10 Magical Reasons Why Gemini is Simply The Best to Be With

Last updated on July 3, 2024 by Michelle Devani

You need to know that Gemini is simply the best for a relationship or friendship. First of all you need to know Gemini’s description such as Gemini dates on May 21 to June 21, Gemini signs is twins, Gemini Ruling Planet is Mercury, Gemini Element is water, Gemini positive traits are friendly, curious and happy.

If you have the opportunity to be friend with someone I suggest you to be friends with a Gemini because you will be very lucky. Perhaps, people always assume that Gemini is a deceitful person for obvious reasons, but that not true at all even though they are known for their high energy, people don’t know that they also like to be alone and reflect. I suggest you to read these reasons before you judge negatively on a Gemini person.

Here are the fourteen reasons why Gemini is simply the best especially for friendship:

  1. A Gemini friend will always keep you laughing

When you have a friend and he or she is a Gemini then thanks to God directly. Your Gemini friend will always make a joke that will make you laugh all of the time but they never mean to hurt you, so if your Gemini friend hurt you, you can ask him or her to talk privately and your Gemini friend will more than likely feel terrible for saying what she or he did. She or he will be apologize directly. More to know here about How to Tell if a Gemini Guy is Falling in Love with You

  1. A Gemini is unpredictable

Sometime a Gemini can do an unpredictable thing and be a weirdo to make people curious of what she or he doing. A Gemini will always maintain a sense of wonder and enthusiasm for everyone’s life. This trait makes will never make you feel bored all of the time because a Gemini can be full of surprises.

  1. Your guardian angel

If someone or a stranger hurt you. Your Gemini friend is the first person who will stand for you. Your Gemini friend will hate the person that hurt you, your Gemini friend will feel vengeance even if she or he didn’t hurt. A Gemini friend will be like your guardian angel. More to know here about Zodiac Signs That Are Compatible With A Gemini Woman

  1. No lies

A Gemini friend will tell you directly what he or she thinks. A Gemini friend has a lot of opinions and she or he is going to share it with you. A Gemini friend will honestly tell you of what he or she feels or thinks without any kind of filter or bullshit. That's the reasons why Gemini is simply the best to be with.

  1. A smart person

A Gemini is a smart person, a Gemini is a fast learner, well informed. A Gemini will do his or her research on a topic that interest him or her. So, if you have a Gemini friend, studying will be easier because his or her brain is like an internet. A  Gemini is multi-talented and artistic. More to know here about How to Make A Libra Man Fall in Love with A Gemini Woman

  1. Motivator

A Gemini friend is a motivator. More to know here about How to Make An Aquarius Woman Fall in Love with A Gemini Man.When you have a problem such as love problem your Gemini friend will be the motivator to picks you up on it instinctively even before you tell your problem. A Gemini always know what exactly to say to make someone feel better and are great at giving advice that really helpful.

  1. Wise

Not only a motivator but a Gemini is a wise person. A Gemini will see a problem on both sides like a coin. Seeing both of the sides in a problem will help you to see your problem in another perspective and understand where everyone comes from or think. So, it will help you to do the right things or to choose the best choice in your problem. 

  1. Adventurous

If your hobby is traveling then you have to be friend with a Gemini because he or she simply a perfect friend to be in an adventurous. They are the people who always suggesting trips every month, party or wildest game, so be prepared.

  1. Forgiving

A Gemini is a forgiving person, if you hurt him or her, she or he will directly forgive you but she or he will never forget it. She or he will remember when you hurt him or her for a lesson, not only for him or her but also for you. More to know here about Signs a Shy Gemini Man Likes You

  1. A Gemini is a lover

If your boyfriend or your girlfriend is a Gemini then don’t let him or her go. Because you will be so disappointed. A Gemini is a loyal person, a lover, intelligent person and a wise person. It is like a perfect partner to marry.

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