How to Make a Libra Woman Obsessed with You

by Michelle Devani

Everyone can simply attracted to anyone. Once a man did, they will do everything to catch the woman's attention and make her obsessed. But to successfully do it, a man should know the characteristics of his crush, since it will do a big help! Knowing her zodiac sign is one of the best way.

How to Make a Libra Woman Obsessed

Some people are born under certain stars, and it does a lot with their personality. Some people believe in this while some people don't. The iconic just Libra woman desired fairness in her life. Ruled by the Venus, there are two things she would never cease to chase: love and beauty.

If you happen to be falling in love with a Libra woman and want to make her obsessed with you, you're on the right track since she is worth to fight for. Here are some ways on how to make a Libra woman obsessed:

1. Be fair

Her dreams for justice and fairness is real. This what a Libra woman sees in people. Show the fairness side of you by not making a fast judgement and try to be more objective. One of the best Characteristic of Libra Zodiac Sign is the dream to live fairly.

2. Don't be selfish

Get rid of all the selfishness in you. Greed is something that make a Libra woman lose her interest to someone. Give a fair share to others and don't feel like you're above others.

3. Flatter her

Flatter her

A Libra woman was born romantic. She is capable of making a fairy tale into real life, and she wish the same for her man. Flatter her by giving compliments and appreciation. From small things like how good she looks today or the big achievement she got in her life.

4. Ask about herself

She loves to express themselves and you should be able to accommodate it. Ask as many question as you could about her: her hobbies, her interest, her family. She appreciates this a lot because it shows how much you care about her.

5. Keep up with her social life

A Libra woman is highly sociable. Her calendar is filled up with parties, gatherings, and meet ups for, like, a week ahead. How to make a Libra woman obsessed is by keeping up with her social life.

6. Appeal to her art soul

Beauty is something a Libra highly appreciates. Try to take her to teh museum, art gallery, or exhibition. Let her marvel the beauty she finds there. You will be surprised yourself as she will become someone very romantic you could get smitten. It's a good Reasons Why You Should Date a Libra Girl.

7. Respect her

When a Libra woman is falling in love or obsessed with somebody, she will be willing to give all of herself to that person. It's a good but also a bad thing for her since her partner may abuse her. You have to be different, care about her instead of benefiting from her best quality.

8. Let her takes time to make decision

Sometimes it's not easy to wait for someone making a decision. But it's what Libra did. She can't be in a rush to make any decision. Not that she is full of doubt, she sees a problem from multiple point of view. Actually, this is the Wife Material Signs should be possessed by every woman.

9. Be romantic

As a Libra is a romantic person to the soul, you must be romantic to her too. She loves anything classics: flowers, chocolate, candle light dinner, and a bottle of wine. Make sure you never skip the good morning and good night texts.

10. Don't get jealous easily

Libra is kind, to all people. You will mistake her as flirting, but she is not. She wants to treat everyone just as fair. Don't budge and don't think about the Ways to Get a Libra Jealous for revenge. It's not that she intentionally do it.

Signs a Libra Woman Falls in Love

When a Libra woman is obsessed to you, it could be 100% guaranteed that she is falling in love with you. How could that be? Check out for the signs a Libra woman falls in love:

1. She opens up to you

She opens up to you

She seems to have many friends but it's not easy for a Libra to trust other easily. She only does with the one she truly cares about. Opens up mean she is not afraid to confront you because for her, you are worthy enough to fight for.

2. She will hesitate no more

A Libra woman was born indecisive and full of hesitation. But once she wants something, she will be clear about it and going forward with her feelings. You will see that her doubt is fading away slowly as she loves you more.

3. She will be settled

She is not afraid of change. Whenever change is necessary, she will do so. At some point, you may see her become settled and no longer looking for a change in her life. It's when you have reached a higher level in her life. She sees you as an important person she doesn't want to lose.

4. She shares her interest with you

In a Libra's head, thousands of things going on at the same time. If she wants to know you more and even better, she starts to share her interest with you. She recommends the movie she loves, her favorites books and exchanging ideas with you.

If a Libra woman is in love or obsessed to you, consider yourself as one of luckiest guy on Earth. A Libra is a devoted and romantic lover everyone wish to have. Make sure you treat her better.

Michelle Devani
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