Lovely Ways To Make A Gemini Man Fall In Love With You

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It’s not that easy to figure out the way to make someone fall in love with you because we basically don’t know them and we are aiming blind to what we think they love. What if there is one secret to really knowing them by heart?

A Gemini man is one mysterious guy and they although they always seem joyous, it’s rare to see someone lure them to being in a relationship. Do you want to know how to make him stay as your couple? Here are the  ways to make a Gemini man fall in love with you;


1. Be Mysterious

Based on the Reasons Why Being Mysterious Works to Attract Men, being mysterious really benefits you in the long run.

2. Learn And Be Knowledgeable

learn and be knowledgeable

Intellect is a really apparent quality of a Gemini because of that they are also attracted to people that are smart.

3. Think Out Of The Box In Ways To Love Him

Geminis are easily bored which is why you need to entertain him with the many Ways to Make My Boyfriend Miss Me and Want to See Me Again.

4. Don’t Show Your Deep Commitment Too Soon

If you dive in too deep and too soon, your Gemini man will run away because they don’t like to be tied down.

5. Be Joyous

Positive energy and mindset will not only make him so attracted towards you but it is also the Ways to Love Yourself and Be Happy with The World.

6. Have Intelligent Conversations With Him

Conversations that are filled with knowledge is a great way to get to their heart.

7. Don’t Ignore Them

Ignoring them might sound fun but it is actually the way to drive them away to find a new girl.

8. Don’t Play Games With Their Feelings

Playing games with their feelings won’t make them want you more, instead it will make them get irritated by you.

9. Don’t Be With Someone Else

Staying loyal definitely pays off if you want him to show you the How to Know He Loves You Even When He Doesn't Say It.

10. Keep Their Secrets

They will tell a lot to the people that they trust. When they do that to you, you need to keep their secrets because their faith to you will be gone as soon as you break your promise.

11. Be Open To Them

Being open to a Gemini man reciprocate their openness towards you which makes them feel safe.

12. Be Communicative

A Gemini man is really talkative. To really be close to them you need to be communicative too.

13. Play Along With The Flirt

Flirting is what a Gemini man does best. To truly peak their interest, why not play along and flirt back with the(flirt)?

14. Be Adventurous

be adventurous

Adventure is a big part of a Gemini’s life so they will look for a partner that have an adventurous quality.

15. Be Humorous

According to science, a girl that is humorous is actually intelligent. A Gemini man will soon know the Reasons Why You Should Date The Girl Who Makes You Laugh.

16. Be Friends With Them First

Being friends with someone before being in a relationship will strengthen the romantic relationship. 

17. Allow Them To Change

Change is inevitable, don’t stop it.

18. Buy Them Gifts That Make Them Think

Puzzles, kindles, and more is gifts that will make them love you.

19. Engage In A Playful Argument With Them

Arguments don’t always have to have a bad stigma, sometimes it can make a relationship fun.

20. Understand Who You Are

Know why you need to do it through the  Reasons You Should Know and Love Yourself Before You Love Someone Else.

21. Be Confident In Who You Are

On top of it all, the best ways to make a Gemini man fall in love with you is to be confident in who you are.

Tips To Lure A Gemini Man

tips to lure a gemini man

Although they are the signs that rarely gets attracted fast, there are some tips that could speed the process of getting him again. Here are the quick tips to lure a Gemini man;

1. Hang Out Some Place That Offers A Thought Provoking Experience

This will make them have a fun time with you.

2. Dive Deep Into Their Hobbies

Being curious about their hobby eventually makes them know that you really care about them.

3. Show That You Are Highly Adaptable

Living the fast paced life and being adaptable is a thing that a Gemini looks for in their woman.

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4. Be Open Minded

Open mindedness helps you be closer to them. 

5. Show Kindness

Kindness is a trait that a Gemini likes best.

6. Show Sensuality

Being a little bit sensual definitely gets him closer to you.

7. Don’t Expect Too Much From Him

Putting that burden will just make him run away.

Signs That A Gemini Man Wants To Be With You

signs that a gemini man wants to be with you

Once a Gemini man falls in love, they fall in love fast with a burning passion and most of the times it can show in these signs that a Gemini man wants to be with you;

1. They Flirt With You

Flirting is the natural signs that a Gemini is starting to like you. Geminis are excellent flirter.

2. Open Up To You

A Gemini that feels safe is not afraid to open up to you about their feelings and about who they are.

3. Being Jealous When You Do Certain Things

If you do certain things that is suspicious, a Gemini will even show that they are jealous and to some extent try make it even.

4. Always Trying To Make You Happy

They go at full speed once they love someone and that means doing anything to make you as happy as possible.

It’s no wonder that the most lighthearted sign is the one that is hardest to get. But luckily with the ways to make a Gemini man fall in love with you, you can get their hearts quickly. To know if you’ve done a good thing, check if they have the signs that they are falling in love.

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