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20 Best Ways to Make a Capricorn Man Jealous as Hell

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Everyday will not going as smooth as we wish. So does the relationship. There will be time when simply doesn’t care about you and make you feel abandoned. You start thinking maybe he’s no longer in love with you or is this the Signs That He is Falling Out of Love with You? Don’t think too far! It’s not always like that. Be grateful if you are dating a Capricorn, because here will be best ways to make a Capricorn man jealous and end up wants you more.


You must have known the Reasons Why Capricorns are the Best Lovers, right? So you have to do these tricks if you won’t lose him.

1. Care for Someone Else

If your reason to make him jealous is because you see the Signs of a Cheating Capricorn Man, then make him realize that you can care for someone else too. Let him know who you take care of and see how he will managed the situation.

2. Be Happy with Your Friends

Nothing will make someone else jealous as hell other than show him that you are happy without him. Hang out with your friends, laugh a lot, post it to social media.

3. Take Time to Reply for His Messages

If all these time you always available whenever he calls you, the don’t be. Take some time to reply for his messages. Let him wondering where are you and what are you doing to take your time replying his messages.

4. Miss His Calls Sometime

The next thing he do while waiting for you reply is trying to call you. He could be testing the water or he is having the Signs You Boyfriend Misses You, but one sure things he start to feel your absence.

5. Hang Out with Your Male Friends

This could the best of the best ways to make your Capricorn man jealous. Hang out with your male friends once. But note this, you have no intention of cheating so avoid going only with him. Take another friends as well. You will soon see the Signs That He is Jealous with your male friends.

6. Do His Favorite Things Without Him 

Do the activity he likes without him. If he likes to go hiking, hike with your friends. He will react to it in no time, which means you trick works. But don’t make it too obvious. Take a friend who really enjoy hiking.

7. Make Over Yourself 

Show him that you could be someone he can adore. Make over yourself. Cut your hair, wear new lipstick colors, and try different style. Make sure he will go “Wow” and can never take his eyes off of you.

8. Fangirling Over Celebrities 

Any man would be easily get jealous when he knew his girlfriend idolized someone else. Take him to watch a movie and praise how the new Spider Man actor has steal you heart! 

9. Spend the Weekends with Your Best Friends 

Weekends are usually a favorite time for lovers. They go on a date and etc. But if you want to make him jealous, spend it differently. Sleep over at your friend’s home and and a girls time over there. This also one of many best ways to make a Capricorn man jealous as hell.

10. Be Busy with Your Work

He will be really jealous if you have no time for him, literally. Get busy with your work, do some overtime and get off at late. He won’t like it when you choose work over him.

What to Do When a Capricorn Man Get Jealous

Before dating him, you must have mastered the How to Make a Capricorn Guy Fall in Love with You. Now that he’s jealous of you, you have to do it again until you see the Signs a Capricorn Male Likes You.

  1. Spend time with him alone for the whole day, doing his favorite activities.
  2. Show your affection through action, like cook him your homemade meals for lunch.
  3. Traveling is the best way to grow a love, so go to places you have never been before and find some new adventures with him.
  4. Talk to him and speak up about what makes you feel abandoned, or why you want to make him jealous. Communication is one important thing in a relationship. 

  5. Every Capricorn man would love everyone to recognize their effort. Don’t hesitate to give him compliments, even when he’s just picking you up. You can tell him, “Thank you you’re on time, so I don’t have to wait.”
  6. Love grows out of laugh. Whether watching a movies, retelling old stories, or doing things together, make sure you laugh a lot with him.
  7. Not only for woman, man also love a romantic dinner. Reserve a place in his favorite restaurant and surprise him with a dinner! Even him could melt in front of you.
  8. Show him that you love him by remembering little things about him. Give him baseball cap as a gift while saying that you remember he dreamed to be a baseball player when he was little.
  9. Capricorn man would love to know that his girl depended on him at some point. Call him when you need someone to replace the bulb or when your faucet is broken. And don’t forget to compliment him afterwards!
  10. Convince him that you love him, express it through the sweet Things to Say to Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy. Surely he’d want you even more!

So those are many best ways to make a Capricorn man jealous. If you really love him that much, make sure these kind of thing will never happen again. Do fun activities together to keep you fall in love with each other again. It’s okay to make him jealous sometimes, but remember, don’t go too far. Don’t test his emotion and make him explode at a point.

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