Why Guys Ghost Then Come Back? Girls, Here's The Real Answer!

by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering why guys ghost you only to reappear later?

Perhaps you’re wondering whether these guys are worth your time? 

Maybe there’s a genuine forgivable reason why men would do this - and you should give them a second chance. Or perhaps he’s just a nasty player who’s not worth your attention.

It could be either, but this guide is here to help you work it out. 

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With that said, let’s take a closer look at the main reasons why a man might behave like this...

Here's Why Guys Ghosts Then Come Back

There are so many cases of guys ghosting in a relationship. Mostly it happens when you aren't going out for real or also when you just broke up with them. No matter what reason is, left without saying anything can make us wonder and probably feeling guilty ourselves even though it might not our fault.

However, after couples weeks or months they are ghosting, they just show up again. It is funny, isn't it? Why guys ghost in the first place? And also check Why Do Guys Ghost After Hooking Up to know that too.

When they come back to say hi again, sometimes they act like nothing happen. We all know how mad are you with them yet still you want to know their reason for ghosting. So to help you think about that reason, here are why guys ghost then come back.

1. They Are Bored

Why guys ghost then come back? It might they are getting bored when you are not around or in another word they only need you when they are bored. But you need to know What to Do When Your Crush Blocks You on Facebook too so you would know what to do.

2. No Other Girls To Play Around

They are ghosting because they have so many girls with them. However, when there are no other girls to play around they start looking for you. That is why they come back.

3. Need Times

Why guys ghost then come back? There is a possibility maybe they need times to think or simply they want to be alone. Not only girls, guys do need their "me-time" too. This case of What to Do When Your Crush Likes Your Best Friend and She Likes Him Back might happens so you need to prepare too.

4. Just Broke Up With Their Partner

just broke up with their partner

Without you know, maybe they have an official girl partner when they spend time with you. After they broke up with their date, then they come back to you to continue whatever is going on between you and them. The reason they didn't let you know about that may be because they couldn't put it into words.

5. They Lost Their Phone

Don't overthink about it, maybe they have just lost their phone so that is why they haven't contacted you after quite some time. Also you should read Ways on How to Get Your Crush’s Attention on Instagram to get their attention.

6. They Have Hidden Intention

Why guys ghost then come back? If a boy thinks a girl is complicated, a girl also thinks the same. Like when they just ghost and suddenly come back. Perhaps they have the intention to come back and nobody knows what is it.

7. Need Your Help

You are so reliable. That is why even though they are ghosting, they would come back. They need help that only you can do it.

8. See Something That Reminds Them Of You

Why guys ghost then come back? Maybe they see something that reminds them of you. That is why they suddenly call your number.

9. Suddenly Miss You

They simply miss you when you are not around. No matter how small your existence to their life, you are still part of it. It is normal if they come back to you after ghosting.

10. Realize They Love You

Why guys ghost then come back? This would make them really regret what they did. When they were ghosting, they felt lonely and that is the time when they realize they love you and show Signs A Shy Guy Loves You and Wants You Secretly. There is a high possibility they won't ghost from you again.

Signs Guys Won't Ghost You Again

After learning reasons of why guys ghost then come back, now you understand a little about it. When they stay, here are signs guys won't ghost from you again.

1. Try To Earn Your Trust Again

If a guy come back to you, somehow they realized that they need you. They will apologize for ghosting and try to convince you that they won't do that anymore. They will do anything to earn your trust again.

2. Give You More Affection

When they were ghosting, they know that they feel lonely when you are not around--so do you. That is why when now they come back they give you more affection you deserve.

3. Be There For You

They would be there for you when you need them. If you see this sign, there is a possibility they won't ghost this time for sure.

4. Act Romantic

act romantic

They start to show you how they feel. Moreover, they act so romantically as sending you a flower or invite you to a candlelight dinner.

5. Make You His Girl

Finally, he will make you his girl and get this relationship an official dating! You don't need to worry about they ghost anymore.

More Tips When Guy Ghosts You

Here are more tips for you so you can handle the situation when guy ghost.

1. Do Something More Fun

Instead of whining when they are ghosting away, you should think about yourself first. Do something more fun to forget about what happens and also it is good for your mind and health.

2. Hang Out With Your Best Friend

Your best friend will understand your pain. Go hang out with your best friend and spend some quality time with them. This is why Reasons Why Your Best Friend is Your Soul Sister.

3. Never Blame Yourself

The first thing you need to know when a guy ghost is never blamed yourself. They ghost by their decision alone and it is completely not your fault. If you have time for blaming yourself, just use it to reflect yourself and make you a better person.

4. Learn New Skill

Increase your value by learning some new skill. Maybe you can involve yourself in a cooking class or try to learn a new language.

5. Find A New Guy

Why thinking about someone that clearly doesn't want you? Just find your own happiness by finding a new guy. You deserve more than that!

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