Signs A Gemini Woman Is Jealous With You And Conflicts Small Things Sometimes

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Jealousy is a common thing in every love relationship, whether it's male or female. Jealous women will prioritize in feelings. Sometimes men do not recognize it if the woman is jealous.


Signs A Gemini Woman Is Jealous With You

It triggers a conflict in a relationship. Here are some characteristics of Gemini women who are jealous.

1. Silence

One of the jealous women is silent. If a woman really silences her boyfriend, it is a sign that she is jealous. If a man had ever considerd this trivial in relationships and If she can't hold it in silence, the gemini will be angry to her boyfriend. This certainly leads to cruel in relationships.

2. Putting A Frowning Face

putting a frowning face

A sullen face is a sign of a woman who is jealous, although a sullen face doesn't always show jealousy. The sullen face is usually bent or even a flat face. If this happens, it is better to ask the woman.

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3. Not Comfortable

Discomfort arises when talking with men friends or other women. If the woman is jealous then she shows discomfort when talking either through face, body language or others. 

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4. Like To Ask

What's the signs a Gemini woman is jealous with you? Gemini women who are easily jealous will often ask questions like "who is it?", "Where are you?", "What are you doing?" This does not mean disbelief but a form of momentary emotion and fear of loss that causes Gemini woman be jealous.

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If she often asks everything, it is a sign that she is curious and feels that her boyfriend is hiding something from her.

5. Switching Attention

Women who are jealous or sulking easily distract attention. They act pretend to be ignorant, Even though they really care others. It is better to maintain feelings and behavior to avoid a jealous.

6. Angry If There Is No News

If there is no news in active and intense daily life, then the woman will be angry. Gemini women can become angry when there is no news from her lover. This is usually a sign of jealousy because they feel that there are other women who love him. 

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7. Stalking Social Media

stalking social media

The jealous Gemini woman often stalks on her boyfriend's social media. He is usually stalking girl friends on social media. He will also browse each profile picture on social media. She does do to get information and fulfill his curiosity. 

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8. Comparing

If a woman likes to compare her boyfriend when she is dating, that is a sign that she is jealous again. They will often say that there is something different first dating and now. As a man, that doesn't need to be responded, just let it go, then it will calm down.

9. More Eating Or Not

When women are jealous psychologically, they will be hurt. The impact is that they will eat more and/ or not eating even though they feel hungry. They will feel there is something losing from their heart.

10. Crying

If a man sees a woman who suddenly cries, it indicates that the Gemini woman is jealous. Despite crying, the Gemini woman will never say why she is crying. A man who has a Gemini girlfriend must reflect on his own thoughts and ask to apologize to her.

11. Discussing The weaknesses

When Gemini women are jealous, they can discuss their own weaknesses and feel always lack a lot of things. This is because her self-confidence decreases. They may think that her boyfriend may be too close to other women.

12. Frequently Conflicts Small Things

frequently conflicts small things

Frequently fussing over small things and doubt is as the sign of gemini woman be jelaous. This is usually a woman very doubtful toward her confidence to her boyfriend. As a man, this does not need to be considered something heavy, just calm her mind, entertain her heart and reconcile her heart

13. Breaking Off

If Jealousy of Gemini woman has reached the maximum stage, it could be that the Gemini woman tries to break off her boyfriend. This is done so that her boyfriend is aware of what is done. But when she is calm, she could even cry because she realized that she had broken her relationship.That is what is the characteristic or signs a Gemini woman is jealous with you.

It would be better if a man did not follow the emotions and give understanding to Gemini woman. Every problem do not need to think to heavy, try to think calmly and solve the problem together by putting away ego. This is to make better relationship among them. Don’t forget to do reflection for ourselves before judging pothers. This is to improve ourselves in doing relationship with our love.

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