How to Get Brands to Notice You on Instagram - Be an Influencer!

Last updated on June 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Instagram is more than just a social media. If you still use your Instagram solely as a place to display your photos and daily life, you haven’t make the most out of it. You can earn money through Instagram, in the easiest and most possible ways ever.

Many brands use Instagram to raise awareness by endorsing famous people – and they don’t have to be a celebrity. Influencers, living up to their names, truly give a huge impact for brands nowadays. Also read How to Get Your Kpop Idol to Notice You on Instagram

If you want to be an influencer, you have to collect some good thousands followers first, then getting brands to notice your existence. But how to get brands to notice you on Instagram?

Congratulation since you have come to the right place. In this article we are going to give you tips to get brands to notice you so you might get reposted or endorsed!

  1. Create Unique Contents That Like No Others

Obviously you have to be unique and different so that brands would easily notice you. This is the most important and number one requirements since brands always looking for A+ quality from Instagram users.

Show everything you’re good at. Whether you good in writing engaging captions, having a pro-level photography skill, or good at promoting yourself, show it off! Also read How to Get Taylor Swift to Notice You on Instagram

Let the brands know that you are the perfect match you have been looking for. Build certain themes for your Instagram and it may takes a while before the brands notice you but even the tallest buildings need to be built bricks by bricks.

  1. Engage with Others in the Same Niche As You

If you want to engage your Instagram account, do it with other accounts in the same niche. So after you decide you niche, you have to engage yourself as many as possible with the same-themed account.

If you are so into makeup and wishing to get noticed by Charlotte Tilbury, find out as many Instagram account as possible that talk about the brand specifically.

Leave comments on their picture, but make sure your comment is the high quality ones. For example, you can ask something about the brand that will actually sparks their interest to reply your comment directly. Also read How to Get Your Crush to Notice You for Guys

  1. Open the Door for Other Brands

If the brands you want to get noticed by is some A-listed ones, you better start by working with other brands first, probably the low-key ones. You might think that this is such a nonsense but if you have experiences under your belt, it will be easier for brands to notice you.

Even when you have to work with competitor brands, don’t be shy or hesitate about it. Nothing is wrong with working with many brands within the same industry. Every brands have their own unique selling point so make sure that you have it.

  1. Honesty Over Everything

Honesty is undeniably a quality everyone must have if they want to gain something. So this is the way how to get brands to notice you on Instagram: put honesty in your every activity. Whether you are leaving comments, posting photos to feed and Insta-story, just be honest. Also read Signs a Girl Likes You on Social Media

Which means you shouldn’t have to talk bad about brands you don’t like just because you want to get noticed by them. Yes, you might get noticed in the first place but they won’t contact you. They will be steered to other Instagrammers who can build more positive images for their brand.

  1. Upload the Brand-Related Content

The most important thing you have to do if you want to get noticed by a brand is creating a content that directly related to them. A genuine review of their products or services is the most common form, and you can make one too.

Make sure you have really tried it and share your opinion about it. Also, don’t forget to tag the brand so they will know that you post something about them. Also read How to Get Your Crush's Attention Through Social Media

  1. A Call to Action

For you who don’t know about this yet, a call to action is a shout out or invitation to others to use the brands’ product too because of how good they are. If your review is good enough, chances are your followers might be influenced to use the brands too. What a good thing!

So those are all everything we’ve got about how to get noticed by brands on Instagram. Hopefully it useful enough for you and in case you have another suggestion, do share with others through the comment section below.

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