4 General Signs A Gemini Woman Is Jealous Of You Over Simple Things

Last updated on June 3, 2024 by Michelle Devani

People who were born on May 22nd - June 21st are under Gemini as their astrological sign. The symbol of Gemini is twins, and it is also depicted by Roman numeral II as its glyph that represents duality.

Gemini is one of most charming astrological signs. Not only full of charm, people of Gemini are also smart, quick witted and love mystery. Therefore, one way to intrigue a Gemini and one of many Ways to Get a Gemini's Attention is to be Mr. or Ms. Mysterious.

If you have succeeded conquering a Gemini woman's heart and want to know how your lover expresses her jealousy, then you have to keep reading since this article is going to tell you some signs a Gemini woman is jealous of you.


Signs A Gemini Woman Is Jealous Of You

To speak you the truth, Gemini rarely shows her jealousy. When she does, she does it in a very Gemini way, which is so subtle. Hence, unless you are a super sensitive person or you have a good radar that is able to sense her jealousy, the probability is you are not aware at all when she is being jealous.

Lucky for you, you do not need to decipher her behavior yourself when she gets jealous since this article provides a list which contains several signs a Gemini woman is jealous of you.

1. She Barely Talks To You

she barely talks to you

You must be aware when she suddenly barely talks to you. It is because as you may know, a Gemini woman is Ms. Chatty who is a social butterfly and a good talker. She is full of energy and has an endless topics to talk about.

Whether it is a light topic about how good the weather is or a heavy topic about how feminism can shape someone's perspective towards one's life, she will bring it just to keep the conversation going. There is no way you will be running out of topics whenever you are having a conversation with her, which is one of Reasons Why Gemini is Simply the Best.

She will not suddenly become so silent without a reason behind it. Of course there are many reasons why she all of sudden becomes Ms. Quiet. One of those possible reason is she is being jealous of you.

2. She Is Denying Her Jealousy

It is most likely impossible for a Gemini woman to express her jealousy so clearly since she can be fickle. She changes her object of interest and affection so easily. It is because her desire to seek an excitement is so big that is able to drive her to keep changing what she is fond of. Some people may find it hard to fathom. That's why this is one of Reasons Why Geminis are Hard to Understand.

Moreover to her, loving whomever or whatever is a form of freedom. That is why the jealousy she is feeling contradicts her freedom-loving nature. She treats jealousy as a weakness which she cannot express so easily. So when she feels it, she will be denying it. When you ask her directly if she is jealous, she will take it as a joke or change the topic so quickly. 

3. She Is Invading Your Privacy

This may sound not so Gemini, but a Gemini girl can be super possessive and jealous when she loves you so very much. Most of the time when her jealousy is so strong, she will become insecure and doubt your loyalty to her.

However, since she is a Gemini, she will try everything to prove that the jealousy inside her is just a mere silly feeling, and she is wrong to be insecure. One way to validate it, she will stalk your social medias, and borrow your phone to read your texts, chats and history calls. She as well will check all the pictures on your phone gallery.

4. She Tells You Her True Feeling

she tells you her true feeling

Not all Geminis try so hard to get jealous secretly. There are also some who will inform you right away when they are jealous. Your Gemini lover perhaps one of these kinds. She will honestly tell you when she feels envious. A Gemini girl, afterall, does not have problem when dealing with disagreement or argument in her relationship.

All she just wants sometimes is to bring all negative feelings that both of you feel towards each other out to open. She wants both of you to discuss them, so that you can get over with. That way, she hopes you and her can back to being a cute couple again. This makes one of Reasons Why Geminis are the Best Lovers.

Those are several signs a Gemini woman is jealous of you. Those signs might not be applicable to all Gemini women, since every Gemini girl has her own unique ways to express her jealousy. Therefore, the best way to know it is asking her directly if she is jealous of you or not.

After all, communication is important to keep us informed, including to know when a Gemini woman is jealous of us.

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