partner from talking to another woman and not allowing her to interact without her knowledge. 

7. Over Jealousy

over jealousy

If you feel angry when your girlfriend likes or gives like on another woman's foro or comments it with sweet things even though you know they are just friends you can be a possessive woman. Avoiding excessive jealousy is also one way of avoiding problems with boyfriends.

8. Get Angry Easily

A possessive woman will usually get angry if you are late to reply to an sms or pick up the phone. If you memenumakn these signs on yourself then you could have contracted this possessive disease. Being nice and not saying words that can hurt a partner when angry is one way to keep the feelings of others.

9. Forced You To Save Her Photo In His Pocket

Although this trivial feature can be a sign that your girlfriend is a possessive woman. He wants everyone near you to know that you are his and he does not want to have another woman glance at you. This is one of his efforts so you never have a chance to be able to talk to other women who have not been a man you know.

10. Over Expressive

A possessive woman can be overly expressive to her partner. This you can see when you and your female partner get together with friends. She will show that you are her lover and try to make others feel that you are under her control and that no other woman can approach her. Although it is one way of expressing the affection of a spouse to the couple doing so in public is not good. Yet this is the ways on How to Tell if A Girl is Playing With Your Emotions.

11. Always Sends Useless Chats To Her Guy

Who does not like to pay attention especially men will be very happy if girlfriend always pay attention and send a message containing sweet words to you.

But if your girlfriend too often sends a sweet message that does not mean it could be he is a woman possessive. Actually this attitude shows that the couple is the true love but can make him upset. Although the goal is good but this is not one of the fun ways we love the girlfriend.

12. Rejected All Your-Ex

A possessive woman will try to keep her partner away from her past including the former. He does not hesitate to ask for your facebook account and block all your ex from friend list or he asks you to blatantly block them from your facebook. His excessive jealousy is the cause of his attitude. He is afraid if you are interested in getting back together with the former. 

13. Always Ask Useless Questions

always asks useless questions

Do you often ask your partner if he loves not knowing repeatedly? then it is a sign that you are a possessive woman. Asking unnecessary things over and over can be very disturbing to the man and cause his love to dwindle on you. This behavior can make the man upset or the cause of the girlfriend angry for no reason. 

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14. Doesn't Have So Many Friends

If you are aware of a possessive woman usually do not have many friends or happy to hang out with her friends because for her he would rather spend time with his partner. This attitude you can see clearly because every he will go out then he will invite you. Nonetheless a possessive woman may be a woman who also has the characteristics of a loyal lady to her partner.

15. Always Ask Something To Your Friends

A possessive woman not only wants to know to her partner she will also be curious to her friends. Often he will ask his friends whatever they are talking about him or if his partner knows other women. Whatever he will do in order to get information about his partner.

16. Always Feel Being Neglected

The feeling of being neglected will often occur in a possessive woman if he does not contact her for a while. She will feel that the man forgets her even though the man is at work or at rest. He loves to die (read the dangers of love die with his girlfriend) to his partner so that if he neglected a little it will hurt his equation.

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