Signs Your Friendship Is Becoming Something More

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Being with a good friend can feel like you are with someone you’ve known for your whole life even if youhave just met them for a short time. Friends like this are precious and important. But have you ever felt that this friendship might grow into something more special?

The signs that the friendship is turning into a different relationship is hidden between mundane things. You need to pay close attention before you do anything about it, so you need to be really careful. Here are the signs your friendship is becoming something more;


1. You Both Get Jealous

you both get jealous

Jealousy is a green eyed devil and it rarely surface in the realm of friendship. But if you feel jealous or your best friend feels jealous whenever someone else makes a move on you or your best friend, your friendship needs to be questioned.

2. Butterflies Arrive

The butterflies in your stomach will arrive when you like someone and that someone happens to be your best friend. This will be a strange Signs You Are Falling in Love with Someone.

3. Thoughts Of A Romantic Relationship Is Coming

You or your best friend will start fantasizing about being in a relationship with each other. This thought will be persistent and constant which really means that love is in the air.

4. Action Comes With A Romantic Reason

Suddenly when you bring him a soup or when you text them (or the other way around) it’s not just for fun, it’s because you or your best friend wants to make a move on each other. This is a sneaky sign that you might go to a romantic relationship.

5. Physical Touch Comes More Often

physical touch comes more often

There are certain Physical Signs A Woman Likes You Like Crazy. These signs will suddenly arise between your relationship with your best friend which means that cupid has his arrow on you.

6. You Think About The Little Thing Your Best Friend Does

Every little thing your best friend does will be super meaningful to you because you want the action to have a romantic reason behind it.

7. You Will Think About Your Best Friend At Night

The number one thought you can’t get out of your head is your best friend and how absolutely amazing he/she will be in being your boyfriend/girlfriend. This is a hidden signs your friendship is becoming something more

8. Sacrifice Is Made

You and your best friend will sacrifice anything to be with each other. Cancelling plans out of nowhere or running away will be done as long as you two can be together.

9. A Different Future Is Envisioned

In your mind you envision a family with your best friend which really means you are ready to make it one step further. 

10. Your Hangout Is Different

your hangout is different

Suddenly you guys hang out in fancy romantic restaurants or other fancy places. Plus, the hangout will feel far more romantic than usual.

11. You Have A Hunch

When your heart talks, you should really listen to what it have to say. Sometimes there are just a hunch that he have the Signs He is Your Real Soulmate.

12. You Steal Glances

You find yourself stealing glances once or twice just because you love seeing them. this is a real sign that you start to like them.

13. Flirting Arises

Friends don’t flirt. But friends who like each other do.

At Glance About Friendship Is Becoming Something More

Still unsure? The signs your friendship is becoming something more is hidden so you need to dig deep by looking at the smallest thing in their action

1. Being More Shy To Each Other

being more shy to each other

You will be more shy around each other and will blush more when you do silly little mistakes, which is unusual in a friendship.

2. Texting Is More Frequent

There are a few How To Tell If A Scorpio Woman Likes You Through Text you will suddenly see those signs in the text and it will reveal everything.

3. You Give More Gifts For Each Other

Thoughtful,beautiful, and unexpected gifts will suddenly arrive which means that the relationship is real.

4. Seeing Them Is The Highlight Of Your Day

Seeing them, although usual, is suddenly a highlight in your day and you can’t wait to see them.

5. You Talk About Your Best Friend More

You always talk about your so called best friend and that means that your best friend is always on your mind.

6. Your Best Friend Shows Sign Of Love

Your best friend will tell you in many ways Signs A Man Loves You Secretly This is the clear sign that your friendship is turning into something more.

Tips On What To Do With Your Best Friend Crush

tips on what to do with your best friend crush

Don't be confused. Here are the tips on how to deal with the shocking signs:

1. Talk To Them About It 

Be honest and open so that you know the truth

2. Find Out How You Really Feel 

Find out if you really like your best friend or not. Make sure it is not the Signs of Conditional Love.

3. Commit To Each Other 

All there is left to do is to commit to each other and start getting into a relationship together.

4. Take It Easy

Sometimes we get weird when we are in a relationship with our best friend. Remember to be yourself so that the relationship will run smoothly. Also read about Signs of A Friendzone Relationship.

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The signs your friendship is becoming something more is one that is quite unexpected but it is always a pleasant surprise. Remember to take it easy. Do not be too weird until you become someone else that your best friend does not recognize. The real key to growing your relationship towards something more is to be who you are and to do what feels right. your relationship will grow into a beautiful and everlasting one!

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