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25 Silent Signs That Your Girlfriend is Not Happy with You

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A lot of people say that a relationship needs two people. Well that is really true. You might feel happy and giddy in a relationship but have you ever think about your partner? What if she is only masking her sadness with happiness?


People fake their happiness a lot and it might happen to your relationship. She probably do this because she do not want to hurt you. But if you truly love her, you need to see if she have the signs that your girlfriend is not happy with you :

  1. She have a new obsession

Suddenly your girlfriend have a whole new obsession and it is definitely not you. This obsession is taking her whole time and space of mind so it seems that she does not think about you at all.

  1. She always needs space

After a little fight or even a little chat, she says that she needs some space. Even though needing space is normal, she needs a lot of space for a long time so it is safe to say that there is something wrong.

  1. She zone out whenever you are talking

Whenever you are talking with each other, it is supposed to be a lovely time. But she always zone out because she is thinking about something else. This is because she does not think that you are interesting. this is a clear signs that your girlfriend is not happy with you

  1. She gets mad at you easily

Her patience is short and limited. Every time you make a little mistake, even if it is a part of your character, she will get really mad. It is the kind of mad that is way exaggerated for a little mistake.

  1. She gives you silence all the time

With a lover sometimes silence feels comfortable,but not know. Right now the silence feels like she wants to pull away from you. This is a Signs That She’s Not Into You

  1. she reply to you contacting her in a long time

when she sees you in her phone notification, her heart drops down. This is because she feels this weird negativity towards you. She don’t want to be rude so she don’t reply to your text for a long time. Your girlfriend does not show the Signs That A Girl Likes You Through Texting

  1. she cuts conversation short

She cuts your conversation so that she does not have to hear you for a long time. Your talks does not matter to her and she feels like she is better off some place else.

  1. She cheats

This is really the sign that she is unhappy with the current relationship she have. She is seeking thrills from someone and because you do not provide that, she is turning her head to someone that have the Signs He’s Boyfriend Material

  1. She sticks to one topic in a conversation

She does not talk about herself or how the day went. She seem to stick to one topic only because she does not feel that it is necessary for her to talk about anything with someone she is not interested in.

  1. She hangs out with her friend a lot

Because she does not want to hang out with you, she choose to runaway by being with her girl friends. She does this way too many times and it is getting suspicious.

More ways to know that your girlfriend is unhappy with you

Here are more signs that your girlfriend is not happy with you:

  1. She does not spend quality time with you anymore – she seems to be gone all the time and you can’t spend time having fun together
  2. She is bitter around happy couple – happy couple makes her jealous so she acts weird around her
  3. She contacts her ex again – suddenly she is all over her old love. Maybe it is because she is bored with you
  4. She complains all the time –she complains about little things, it seems that she is filled with negativity
  5. She threatens to leave multiple times – she say that she wants to leave every time the relationship get a little bit bumpy. Your girlfriend say it to the part where it almost sound like she really want to
  6. She leaves fight unresolved – she do not bother trying to talk things through. Your girlfriend thinks that the relationship is not worth fighting for.
  7. She simply does not like your presence – she does not like you so she avoids you or try to spend time away from you as much as possible.
  8. She is physically distant – your girlfriend shows all the physical signs of being mad with someone. That signs are rolling her eyes, crossing her arms in front of her chest and many more.

Tips on what to do if she is not happy with you

  1. Reflect on what you have done – although this might sound unpleasant, you need to take a look to yourself and find out what is bothering her. It might be your new hobby or your mistakes. Anything could be the trigger. See if you have done something inconsiderate and insensitive to her.
  2. Talk to her – she will try to resist talking to you but you need to talk to her about what has been bothering her. Bring her to a private place where it is secluded so she feels safe and comfortable. Then ask her straight on about what makes her unhappy.
  3. Do not turn the talk into a fight – do not blame her or blame yourself. what you need to do right now is to listen to what she have to say.
  4. Make peace with the relationship being over – forgive her and forgive yourself for whatever happens in the relationship. It is time fro you to find the Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship

The signs that your girlfriend is not happy with you is hidden but you need to know it and do something about it!

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