How To Get Harry Styles To Notice You On Twitter (100% Worth The Try)

Last updated on April 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Harry Styles. Who in the world doesn’t know this English singer, actor, and songwriter whose voice can melt you away? Probably no one. But who wouldn't want to get noticed by him on Twitter? Definitely no one.

Everyone would dream that their favorite singer or actor could at least know that they exist, right? But the question is, is that possible? Well, nothing is impossible. If you can sort out and even try out how to get your Kpop idol to notice you on Instagram then it's also possible to try out for Harry Styles. Even getting noticed by Harry Styles is not impossible. However, this wouldn't happen if you don’t know how to get Harry Styles to notice you on twitter.

Try out these ways to at least get a chance of being noticed by this hot guy on Twitter:


1. Follow Everyone He's Following

follow everyone he's following

Well, it might be a bit tiring, trying to follow everyone who's following him. But of course that’s not too much of work for someone who really want to get noticed by this handsome singer.

If he follows the rest of the One Direction's members, you'd probably have followed them too, so at least that would help.

2. Like All Of His Tweets

When you like someone's post once or twice, that person might won't even notice that you're liking their posts. But if you like every tweets someone posts, then it would be hard for them not to notice you, does that make sense?

Make sure you don't miss out or leave any post unliked. He'll probably notice you one day, even if you don't realize it. You can also try this out as a way on how to get someone to notice you on Instagram without following them.

3. Be Quick And Responsive

Of course, you're not eyeing on his social media all the time, but you need to be quick. When he tweets something, you need to be the earliest to notice that. You can leave your trails by putting on comments and thumbs up so that he could see your account's name popping when he has just posted his tweet on twitter.

It's okay even if you are not that early all the time, but when you can, you really can't miss that chance out. How to get Taylor Swift to notice you on Instagram? If this is your very goal, you can also give a try on this wonderful method that will make you wonder at the result.

4. Write Sweet Comments

Just commenting in a very loud and annoying way might get you nowhere. How to get Harry Styles to notice you on twitter? It might be not as hard and complicated as you thought it is.

You don't have to scream, using caps lock and exclamation signs, if you know just how to put on comments. Write sweet comments that shows your sincerity for him. That would be great if he read that. This is something you can't do if you are wondering about how to get EXO notice you during their concert. But it's a big YES for you to try on twitter.

5. Be Active

When there's anything that he post, that's about world's affair or stuffs like that, try to pour out your opinion in an edgy way there. He might find the way your deliver your opinion attractive and definitely notice you in the end.

Don't just give comments that are meaningless or boring, you should also be opinionated and active there to get noticed by someone like Harry.

6. Post Something Interesting

post something interesting

Yes, we probably don't even know whether he'll be opening up our account or not. However, try to post interesting and valuable things on your twitter.

Make sure you set your profile picture on fleek as well. At least, this would increase your chance of getting noticed by your favorite singer, and if he does, he would probably decided to spend some time on your account.

A lot of times, we tend to wonder, how to make someone famous notice you on Instagram? Being noticed by a public figure on social media is definitely not an easy thing.

We all know this well enough, don't we? However, if you know just how to get harry styles to notice you on Twitter, then it will no longer be that hard. No matter how the result would be, whether that person you admire so much notice your or not, you definitely won't regret ever trying to reach them.

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