Funny Ways To Ask For A Number On Tinder

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Tinder can be the place when stranger to stranger meet. If you match with them, you likely won’t make the first move yet it is important to start and it is up to you to send messages to ask for a date.

Therefore, you should be the one who begins the conversation with the person you matched with on Tinder. For making the possible date come true, first of all, you may want to know their number.

Here Are Ways To Ask For A Number On Tinder

However, if you use the usual line to get their number it might unsuccessful when you request for it. That's why you need to be creative before talk about what you ask to them.

Being funny can be a way to break the ice so it doesn't seem really serious yet you still mean it. To help you with that, here are ways to ask for a number on Tinder.

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1. Create A Game Out Of It

This is another ways to ask for a number on Tinder. When you already at that point you’re getting comfortable with this Tinder match, you can try to make a fun game with them.

Play some sort of game with them the messaging feature, for example, to figure out their sacred digits. This makes it more fun and understandable for you to try.

2. Use Emoji All The Way

use emoji all the way

Here are ways to ask for a number on Tinder. You can light up the conversation by using emojis because they are fun and cute at the same time.

Find the right emoji alongside the pickup line to ask for what you want which is their number. This basically makes your Tinder conversation more colorful, creative, and unique.

3. Be Cheesy

You may want to be cheesy, corny, and also funny to be successful get their number. This kind of ways always works on Tinder because it is unexpected to use a funny joke to make your match interested. You should learn this too Cheesy Ways to Get Your Arm Around a Girl.

4. Pretend To Be Shocked

Here are ways to ask for a number on Tinder. We give you this tricky and funny little idea to help you learn their number.

You can try to let them know that you are in shocked because your phone isn't working. They may response asking what happen or stuff. And within this very time, give a punch line that it's because their number wasn't on your contact.

They are as good as laughing all night long and even would give their number to you.

5. Be True

It isn't some extraordinary way to ask them but pretty good to try. Tell them a truth like what you can do when you know their number.

Really smooth and really funny for! But, it probably makes them curious and also interested to give you their number.

6. Ask For Emergency

You can tell them that their number is the same as the 911 because you want to call them when there is an emergency.

7. Jokes Upon Jokes

jokes upon jokes

Here are ways to ask for a number on Tinder. Fire with fire, jokes with jokes.

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It could be a quirky little way to get their numbers because it shows adoration for your match to get the number as well as a sturdy sense of humor that most people prefer in any relationship.

8. Offer To Be Their Delivery Man

Here are ways to ask for a number on Tinder. It is a win - win solution if they give you their number. Offer them that you would be their pizza man when they want to eat something.

9. Give Your Number First

Instead waiting for them giving their number, why don't you the one that give yours first?

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10. Tell Him You Will Uninstall Tinder

If you are already on the stage that they love talking to you, make sure they give you their number after that. Or maybe you should tell him that you'll probably uninstall the Tinder apps tonight.

Sign You Do It Good

Here are the sign they will give you their number after you do the ways to ask for a number on Tinder.

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1. They Don't Think You Are Weird

It just would freak someone out if you suddenly ask for their number. However, you do it right if they don't think you are such a weirdo.

2. They Response It Nicely

Not only that, they seems to be comfortable with your jokes.

3. They Laugh

They love your jokes! Probably after this they'll give you their number.

4. They Don't Leave The Chat

Some people might want to leave the conversation if you are doing that. But, if they didn't do it, then it is your chance!

5. They Give You The Digits

Finally it's here! You do a great job with the jokes.

More Tips When Asking For Number On Tinder

more tips when asking for number on tinder

Here are more tips when you want to ask for your Tinder match's number.

1. Don't Rush It

You don't want to scare them out by asking it on the first time you greet them, do you?

2. Be Extra, Or Don't

People aren't the same. You may want to be extra or not at all.

3. Look Up The Situation

If you know them for days, you can judge the situation before do the ways to ask for a number on Tinder.

4. Mean What You Ask

If you aren't going to call them, probably won't try to ask for her number. Only mean what you asking for.

5. Be Yourself

Usually, you'll go into the real date after asking for a number. That's why you need to be yourself so they won't find out that you are a boring person and just isn't the same guy on Tinder that was so funny.

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