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A Libra woman is an ambitious woman, resentful and gentle. Most women may be easily attracted to outward appearances, such as handsomeness, excluding the female libra. They will see a man of his kindness and his behavior. Indeed not all women have the same way of thinking, but the personality of a libra woman can be said to be a good personality.

If indeed his personality alone is good, how to make a libra woman crazy about you? let's see:


1. Approach Slowly

If you really like a libra woman and want to make her crazy about you, then the first step is to approach slowly. Libra actually does not like to get a feeling statement to the point because he will assume that you are weird or people suck. So approach the woman libra slowly and find out what she likes.

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2. Politeness


How to make a Libra woman crazy about you? Libra generally likes good manners. If you often meet the libra woman you like and run into her, make it a place to show her if you have a good attitude and she will love it. All that has to do with the good of attitude and behavior should be embedded in you because it is open only to be seen by the likes but also to be a good example in society.

3. Gentleman

You as a guy do not want to lose with the lady libra you want to make crazy. The purpose of the gentleman is good, so if you have a good heart please do not hesitate to do it anywhere because maybe when you feel the lady libra your dreams are not around you when she is always watching you.

4. Don't Play Hard

Not a few men who like to behave aggressively and feel that has what makes women feel if it is a crude act that you should avoid. Libra lady is very sensitive to unpleasant behavior, so you also have to start arranging attitude and plan to approach it so that she does not hate you.

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5. Maintaining The Dignity Of Women

A man will quickly become a woman's concern when able to think that a woman is a gentle creature who must be guarded of her rights and not all men think so that it can make a woman feel that you are a good person for applying that way of thinking.

6. Get To Know All His Friends

If it's just a friend maybe you'll think about what you know for all your friends. But here's the main point, you have the advantage to want and willing to know all your friends without reducing your respect for him. Remain to respect him as your friend first you know and his friends just so you can know just how the people you love live with them. That's how to make a Libra woman crazy about you. 

Signs That Your Libra Girl Is Into You

signs that your libra girl is into you

Here are some signs that you can show the results of your approach with women libra:

1. She Is Easily Embarrassed

If when you are new to her and she is ordinary with you even behave closer to you like her other friends then when she starts to feel ashamed when she was near you and when talking with you maybe she started to feel another feeling towards you. You may feel that your approach with libra women works well, but do not forget because you have not made her crazy just because she is embarrassed.

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2. A Bit Romantic

Her cold-spoken attitude and a little talk with someone she just met is not a strange thing because that's the nature of libra. You should be a little proud of your hard work toward libra women because if she likes what you do to her then she will not hesitate to be a little romantic or attention.

3. No More Fear When Approaching You

If at first you know she looks a bit distant, maybe because you are male and she is female, libra is also very concerned about sex differences as something that must be respected each other. But if she starts talking to you, no doubt to come to you it can be said that she started opening her heart to you.

Love Tips!

If you feel that what you have done like the above tips still makes you less sure, maybe you can follow some additional tips below. But if the above tips have been successful and make you sure, then you can defend. Here are some additional tips for you: 

1. Attention

Give your attention to the libra woman if she is around you. Do not hesitate to think of her as a good friend so you can all out in paying attention to her like a close friend. Give your attention to her but do not cross the line, you must remember that your goal is to make her like you, so do not forget that libra women do not like aggressive behavior because maybe she will direct unlike you.

2. Care

Everyone in trouble will definitely need someone to care for them and help them. Just like when you want to be liked by someone you like, do not let her feel that she is alone and no one who wants to accompany her moment slumped.

3. Not Apathetic

not apathetic

If you have apathy, sorry, you will not be glimpsed by libra. Libra are people who love to help each other, if you think to maintain your ego, better look for another woman. It will be useless if your struggle is not accompanied by sacrifice. Anything you want there will be something you have to change like nature or attitude so you can understand each other.

4. Support

The libra character should be understood and supported is one of the things you should know so that you can get along faster. Forget about your uncertainty because you have to try it to know where you will understand each other.

Those are some tips and signs of the libra woman you can see and notice. There is no need for force because love and love come from the heart and you as a man can only try and be sure.

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