How To Make A Libra Woman Obsessed With You (13 Brilliant Ways)

Last updated on May 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Is there a Libra woman in your life who you really want? 

Are you wondering if there's a unique way to appeal to a woman with this zodiac sign? 

Well, the answer is: YES there is!

There are a few male behaviors that Libra women love more than any other sign and I am excited to reveal them to you in this guide. 

First things first though, I want to reveal the #1 woman way to STOP women obsessing over you. 

This is the biggest mistake that men make to ruin any romantic connection they could have made with that absolute hottie. 

That mistake is: COMING ON TOO STRONG. 

When you do this, you make it far too awkward for women to flirt back with you. We love the “will we, won't we?" of flirting. The thrill of the chase. Most men kill it stone-dead.

Women HATE when you do that. Because now they feel like they can't pursue you anymore, even when they wanted to before!

That's why I want to share with you this awesome guide on how to consistently hit the 'sweet spot' when flirting. It will show you how to talk to women with just the right amount of intent. 

Your end result is that you can flirt with women in a way that compels them to spend more time with you. This guide is a godsend that will help you connect with women more easily. 

With that said, feel free to read on for my Libra-centric tips.


13 Ways To Handle The Situation

Attracting a Libra woman is usually not the hardest part of the equation, it’s keeping her. Many men struggle with knowing how to attract and sustain a stable relationship with their Libra women. 

When dealing with a woman born of the Libra zodiac, it is necessary to apply extreme caution on how you talk, respond, and behave around them. I have accurately identified and discussed 13 ways through which this headache can be addressed. 

1. Be Extremely Polite With Them

Make sure that all forms of behavior or words come off as nice, polite, and not aggressive. This is because women under the Libra Zodiac have difficulties dealing with heavy emotions, uncontrolled outbursts, and arguments since this Zodiac is an air sign. 

It should be known to you that Libra females have a generally peaceful way of life and will go out of their way to avoid wild and open confrontations. This being the case, it is more than likely that the Libra woman will expect you to talk things over with her calmly and nicely, rather than rudely, harshly, and impolitely. 

2. Be Good At Holding Conversations

be good at holding conversations

One tried and tested way to captivate the mind of a Libra woman is being good at conversation. The Libra woman is mostly known for having deep conversations with people of interest, she lives a life full of vibrance and wants to learn at every point. Hence, it won’t be out of place to assume that good communication is a priority for her. 

More so, it would be of great advantage if you were to have the features of a good listener. This is because Libra women love to clear their minds through bouncing ideas off a good listener. Giving your Libra woman a good listening ear while she vents on issues is a sure way to get her obsessed about you. 

3. Be Conscious Of Your Appearance

Although the Libra woman is emphatic about cognitive intelligence, good communication, and personality, there is still a place for physical attraction in her life. Keep in mind that Libra is one zodiac sign that makes an effort to surround herself with nice things, as well as beautiful people. 

If you intend to make a long-standing impression on your Libra woman, then you should be more conscious of your appearance. Looking good will get you where you need to be around these sets of women. 

4. Be Her Best Friend And Confidant

One of the most prolific ways to make a Libra woman fall in love with you is to be a close confidant and best friend. It is, however, certain that women born under the Libra sign rarely develop deep feelings for people who do not appear as close buddies. 

They often love to grow fond of a particular person before considering any emotional attachment. For them, living a life-time with a friend and lover is better than being in a relationship just for the physical benefits. 

This being the case, if you intend to seduce your Libra crush, then you should make yourself readily available for deep conversations, spending quality time with each other, and a lot of listening. 

5. Love Her Passionately

Compared to other zodiac signs, the Libra personality has a passion for whatever they do. In this case, Libra women tend to engage in any activity with lots of enthusiasm and passion. A Libra lady tends to fall in love more passionately than her peers, she is not one to keep things casual for long. 

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This means she will be massively thrilled and fascinated by a man who reciprocates such passion for her. As a man, you should ensure to give it all that you have when loving a Libra woman; this is a sure way to get her obsessing about you. 

6. Be Romantic

be romantic

There is hardly any woman on the surface of the earth that would resist a man with lots of romantic qualities. Women appreciate a man with a good sense of romance, both in public and private; Libra women are at the top of this appreciation pyramid. 

A Libra woman is by default a sensitive and ‘romantic’’ person and would always love and crave for a man with such good complementary qualities. 

7. Be Respectful

The Libra personality is a peace-loving being, they mirror the same in their love life. They do not find delight in engaging in loud and uncontrolled emotional outbursts; neither do they fancy aggressive exchange of words or arguments. 

This being the case, when dealing with a Libra personality, you should tread cautiously, so you don’t have them running off from you. Be respectful in all regards. A Libra woman would get more trusting and comfortable with you when she knows you treat her with high regard and respect. It is important to note that they can choose self-respect over love. 

8. Be Accommodating Of Her Shortcomings

A Libra personality, just like everyone else is not perfect; and, as such, is prone to mistakes. Her type of personality pushes her into flirting with many people, even though this does not necessarily mean that she’s after a long life commitment

She enjoys being chatty, flirty, and open with almost everyone, but she will be more attracted to a man who understands her unusual personality. If you hope to go far with a Libra woman, you should be able to accommodate such short-comings.

9. Do Not Be Selfish

Selfishness is a turn-off and a deal-breaker in any relationship. It’s one of those things in life no one wants to deal with. As a matter of fact, no lady will tolerate a selfish man; Libran women are at the top of this list. 

A Libra woman will run far away from you when she realizes that you are a selfish man. Their personality does not fit into selfishness at all as they are quite loving and generous themselves. If you intend to create a long-lasting impression on a Libra woman, you will have to do away with greed and selfishness; it turns them off. 

10. Be Honest

Honesty is a fundamental element to success in any business, company, or relationship. Love cannot thrive in a dishonest environment. A Libra woman appreciates an honest gesture of love, honest intentions, and feelings. 

You do not have to fake it to impress her. As a matter of fact, lies and deceit will only turn her off. If you intend to leave your Libra crush obsessing about you, it is eminent that you lead and portray a lifestyle of honesty and truth. 

11. Do Not Be Controlling

do not be controlling

As it is commonly said, attracting a Libra is easy, but keeping her is usually the hard part. A Libra woman, by default, is free and flirty. One may misinterpret this for being loose, however, it is imperative to note that women of this Zodiac are disciplined and self-controlled. They just have it in them to flirt and make new friends

Keeping a Libra woman is usually not so simple because you will have to deal with all of this drama. To effectively keep a Libra woman, it is recommended that you do not exercise or attempt to control her lifestyle. This will only make her feel caged and limited.

12. Give Her Attention

Every girl loves quality attention from her man, it’s one of those things in life. It is not rocket science that giving your woman lots of attention can leave her obsessing about you. 

When dealing with a Libra woman, spending quality time with her can go a long way to make her develop real feelings for you. However, it would help if you were careful enough to ensure that you maintain your good habit of respect, honesty, and calmness when spending time with her. 

13. Have A Good Personality

As it is commonly said, ‘Looks attract the eyes, but personality attracts the heart’. It would help if you endeavored to have a generally good personality. 

Libra women are more attracted to men with good personalities who can hold good and intelligent conversations. You should be able to make good judgments, discern what is right or wrong, not be temperamental, and be very understanding. 


How do you know if a Libra woman loves you? 

One of the signs to look out for if a Libra woman loves you is that she will most likely engage in long conversations with you. She will also seek your opinion on certain issues, and she will always try to look good around you, she will smile more often when she is with you and flirt shamelessly because she is now comfortable with you. 

How do you get a Libra woman’s attention?

Do not dare to limit her, be calm, cautious, and polite. Be respectful to her, be honest, have a good personality, be a good listener, and give her attention. Also do not be selfish, be her best friend and close confidant, and be romantic to her.

What is Libra woman attracted to? 

Libra women are more attracted to open-minded guys that act quickly on their feet. Keep in mind that the Libra woman is usually indecisive, and as such, needs a decisive man around her.

What are Libras turn-ons? 

Libras love to be flattered and complimented, they love people with great physical appearances, and they love a man with high mental capacity. A Libra is turned on by a man’s decisive qualities, as well as optimism in dark times. 

Where do Libras like to be touched? 

The buttocks have been identified as the key pleasure spot for a Libra woman. They love to be gently spanked on the butt by their loved ones. 

In A Nutshell

Many men struggle with knowing how to attract and sustain a stable relationship with their Libra women. I have accurately identified and discussed 13 ways through which this headache can be addressed. It would be best if you avoided uncontrolled anger or arguments, be nice, calm, and polite always, be a good listener, be romantic, don’t try to control her, and be honest and respectful. 

If you found this article helpful, feel free to share it with family and friends. 

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