18 Reasons Of Being Broken Hearted And How To Fix It

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All of us have probably gone through at least one heartbreak in our lives, as there are so many reasons of being broken hearted. It’s not a great feeling, and it’s certainly not something that we’d want to experience repeatedly. From problems concerning lovers to conflicts with friends, a lot of situations can easily lead to being broken hearted.


Here Are Twelve Reasons Of Being Broken Hearted

Let's check the reasons of being broken hearted and how to fix it:

1. You Trust Too Easily

The first reasons of being broken hearted is for those of you who trust too easily. Maybe it’s just your nature to see the best in everyone, even the people you’ve known for just a short period of time. Because you put your trust even in the most distant strangers, you’ll unfortunately be facing quite some heartbreak…

2. You Have High Expectations On Other People

you have high expectations on other people

Other than that, if you tend to have high expectations on others, often you’d find yourself feeling disappointed. However, it's this person is one who you truly care about, you’ll even find your heart broken by those whom you expected much from.

3. You Don’t Hold Back With Your Love

As we’ve heard the saying “good people die young”, it might only be a bit of exaggeration to say that they all die out of heartbreak. Good people usually love with all that they’ve got and aren’t afraid of wearing their hearts on their sleeves, which is why they’re often prone to being broken hearted.

4. You Dwell On The Past

If you are the type who doesn’t move on and forget easily, you are more likely to feel heartbroken for longer periods of time. This is because you dwell on past memories and nostalgia too much, so that you’re unable to heal completely.

5. Your Crush Doesn’t Feel The Same

One of the most common causes of heartbreak is unrequited love. When you give all your time and attention for a person who warms your whole body, it’s hard not to feel attached and severely offended when he or she doesn’t return the feeling.

6. Your Crush Only Sees You As A Friend

Reasons of being broken hearted, it’s hard enough that your crush doesn’t like you, but the hurt of being friendzoned is a whole other world. You understand that your crush wants to ensure that you know about their true feelings, but it still agonizes you all the same.

7. Your Crush Rejects You For A Friend

Worse of all is finding your crush holding hands with your own friend, just days after they turned you down. Of course you’ll feel like you’re not good enough, but you’ll also have a hard time recovering from the grief. You may want to know the Signs He Only Sees You As A Friend and Signs That She Friendzoned You

8. Your Partner Cheats On You

your partner cheats on you

The news that your partner, whom you love and cherish, show the Signs of a Girl Cheating and has been secretly kissing another’s lips will be heartbreaking and overwhelming to most.

9. You’ve Just Went Through A Breakup

Whatever the reason is behind your breakup –whether it’s someone cheating or just a mere incompatibility, it will at least sting a little. Breakups are the number one cause of heartbreaks, so you should be aware of these Ways to Make Yourself Happy After a Break Up.

10. You’re Not Willing To Let Go

However, the most painful breakups are the ones which you are not willing to let go of. This is especially true if your ex shows that they are dealing with it better than you.

11. Your Ex Hooks Up With Your Best Friend

There is no worse betrayal than a best friend hooking up with your ex. Although you told them you’re okay with it, you’re silently signaling them not to, and they ought to know. After all, they are your best friend, aren’t they? This is why you must learn the Reasons Not to Date Your Best Friend’s Ex.

12. The End of A Seemingly Strong Friendship

Romantic relationship may cause someone a lot of heartbreaks, but sometimes the most painful heartbreak comes from the end of a friendship. Unlike a brief summer fling, it’ll take much longer to recover from a failing friendship that shows the Signs A Friendship is Coming to An End.

Some Tips For Dealing With A Broken Heart

Reasons of being broken hearted and how to fix it soon

1. Identify Its Cause

To be able to cure a broken heart, you should know what caused you to feel this way in the first place.

2. Accept The Pain

accept the pain

Instead of denying that your heart has been broken by another person, you have to embrace the fact. Accept that the pain will only make you stronger.

3. Change How You See Your Past

Stop seeing your past as a pitiable occasion, instead consider that a gift from which you can learn a lesson from. Make sure that the same thing doesn’t happen twice.

4. Talk To Someone Who Cares

Going to a psychiatrist may be the solution for a severe heartbreak, but otherwise talking to those who care could do the trick too.

5. Work It Out

Working out your pain quite literally can be quite relieving. Not only does vigorous activity stimulates the growth of nerves cells, but taking charge of your mind and body is comforting on an emotional level.

6. Journaling And Self-Reflection

Finally, dealing with an inner conflict is best when you look inside and reflect on yourself. Identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as the things that make you happy. Surround yourself with positive people who bring good impact on you and your life!

At last, now that you already know these common reasons of being broken hearted, you’ll be able to prevent being in situations that would lead to these. More importantly, you would be able to avoid conflicts by being aware of your surroundings and external relationships. In this way, there will not be any more crying yourself to sleep or refusing to leave your room. Remember, a broken heart is just a part of life’s journey.

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