7+ Reasons Why Cancer Man Pulls Away From You When You Let Him In

by Michelle Devani

Is your Cancerian crush growing cold on you?

Are you wondering what you did to turn him off? 

More importantly, do you want to know how to win him back?

If so, you’re in the right place. This guide lists the 8 most common reasons why Cancer men pull away from women they were once attracted to. 

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With that said, let’s take a closer look at the most common reasons why a Cancer man might pull away from you.

8 Reasons Why Cancer Man Pulls Away

What exactly is pulling your Cancer man away? Is there anything you can do to bring him back? Or could it be that he just needs some distance from you? Distance is a healthy part of having a relationship.

However, always remember that there is a clear line between needing space to develop and when a man starts pulling away, bailing out or ignores you. It hurts even more if he started off strong right when you met and saw each other, only to play chicken later and back off, leaving you with a serious case of relationship whiplash.

Whether you are already in a relationship or a tried and true one, there are a lot of reasons why you get a little distance and withdraw from your Cancer man. The worst thing you can do when you finally realize that your Cancer man no longer wants to hold you any more or talks about what is going on is to tell him that he is on his own.

Cancer man being distant is actually a common thing. You may find it very familiar, especially if you are partnered with a Cancer man. Due to his traits, he is very sensitive and shy. He often puts on a tough, protective shell and appears as aloof and standoff-ish.

His openness depends mainly on his trusting levels. If he becomes nonchalant, please know that there are some reasons behind.

cancer man is a type of man who needs to be in a super loving relationship
  • Cancer man is a type of man who needs to be in a super loving relationship, with a lot of PDAs, tickle fights and disclosing your feelings. If he receives anything less than that, then he is going to be pretty distant and pretty fast.
  • Cancer man tends to be turned off most by lovers who are too shy or too afraid to express their affection and feelings.
    So, do not be hesitant to hold his hand in public or send him a message telling how much you love him while he is nowhere around you; it is the little things that count.

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  • Cancer man is a highly intuitive person, so do not be surprised to know that he is able to pick up on clues and hints indicating that you are not as open as he is.
    He can also start pulling himself away from you if he feels like you are being harsh and insensitive. 

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  • It may be hard to stay positive every day when you are in a relationship but communicating with Cancer man will make his harder days easier to handle.
    If he reckons that you are at least trying to reach him, then he will try with you, too. Otherwise, he will stay distant until one of you calls it off. 

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  • In spite of having a heart of gold, Cancer man is really guarded. You have to work hard at maintaining your relationship with him. In most cases, he will pull away from the relationship only in hopes you will try a little harder for him.
    His love may not be easy but he will always remind you that the best things in life are never easy.

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  • Remember that Cancer man does not have a knack for coping with confrontation. That is why the moment he is pulling away from the relationship, the first reason may be because you have said or done something he cannot tolerate.
    Of course, he will not let you know. Instead, he chooses to stay quiet for some time.

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cancer man is very reserved and likes to stay in his own protective shell
  • Cancer man is very reserved and likes to stay in his own protective shell. Maybe it is because he is not really interested in socializing. Sometimes, he is not aware that he is pulling away or being distant. So, make sure you do not blatantly jump to the conclusion.
  • Cancer man has a fragile ego which is the sole reason that makes him unable to accept the idea of revealing his vulnerable side to others. He is insecure yet he will never admit that he is insecure.
    He craves for a relationship that is able to offer him both safety and security. He does not like getting immersed in a relationship that could threaten him. That is why he is likely to pulling away from a relationship or any conflict.

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So, those are 8 reasons why Cancer man pulls away. Do not freak out too much when he is distant. Just give him time to clear his mind and do your own stuff while waiting. Keep him secure by giving him a comfortable relationship.

Michelle Devani
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