What To Do When A Guy Is Unsure About You?

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There are some signs that you can see within a relationship. Those signs show that the relationship already have the red flags and it will come to an end at some point if there is nothing to do about it.

It's not only the signs you're ready to leave your abusive relationship but it can also be something else that you think is something just fine, but actually it isn't fine at all. And one of the red flags is an unsure guy. So, what to do when a guy is unsure about you? Here are some tips.


1. Confirm It By Asking To Him

confirm it by asking to him

You can't just take a judgement or an action on what you should do without getting enough information to execute the action. Because the problem here is between you and your guy then you need to directly ask him.

Ask him if he is unsure about you or the relationship that both of you have right now. You need to know how to know if your crush is not into you and ask him to have a clearer and credible information you need.

2. Decide What You Want To Do

Once you asked him, you already knew the answer. By then you can continue to decide what you want. Whether you want to keep the relationship or simply decided not to continue the relationship.

Because once you found out the signs your boyfriend is just not into you anymore, you can't force him to fight together with you for the relationship. Maybe he's just not mentally ready for a relationship right now because of past experience.

Signs He Is Unsure About You

There is this stereotype saying that female will use their feelings more compared to their logic. This is not a bad thing at all because our strength is within our feelings to love and to forgive others.

But, when you are faced with a certain condition, our logic also needed. Such us to know what to do when a guy is unsure about you. To make sure of it, you need to make it sure first that he has the obvious sign of being unsure such as what is listed below.

1. He Keeps Telling You That He Is Insecure

The first sign is you already noticed for several times that he keeps telling you that he doesn't feel like he is good enough for you. Basically he feel insecure, he is afraid that he can't make you happy, or he simply believe that you deserve someone better.

The thing is, if he can't even believe that after all this time you chose him over someone else, then you can't really expect him to stay. There are some reasons why you should never date an insecure man. Because this insecurity issues need to be solved by the individual himself.

2. Always Distracting The Conversation When It Comes To Commitment

always distracting the conversation when it comes to commitment

There will always be the time where you decided to move forward. The same thing happen in relationship where you want to have a more committed and serious relationship with your partner.

When you decided to have the future talk about engagement or even marriage, he kind of distract you from the topic or simply say it to you that this is not the right time to talk about it yet. So now you need to ask yourself whether should I marry my boyfriend when I don’t feel the spark anymore? Because if he lost the spark, there is nothing left.

3. He Is Not Allowing You To See His Phone

Respecting someone else's privacy also shows that we trust that person all of our heart. But, just because you are respecting his privacy, this does not mean that you can't borrow his phone.

Borrowing someone's phone is not equal with invading their privacy by looking at their text message one by one. Because nowadays smartphone has a lot of feature such as games or you simply want to take a selfie. If your boyfriend doesn't want to give you his phone then maybe he has something to hide. And he might afraid if you found out if your boyfriend flirts with another girl, is it cheating.

Remember that one of the the hardest things that need to be faced within a relationship is a condition where one of the people do not want to fight for the relationship again. You know what to do when a guy is unsure about you, but changing someone to be what you want him to be is just out of your league.

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