25 Obvious Signs He Is Not Ready For A Real Relationship With You

Last updated on March 30, 2024 by Michelle Devani

A real relationship makes you feel safe, comfortable in your own skin and you feel loved. Relationship are nice if you are with the right person. So right now, evaluate your relationship, is it going anywhere?

Of course all woman want a guy who is committed and want to have a future with her but not every woman is like that. Watch your step before you go into a relationship with these kinds of guys. So here are signs he is not ready for a real relationship:


1. He Does Not Want To Put A Label On The Relationship

You are friends, but you are more than friends, but then again you are not his girlfriend. Your guy does not want to put a label in the relationship because he still wants to be free to roam around to another girl.

2. He Loves The Chase

Guys who are not ready for a real relationship usually just love the thrill of the chase. Once he got you in his arm, he will let go to chase someone else.

3. You Are Not His Priority

He will not really care if you are having a problem and he will not come running if he needs your help. This is because this relationship with you is just a small insignificant part of his life and he doesn't care if he lose you.

4. He Talks About Short Term Plans

The biggest plan he could make is the next date and nothing more. He doesn’t think about a future with you because he is busy playing you. This is clearly not a sign of How to Know He Loves You Even When He Doesn't Say It.

5. He Does Not Include You In His Personal Life

You do not know his family or friends. This is a sign that your guy is not serious about you because he still thinks that you do not deserve to know him on a deeper level.

6. You Do Not Have A Healthy Fight With Him

you do not have a healthy fight with him

Your fight with him always ends roughly and never with a mature understanding and agreement. This is because your guy is not serious enough to put the effort to work things through. This is a hidden signs he is not ready for a real relationship.

7. His Compliments Are Shallow

The guy who is still actively in the dating game will just say that you are awesome and pretty. The Signs That Someone is In Love With You is they will compliment your unique quirks that he pays attention to.

8. He Have No Interest In Getting To Know You

Since he find no interest in building a future with you, he feels like he does not really want to know you on a deeper level. This deeper level includes your feelings, fear and interest. This is a clear signs he is not ready for a real relationship.

9. He Makes A Move Only When You Ask Him To Do So

If your relationship will never go anywhere if you do not give him an ultimatum, that means your relationship is really bad. This only means that he is slowly showing the Signs a Guy is Breaking Up With You.

10. He Does Not Remember Little Details About You

The guy who is not ready to be with you will not have the capability to sit down and listen to you. He does not do this because he feels like you are not interesting and that talking is so boring.

11. He Keeps His Feelings Closed

A real relationship is based on communication. So if he does not want to talk about his feelings with you that means you are just another game and he is showing the Signs He is Player.

12. He Keeps His Old Relationship Open

Your guy is very flighty and he shows this. If your man does not close the chapter on his previous love life, that means his heart is not really in this relationship.

More Signs That He Is Not Ready With You

more signs that he is not ready with you

1. His Friend Does Not Know About You

To his friends you are just another girl that he have a fling with or his friend does not even know you exist.

2. He Does Not Feel Sure About Where He Is In Life

He does not have a stability in life this says that he is not ready for any stability even in a relationship.

3. He Does Not Tell You He Loves You

Even saying i love you is a step too big for a guy that is afraid to make commitments.

4. He Does Not Try To Show That He Loves You 

He does not bring you flowers or make sure you know that you are loved because he is not serious about you.

5. He Spends Little Time With You 

He does not feel like spending time with you is precious. He thinks that other girls are.

6. He Cheats 

You know the relationship is really just a game when he shows a real Signs He is Player.

Ways To Deal With Guys That Is Not Ready For Real Relationships

ways to deal with guys that is not ready for real relationships

1. Talk To Him 

Ask him and demand explanation about where your relationship stands and what cause this uncertainty. Listen closely so you can know the real problem.

2. Set Yourself Free 

If you see that there is nothing that can be done with his fright of commitment, then dump him.

3. Build Yourself Up 

Now that you’ve got out from that unstable relationship, it’s time for you to do the Ways to Make Yourself Happy After a Break Up.

4. Get Back Into The Game 

If you really believe in real love, there is nothing wrong in getting back into the game to find your true love.

5. Set Your Goal Straight 

Before moving too far with your new guy, make sure that he knows you are not playing around. Do this so you do not get hurt.

There are many hidden signs he is not ready for a real relationship. Spot all of it and do something about it before you get hurt.

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