38 Clever Ways on How to Get a Girl in College to Notice You

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A lot of freshman in college are eager to date. Indeed, dating in college is different than one you had with your high school sweetheart. However, it's never easy for you to find the right person to date because there are just too many girls in college, and the sad truth is not all of them want you. You need all the useful College Dating Advice faor Freshman, so you know the right ways on how to get a girls in college to notice you.

Don't panic because it's all really easy and doable. And of course, all the ways how to get a girl in college to notice you are hardly fail.

1. Stop Making Her to Notice You

You may find this weird, but you should stop trying to make her to notice you. It's not the right Ways to Make a Girl Have a Crush On You. Instead of making yourself stand out, focus on things that can help you to stand out. She will be interested in things that you do, not things about you.

2. Be a Big Man

Make an achievement during your college life. Join a student club, be an athlete, or anything that makes you big. It will be easier for her to notice you if you are known by half of the campus. Work on some project or focus to your study to make sure that there will be some achievement to make her go wow on you.

3. Be the Center of Attention

No matter where you are, make yourself the center of attention. When you are walking the hallway between classes, greet everyone so that they drive their attention to you. But make sure she is in the crowd too. This way, there are no way she doesn't notice you.

4. Don't Look Hard to Approach

Don't act up too cool that makes her think you are someone hard to be approached. Be humble and down to earth because it's one of the good Ways to Get Closer to Your Crush. The more you look hard to be approached, the more she is away from you.

5. Make As Many Friends As Possible

Make yourself famous. Famous people get noticed easily. Walk in a situation where she is in, and make sure everyone is greeting you. Treat them as friends and she will notice you that way. Being social is really worth it.


More Ways to Make Her to Notice You

Let's look up at some more ways on how to get a girl in college to notice you:

  1. Be the center of attention wherever you go, especially when she's around.
  2. Dress rightly and look smart. Girls like guys who know how to dress himself well. It's actually their trick in one of the Ways to Make Your Crush to Notice You without Talking to Him.
  3. Make an eye contact with her every now and then.
  4. Make her curious about you.
  5. Brace yourself to say hello first. Don't be rush and giving her all the Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush.
  6. Approach her close friends but don't make impression you like the friend.
  7. Be confidence and don't be hesitate to look cool.
  8. In fact, look cool all the time.
  9. Keep appearing in the same place where usually at. It makes her easier to notice you.
  10. Bump into her in unexpected places outside the college.
  11. Don't look silly in front of her.
  12. Be someone who is worth to notice.
  13. If you are in the same class, be stand out among others.
  14. Try to take constant seat next to her.
  15. Have a pride in class as an intelligent student.
  16. Join a study group where she is already in it.
  17. Say hello to her before and after class.
  18. Talk about the lecture earlier with her.
  19. Ask her to study together.
  20. Shave yourself regularly.
  21. Appear neat and clean in front of her. 

She is Not Interested in You If She...

Your effort to get her notice you deserve a standing ovation. However, it's just her who choose not to notice you because she simply not interested in you. Look up at these signs below:

  1. You are the only one trying to communicate.
  2. Every conversation started and ended with you.
  3. Her response is not more that a word. Even a letter for "K".
  4. She told you that she is happy being a single.
  5. She doesn't talk that much with you.
  6. She is more flirty to other guy.
  7. Her friends told you she is not interested in you.
  8. She forgets about what you say.
  9. She even forget your face!
  10. All she cares about is her college.
  11. Your relationship show no progress after some time.
  12. She is never laugh on your joke.
  13. She tends to keep distance from you.
  14. She always has an excuse not to be with you.
  15. She keep talking about other guy with you.

Why Isn't She Interested in You?

It's not your fault that she doesn't reciprocate your feeling. But you must want to know at least the reasons why is she not interested in you. Here are probably the reasons:

  1. You are not worth enough to be noticed.
  2. You try too hard to get her notice you.
  3. She likes somebody else.
  4. You are not trying enough.
  5. She has her attention to other guy.
  6. You are not her type.
  7. She is tired of you.
  8. You are too annoying for her.
  9. She is sick of seeing you over and over again.
  10. Her friend likes you.
  11. She is dating someone else.
  12. She is not single.

So those are all the ways how to get a girl in college to notice you. Well, seems like you must try your best to get close to her. If you are trying hard enough, she will be in the mean time.

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