25 Best Ways To Make A Capricorn Man Jealous

Last updated on April 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Do you feel like your Capricorn boyfriend doesn’t care about you?

Does he sometimes make you feel abandoned? 

Are you looking for ways to make him jealous so he ends up wanting you more?

Well, you’re in the right place. This guide features 20 of the best ways to do exactly that. 

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Capricorn Man Traits

Capricorn men may be one of the most straightforward, but they can be very hard to understand. This perfectionist is quite rigid, determined, and stubborn, so it’s hard for him to get jealous because of that strong will and relentless effort to be right. 

That doesn’t mean this zodiac sign isn't jealous and possessive. However, if you push too hard, you won’t only make him envious, you might just lose him altogether. The truth is, if you don’t employ the best ways to make a Capricorn man jealous, you won’t even be able to tell because of how secretive they are. 

However, when true love is involved, no Capricorn man would be able to resist showing someone they love how jealous and protective they can be. I know you’re probably itching to know how to make a Capricorn man jealous now. Don’t worry, I have a few tips that should work; keep reading if you’re still interested, *wink*.

25 Ways To Make A Capricorn Man Jealous As Hell

1. Give Attention To Someone Else

One of the best ways to make a Capricorn man jealous is to consciously pay attention to another man. 

If you’re both out together, you can ‘innocently’ start a conversation with someone hot enough to rile up your Capricorn boyfriend. Make sure you don’t take this too far though, Capricorn men are very patient but can be unforgiving when they want to. 

2. Talk About A Celebrity Crush

Capricorn guys are not the most confident of the zodiac signs. They may act confident and put together but are their worst critics. So, talking about a celebrity crush around them could make a Capricorn man jealous, especially if they don’t think so highly of themselves. 

If you are not in a relationship with this guy yet, trying this may not be the wisest thing. This zodiac sign doesn’t mind ‘canceling’ people they don’t love or hold in high esteem.

3. Spend Time With Other People

spend time with other people

Promise to spend time with him, but make arrangements with your girlfriends that same night. When he calls, sincerely apologize and insist on seeing your friends first, rather than spending time with him. Make sure you only do this once; you may end up crushing his ego if you do this too many times. 

4. Take Time To Reply To Messages

Capricorns don’t like playing games, I mean, they can be goofy and mysterious when they want to, but they are also quite straight forward. That means that they expect the same attitude when in a relationship with someone. So, the next time you’re texting each other, leave a ‘brb’ (be right back) message and then don’t text him till the next day… in the evening. 

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5. Talk About A Past Relationship

You’ll really make a Capricorn guy jealous when you talk about a past relationship in front of him. Make sure you don’t just insert the topic in mechanically, wait for an opening, then start talking about all the gifts you received strong-headed and how people thought you and the other guy were meant to be. 

6. Don’t Answer Some Of His Calls

Ignoring some of his calls for a few days could get him curious about what is making him ignore you. So, if you’re trying to make him jealous, try letting the phone ring through on some occasions.

7. Compliment Another Guy

You have to tread carefully with this one, especially if you love your partner. However, being a little flirty never hurt anybody. The best way to execute this is to avoid flirting with any of his friends, you’re trying to get him jealous, not embarrass him. Rather, compliment a passer by’s body or ask the sales attendant if he works out. 

These simple and strategic complements could make the Capricorn man a bit jealous. Especially when he’s been working on his weight or trying to diet as well. 

8. Beat Him At His Strong Points

Have you met Capricorn guys that are really strong-headed and intent on making you feel like your attempts at making them jealous are useless? Of course, that’s probably why you’re here. The truth is, some of these things may not get to him as much as if you hit him where it really hurts.

Read books, search on topics he feels he knows very well, try beating him at an argument, or maybe get a certificate in the course. That would really shake him. 

9. Look Good

look good

Did the last point sound too hard? Well, you know what they say; nothing good ever comes easy. But focusing on easier ways to make him jealous, you could simply think of upping your game. If you don’t really talk to each other anymore, you could leave this guy gaping by getting your hair done, doing light yet gorgeous makeup, and dressing really nicely. 

Trust me, if the relationship needs a little saving, this might be a good card to play. Don’t let this be a one-time thing. Try to make a habit of looking good, especially when you know you’ll run into him. He may be a Capricorn, but he’s also a man, and men know a good thing when they see it.

10. Lead Him On

The average Capricorn man is very straight forward. When he likes someone, he slowly but surely goes after that person. So, if you know this guy fancies you, it won’t hurt to lead him on a bit, then leave him to dry out a bit.

At first, be the one who starts the conversations, buy him little gifts that aren’t too meaningful, Capricorn, and spend more time with him. Once he’s used to your companionship, go AWOL for a while. Don’t message or call him but keep posting pictures online. Be patient enough to wait for him to text you, then reply to his message after some days. 

Trust me, you’ll have that Capricorn man very jealous, especially if you were posting pictures with another man. Just to be safe, when taking pictures with someone else. Ensure it’s a cousin he doesn’t know about so it won’t seem like you were cheating. 

11. Spend More Time With Your Friends

If there’s anything a Capricorn man loves, it’s his space. But he’s probably not banking on you giving him too much space! So, you could choose to hang out with friends when you know he wants you to come over. Remember, ensure they are friends that he knows and not another guy he could get suspicious about.

12. Call Him And Let Him Hear A Male Friend's Voice In The Background

Now, this could get any man riled up, so you have to be careful about how you spin this. If you ask me, I’d advise you to carry out this mission at your family house. If he usually calls you by  8 pm, ensure your brother or male friend is around. Then, sit around them when answering his calls. You could even let your brother or male friend in on the plan, but don’t let them know why, they may think it’s childish

Anyway, back to the plan. Once your man hears another guy's voice in the background, he’d naturally be alarmed. If he asks you who it is, act like you can’t hear him and promise to call him back. Wait about 15 to 30 minutes then video call him showing you’re at the family house with your parents, brothers, and sisters. 

The effect may seem short-lived, but it’s a Capricorn man you’re dealing with, the shorter these ploys are, the better!

13. Get Busy With Work

get busy with work

While Capricorns have strong traits that make them less capable of jealousy, they are still human. When they are in a relationship with someone, they won’t mind that extra attention, as well as love and care. 

However, if he seems oblivious to everything you’re doing, it’s time to ‘focus on your life’! Capricorns are very hardworking and determined, and they don’t let their feelings get in the way of their visions and goals. So, doing the same may get their attention faster than you expect. 

14. Do Something He’s Always Wanted To Do

Capricorns hate being beaten at their own game. Once they set their hearts to do something, that becomes their passion. Let’s say he always wanted to do his masters abroad, if he finds out that you did that before him, it would automatically make him jealous. 

It could even be something as simple as going sky-diving. If you notice he has talked about doing so for a while, you could decide to do so with some friends, (you’re up to it that is).

15. Take Time To Respond To His Needs

No man likes to be ignored, and even as independent as Capricorns can be. They still like to know someone is looking out for them. So if you want to make him jealous, you could stop doing some of the things he’s used to and stick to looking out for yourself. 

If he asks you for help, tell him that you promised to help someone else with something and you’ll swing by when that’s done. That will leave him questioning who in the world could be more important than him at this time. 

16. Ask Someone Else For Help

On the flip side, you could do the reverse, especially if this guy likes helping you with major chores and errands whenever he can. He may also like being the one you call for help whenever you’re in need. 

If there’s one thing Capricorn guys love doing, it’s showing how helpful or hardworking they can be. So, let him know you asked another person to help you with something, it would really get him jealous. 

17. Connect With Other People

Hanging out with new people could be just the thing that gets this guy completely jealous. Most times, Capricorns stick to a few friends and don’t really fancy a wide circle. So if you’re socializing without him, that may rile him up more than he’d like to admit

18. Make Him Feel Left Out

make him feel left out

Another way to get him jealous is to make him feel left out. It could be an event, birthday, or family gathering. Forget to invite him and then ask a friend to do so. He’ll feel like he wasn’t important enough to be invited.

19. Don’t Acknowledge Something He’s Done

A Capricorn man takes pride in his achievements. So when you don’t praise or compliment him, he may feel quite jealous about that.

20. Be Happy

Have you ever had an argument with someone, and just watch them smile through it? It’s the most annoying thing in the world!! So being happy when he expects you to be sad over something he did could make him very confused, and of course, jealous.

21. Act Like You Don’t Care

Here’s the thing, the average Capricorn man has mastered the art of not giving a care about what their partners do. At least, they act like they don’t. Take it from a fellow Capricorn, a lot of things you think would get our attention, usually don't. However, a Capricorn guy takes things personally a lot. So, when you do what he does- act like you don’t care, it could make him jealous. 

22. Compare Him To An Ex

Comparing him to an ex would make him think the other guy was better than him. Do this as innocently as possible of course, Capricorn men are quite smart and intuitive, so they’ll easily see through pretense and ‘attention-seeking’ conversations.

23. Talk About Another Person’s Strengths

As stated earlier, Capricorn’s are hard workers, they love to excel in academia, sports, marketing, and other strong skills. So how does this information help you? Well, rather than flirt with another guy, talk about how amazing another guy is at what your partner does. He wants to feel like he’s the best, so this could make him jealous.

24. Make Him Fall In Love With You

make him fall in love with you

The truth of the matter is, when a Capricorn man isn’t in love, it’s hard to really get him jealous. That’s because this zodiac sign is quite in control of his emotions, and knows how to hold out long enough before jumping into a relationship

However, when he does, fall in love, he craves the attention of his partner and doesn’t feel in control when he can’t reach her. 

25. Hang Out With His Friends

Capricorns can be very territorial, that's because they work hard for everything in life, including their friends. So, hanging out with them in his absence could make him jealous, especially if they connect really well with you.


What are Capricorns like sexually?

Capricorn men are very reserved, but also very cautious. This means they are not the most confident in the bedroom, even though they are quite hardworking and determined in life. They might equally be a bit self-conscious during love-making, it’s one of the things that make them nervous. 

How do you make a Capricorn man happy in bed?

Get him to relax and let him take control, that would mean taking things slow before roughing up the sheets. A Capricorn man would prefer to feel comfortable with the lady he’s in bed with, so ease him in with sensual and prolonged foreplay and let him take charge, you’ll be happy you did.

How do you get a Capricorn man to miss you after a breakup?

Once the relationship is over, try and tone down any clingy trait, text to check up on him once in two weeks, and keep the text short and simple. The more distance and evasiveness you give and show, the more he’ll miss you. 

How do you make a Capricorn man miss you?

Capricorn’s are one of the hardest zodiac signs to get jealous. Their ‘I don’t care attitude and determination to put things behind them and move on makes it hard for them to dwell on things like that. However, they are human, and when they fall in love, it’s possible for them to get jealous if you pay attention to other people, compliment others, or make them feel irrelevant.

What are Capricorns afraid of?

The average Capricorn man is very ambitious, he wants to achieve his dreams by all means, and sometimes, it’s that determination that gets the best of him. The fear of failure is heightened by their highly pessimistic nature. While they want things to work for them, they somehow also believe something could always go wrong.

To Sum Things Up

Being in a relationship with a Capricorn man can be very challenging. It’s absolutely normal to want to push his buttons and make him jealous, but ensure you strategically employ the tips above so you don’t end up pushing him away. 

I hope this list was helpful, and I would love to hear back from you before and after trying any of the tips above. If it’s not a bother, kindly share this article with others, thank you and good luck.

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