Should I Marry My Boyfriend When I Don’t Feel The Spark Anymore?

Last updated on May 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Marriage is an important part of life. It is the beginning of the family and a life long commitment. Now deciding to marry someone even though you have no feeling towards him.

It is a risk taker, because there will be a fear of regret on your part since you’ll see him everyday for the rest of your life.

Now there are things you need to reconsider before making the final decision to marry him.

Why Marry ?

Many believed that marriage should be borne out of love. Marriage is a long life commitment, are you willing to commit? Remember during the wedding vows you will need to make some promises you have to keep.

But then again things have change, many people don’t marry for love but for companionship. They do it out of fear of being lonely, it doesn’t matter for them to love the other party so long they are sincere, reliable and loves them.

Another reason people to marry is to have children, basically its an agreement between the two. Both party agree to get married in order to have children. Once the child is born, both will raise him/her with love and kindness.

Many marry for different reasons so long there are agreement between the two parties it alright. Advantages of Love and Arranged Marriage You Should Know

Feeling the pressure

As we grow older, our parents want to see their fruits take roots and have grandchildren. Its not only from family but society, its a norm that people have accepted.

You need to fill in different slot to be seen as a successful person, its not about whether you are accepted in the community or not. It's about continuing the norm.

When you are under a lot of pressure, you tend not to make rational decision. You probably find someone quickly to marry you. Even though you have no feeling for that person. See the signs a man is emotionally connected to you

Attractive yay or nay?

Many girls prefer to have a good looking, muscular guy to either date or marry to. I mean who won’t want to have an attractive guy as a long life partner.

However researcher said that attractive men are likely to cheat. Most girls decided to choose someone less attractive than more attractive. They will feel safe and can have more control of the relationship.

 One sided love

Lets say your fiancé treats you well, before and after marriage. He is responsible, caring, perceptive and loving. He is the ideal husband, he treats you like a queen.

Wouldn’t you feel touched by his love and impressed by the man you just married. Despite his effort, you still haven’t fallen for him.

So what do you do? Do you pretend to like him back to not disappoint him?

Would you still continue with the marriage so that you don’t get lashed on by your family and friends?

Whatever you do  need to think it through.

To sum up, you have a tough decision to make before marring him. Ensure that you are happy, surely your family, friends and boyfriend would understand your decision.

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