Top 29 Spectacular Ways to Forget Someone Who Broke Your Heart

Last updated on May 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Have you had your heart broken?

Are you desperate to forget about whoever made you feel so rotten? 

That’s completely understandable. Everyone knows they are supposed to move on after a break-up, but actually doing it is harder than it sounds.

Thankfully, this guide is here to help you. It features 29 effective ways to forget someone who broke your heart.

But I want to kick it off with a bonus idea. This one might sound counter-intuitive, but it really helped me move on from a break-up recently.  

You see... the secret to moving on from a break-up is closure. 

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Otherwise, scroll down for some more ideas for getting over your failed relationship.


Top Ways to Forget Someone Who Broke Your Heart

If someone broke your heart, you might be in a lot of pain and discomfort. Don’t worry; you will soon be going through the healing process that comes after a difficult breakup. In the meantime, you need to know the best ways to forget someone who broke your heart, right? We’ll figure that out today!

One of the best ways you can get over someone who broke your heart is to have no contact with them. Pretend the relationship didn’t exist (if you are able to) - at least until the stinging sensation has stopped. I caution you against listening to sad music or “your song” as a couple, as this may just make the healing harder

The best thing you can do after having no contact with your ex is to get rid of anything that reminds you of him or her. If you both had a secret crush on Paula Abdul or something crazy and liked her music, you need to get rid of the crap that reminds you of that similarity, if you can. Doing this will make it so much easier to forget about your ex and the heartbreak you have. 

1. Go on a blind date

go on a blind date

Okay, so blind dates aren’t always the most fun thing in the world to do, but think about it. You are getting out of the house, and maybe your date will pay for everything and be a riot to hang out with! You never know, and you will not know unless you give it a shot. Ask a friend or family member who you trust to set you up with someone. 

Explain that you just want to have some fun, and maybe it will be a really great time! Suggest going to a bowling alley, having a picnic at the beach, or shooting some pool if you have skill in that area. You never know; he could be the man you end up marrying one day! Crazier things have happened on this planet. Give it a chance!

2. Return anything that doesn’t belong to you

This is one of the best ways to get my state of mind back when I’m crazy hurt from a breakup or the end of a long-term relationship. I just want to return the guy’s stuff so that he can have it, and I won’t have to look at it anymore. When I see his old college sweatshirt and I”m trying to get over my lost love, I just burst out into tears.

That’s why returning belongings is so critical to recovery. Just box all of the things that don’t belong to you together. Ask a friend or family member to take the stuff and drop it on his porch with a text saying, here’s your stuff! If you have some things you’re not ready to let go of, at least put them in a room in your home you don't visit often.

3. Have fun spending time with your friends

You’ve probably spent tons of time in your relationship with the one you love. You probably have hardly spent any time with your friends or family. I bet they’ve missed you and are excited to have you back! Go out with your friends and have a great time! Tell them you want to take your mind off your ex, and they’ll entertain you for sure!

4. Let all your hurt feelings out

Sometimes, it’s good to just let it all out. Having cooped up emotions that you’ve been holding onto because of the end of the relationship isn’t a good strategy. It’s better to express your emotions as they come to you. If you feel like you are still madly in love with your ex, don’t jump on the phone and confess that to him.

When I say, express your feelings, I mean that you should write him a letter that you never plan to send to him or call your best friend and let him or her know what you are feeling right now. Find someone who is very supportive to lean on. If they are a true friend, they’ll be there for you when you need someone to comfort you. 

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5. Delete their contact information from your phone

I find this to be very therapeutic. You can take out their social media handles and phone number from your phone so that you aren’t tempted in a moment of weakness to message or call him or her. If their info isn’t on your phone, you don’t have to worry about drunk texting or calling. It’s better to be safe than sorry in this area!

6. Put away anything they bought you

Yes, you have probably celebrated many anniversaries with your relationships. In fact, in all of your life, you’ve probably spent more time celebrating anniversaries than you have birthdays! That’s because the average adult has many relationships in his or her lifetime. You probably have stuffed bears, jewelry, and even electronics that remind you of the ex.

Grab an old Rubbermaid or box and stuff it full of that junk. You may be ready to look at it one day, but for now, you just need to put it all together and throw it in a closet or room of your home that you never go to. You will love your decluttering process and be excited to have a home that is ex-free! You can really let loose and feel comfort now!

7. Find closure

Guys don’t always find closure at the same time that girls do, even if they were head over heels in love. And, if you are a girl, it may take him a while to miss you after a breakup. It’s not always on your timing that things happen, unfortunately. Sometimes, you just have to wait and see what fate has in store for the two of you.

In the meantime, you shouldn’t expect a happy reunion. You two ended the relationship for a reason, even if you did both love one another. It’s good to find closure after the end of a relationship. You’ll want to analyze the things you may have messed up on during the relationship and what you did right. Don’t count yourself too short.

You might even write out all the good and bad things that happened with your love. Did you really love him, or were you in love with the idea of having a boyfriend? Were you really happy together, or did you fight quite a lot for a short-term relationship? If he won your heart, you were probably in love, so take the time to find the closure you need. 

8. Have a good cry in the shower

You can take a quiet bubble bath with candles for all that it really matters. You want to do whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. I suggest the shower because that’s where I enjoy crying. I don’t ever really enjoy crying, but if I must, I’d rather be in the shower when I do it. That way, the water can wash away those tears easily!

The point is that it’s good to have a good cry every now and then. You are hurt, and it’s natural to feel this way. Make sure you talk to someone you trust about what you are going through, too. You don’t want to stay cooped up alone, crying a lot to try to get over this person. It’s always better to go through trials with friends.

9. Take a break from their friendship

This is where the infamous “no contact” rule comes into play. This is truly the best advice I ever followed when trying to get past a heartbreak. I told the guy I was in love with that I needed some time to myself; I did some research, and 3 months seemed to fit the bill. We agreed unless it was an emergency, to not have any contact for 3 months.

This was before social media was such a smash hit, though! However, I told him that once the 3 months were up, he could call me, and we’d decide if we wanted to get back together. As it turned out, I found someone new during that time. He did call after 3 months to get back together, but I declined. 

Having zero contact really did work because as soon as we did that, I was able to move past the relationship and on to the next chapter in my life. Before that, I had spent months crying over my lost love because we were still friends and still talked all the time. It really didn’t give me a chance to truly get over him because we still talked.

10. Spend time with relatives

spend time with relatives

As mentioned, your family has probably missed you or maybe currently does! They probably would love to see you and visit with you, catching up on good times! Stay busy by spending time with loved ones and enjoying the memories you are creating.

11. Be optimistic

Being optimistic is all about happiness and joy. Did you know that you can actually train your mind to be more optimistic, as reported by NBC News? First, try on a “positive lens,” meaning that you should look at things from a happy point of view. How can you spin a situation to be happier with the result? Look at the world through fresh eyes.

Another way to be more optimistic is to turn off the News. Today, the reporters exaggerate and often make the world look bleaker than it truly is, or they tend to only report on the negative, not pointing out the great things about life. Keep a gratitude journal where you list out the things you are grateful for each morning. And, smile!

A final suggestion is to accept what you cannot control and understand what you can. There are many things, such as the News, that you can’t do anything about. Also, you have no control over the weather or other external factors, like others’ actions. You can control how you react to situations, so focus on that - work on your reactions!

12. Learn something new

Head down to your local community center to see what classes they offer. You could learn a new skill and have some fun being distracted at the same time. Usually, those classes are offered for free or for a nominal fee. Also, check with your local community college or university to see if you’d like to expand your diploma collection.

What’s great about learning something new is that it will distract your mind and body. You will be busy with your hands, learning how to do something you’ve never done before, and you’ll be occupying your mind as you fill it with new knowledge or information. Plus, this is something you can think about and work on outside of class.

13. Use a journal or diary

Write a long love letter to your ex, explaining your feelings, your pain, what you think they did wrong in the relationship, how you believe they did you wrong, and what you are going through right now. Don’t even think about sending the letter, but it’s a very therapeutic way to get closure from a past love. 

You might also use a notebook or journal to write about your blessings, as suggested in keeping a gratitude journal. Reminding yourself each day that there are many things to be thankful for is a great plan to be more optimistic and to just feel better about things in general.

14. Accept your new reality

This is a tough one, but if you have gotten closure from your ex, you should be ready to accept your circumstances. Realize that you are now single and do not have a man or woman in your life to take care of or for them to take care of you. Things have changed, and the sooner you accept this, the better off you will feel. 

15. Declutter your home

This suggestion may sound silly, but cleaning and organizing are therapeutic. Having a clear space free of clutter is kind of like physically expressing what you are mentally trying to accomplish. Emotionally, you want to clear out the cobwebs and build a fresh soul, one that isn’t in so much pain. Do you feel something like that?

Well, decluttering can help you physically feel better about your surroundings. Consider decluttering for a cause to make it an even more worthwhile journey. Decluttering for a cause just means that you will donate what you “declutter” from your home. You’ll give it away to a charitable organization. What an uplifting way to recover!

16. Go to a fun event

You don’t have to go out every night to the bars or clubs if that isn’t your scene. Hit the bowling alley, shoot some pool, shop the mall, tan at the beach, or better yet, go to a fun event. Ask your friends what they are usually up to on a Friday night, and ask if you can tag along. Go to a concert, craft expo, rally for a cause, or something local near you.

17. Consider talking things out

Sometimes, meeting with the right person to discuss what has happened can be the most helpful of all. If you have a therapist or counselor you can turn to for advice or use as a sounding board, that is a great way to feel better fast. 

It’s not always the swiftest process, but they can usually give you suggestions, tools, and resources to use right now.

18. Enjoy your hobbies

enjoy your hobbies

What is your favorite hobby? Whatever it is, you should get it out and get to work. Maybe you enjoy quilting, woodworking, or some other craft. Maybe your hobby is just eating popcorn and watching old television shows all night. Whatever makes you happy is what you should invest your time in, provided it isn’t too detrimental for your health.

If you don’t already have a hobby, you might consider adopting one. Ask your buds what they like to do, and see if maybe they would like to teach you how to do it if it sounds interesting to you. Take this time to learn to do something you’ve never done before. One day in the future, you’ll be glad you took the risk to try something new.

19. Find things that make you laugh or smile

Each person finds humor in their own way. You may love sitcoms or old movies. Someone else may have to hit a comedy club to chuckle. Whatever it takes to make you laugh or smile is what you should do. Joy is contagious; surround yourself with people who love having a good time, who can laugh easily, and who are funny!

20. Enjoy a little ice cream treat

If you notice, I used the words “little” and “treat” to describe this suggestion. I think eating ice cream has to be done in moderation. A few nights of indulgence are okay, but doing it every night is going to send your dentist to the bank! Plus, you might gain a few too many unwanted pounds if you eat a ton of sweets to get through a breakup. 

If you feel like you are stress-eating or eating sweets because you are depressed, you may find it helpful to talk to a qualified therapist. Ask your primary care physician for a recommendation.

21. Focus on self-improvement

After a breakup is a great time to start hunkering down on self-improvement goals. If you want to be a more positive person, work on your optimism, as we discussed earlier. If you’d like to not be so needy and dependent on others, work on being independent and less high-maintenance. Figure out the areas you need to work on, and get to it!

22. Talk to a new romantic interest

When you are ready, talking to a new guy or gal can be a fantastic way to forget about your ex. You get to learn all about someone new, their likes and dislikes, what they do for a living, and how they enjoy spending their time away from work. It’s very entertaining! Plus, you can let someone else get to know you, also!

I have a girlfriend who spends hours staying up all night talking to new guys all the time! She finds it thrilling! It’s not that she doesn’t want to settle down one day with the right guy, but in the meantime, she is making the most of her situation. She’s having fun doing something that she does well - interacting with other people.

23. Count your blessings with a gratitude journal

As mentioned in a couple of points, you should keep a gratitude journal. You can do this with a blank notebook if you want. Just list out the date, so you can review it at a future date. Then, just make a list of something you are grateful for or many things you feel blessed for having. If you count your blessings daily, you’ll have a more positive outlook.

24. Make new friends

When you go to some of the new places suggested in this article, you are bound to meet new people. Be open to the prospect of making new friends. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to do, especially if you are shy or have social anxiety. Just be brave, take a deep breath, and feel confident in yourself as you approach someone new.

25. Take a mini-vacation

You may find that taking a little trip is just what the doctor ordered. If you could just escape for a few days, maybe with a group of girlfriends, where would you go? Think about something fun you could do at your destination, and go for it!

26. Engulf yourself in your career

Getting wrapped up in work isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You don’t want to work so much you make yourself sick or burned out, but being passionate about your career is healthy. Think about your career goals and see if you are headed in the right direction.

27. Don’t let them get the best of you

Make sure your ex doesn’t get the best of you. You know that you can do better, right? Continue to tell yourself positive affirmations, quotes, Bible verses - whatever it takes to feel better about how things are now. You should feel confident in your abilities, intelligence, and beauty; remind yourself of positive attributes you have every day.

28. Exercise your heart out

exercise your heart out

Getting physical exercise is a great way to release endorphins, which make us happy!

29. Make a list of why you are better off now

I have done this many times after rough breakups. I just make a list of all the reasons I am better off without him. Then, when I’m feeling lonely or want to call him to get back together, I pull out my list of reasons he’s not so hot, and it helps me with my perspective. Give it a try, and I bet you anything you will be happy with the results!


How do you get revenge on someone who broke your heart?

The best revenge is moving on. Don’t listen to sad music and cry for hours, licking your wounds every day. Instead, wipe those tears goodbye, hide the old pictures of the two of you, and take stock of your new reality as a single person.

What do you say to someone who broke your heart?

If you talk to your ex, you are likely to demonstrate the anger you feel by the words you use. Until the healing has completed and the sadness is mostly gone, you should focus on yourself, not talking to your ex - the person who caused your heartbreak.

Should you tell someone, they broke your heart?

There’s really no reason to let someone know that they caused your broken heart. If you need to let your feelings out, just write in a journal everything that you would like to say to your ex about the breakup and heartbreak he or she caused.

How do you successfully forget someone?

Sometimes, the anger and sadness best go away with time and space from your ex. It’s never easy to get over a serious breakup, especially when it leaves you with a heartbreak, but this will pass. In fact, things will get much better with space and time.

Will karma get him for breaking my heart?

That’s something that only your ex would be able to tell you. Most likely, if he goes around causing one heartbreak after another, he will eventually get a broken heart from a nasty breakup. Someone will eventually break up with him, especially if he isn’t a good person!

To Sum It All Up

Did someone recently break up with you? Are you suffering from heartbreak right now? What helps you when relationships end like this? What did you think of my list of ways to mend a broken heart? I’d love to hear your take. Please leave a comment, and share on social media!

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