Filthy Signs That Your Ex Still Cares About You

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Breaking up with your boyfriend doesn’t make him turn into a stranger to you. He’s still around you and treats you like nothing has completely changed. You may think that he just wants to keep being friends, but is that really what he means? Is there any possibility that he still cares even when you two are no longer an item? Find the truth behind his attitude to you in these signs that your ex still cares about you.

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1. He Still Texts You

He sends you messages saying good morning and wishing you have a nice day. Even when he's away, he texts you asking how your day was and what makes you busy those days. Although he is no longer your boyfriend, he still reminds you to eat and keep your health. It still worries him that there is no words from you. Through the text, he wants to know that you're doing okay.

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2. He Occasionally Calls You

He calls you to make sure that you're okay and he wants to know the latest thing about you. It still matters to him what you do and how you're doing although he's no longer your special person. Through your voice, he knows whether you're doing good or not.

3. He Always Texts You Goodnight

he always texts you goodnight

What's next signs that your ex still cares about you? It seems like his day won't be complete before texting you good night and wishing you have a nice dream. Don’t care if you have a chance to reply or not, he keeps doing that before going to bed.

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4. He Listens To Your Crazy Thoughts

You’ve got a lot going on your head. They’re crazy enough that not everybody will give a care about it. It’s not easy to find somebody who wants to hear the crazy things that come to your mind. Since he was your partner in crime, he knows exactly how crazy you can be. Listening to your crazy thoughts has been a normal thing for him. If he still listens to your insanity, there’s no doubt that he still cares about you.

5. He Drives You Home

You have some busy days that makes you gotta go home so late. There’s no one to drive you home. He knows that you have nobody to picks you up and he offers to pick you up. He doesn’t want you to go home so late on your own.

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6. He Buys You Food

No girl will ignore their favorite food especially when they're in bad mood. He knows that your favorite food will boost your mood. Even when you don't ask him that, he wants to make you happy by buying your favorite food. Though it's very simple, things like this clearly show that he still cares about you.

7. He Takes Care Of You When You're Sick

It makes him worried when he knows that you're not feeling well. Although he is very busy at work, he still manages to visit you and do what he can to help you get better.

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8. He's There When You Need Someone To Talk To

In your darkest hours, all you need is someone you can turn to. It doesn't have to be someone who can make the problem go away, just simply a person who can listen to your thoughts and make you feel like you're not alone. He may not be your boyfriend anymore, but he's always there when you feel like telling someone about what's going on in your life.

9. He Accompanies You

he accompanies you

You never feel like you're alone cause he always tries his best to make times for you. When you need him to come with you, he will do it sincerely. Things may be different between you and him, but he just can't let you do things alone.

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10. He Encourages You

He supports you to go for what you like and believe that you have the power to be who you thought you can’t be.

11. He Compliments You

You were his girlfriend so he must have loved many things about you. He used to think that you’re the girl who could amaze him. Even when you’re not his girl anymore, he still thinks you’re amazing.

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12. He Hardly Moves On

After you two broke up, he doesn’t seem to find somebody new. Seems like, he still can’t seem to find the right person to replace you. It takes him so long to open his heart to a brand new relationship.

13. He Asks You About Your Future Plan

He wants to know what you’re gonna do to your life. Knowing about your future plan is still what matters to him.

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14. He Introduces You To His New Friends

Things aren’t the same way again since you and him go on different directions. He has his new life and you have yours. He meets his new friends but still wants you to know them too.

15. He Tells You About His Day

he tells you about his day

Every time something happens in his day, he doesn’t forget to tell you. It matters to him to open up about his life and share what he can. When he found good things, he tells you how happy he is and when there’s something bad, he trusts you to know about it.

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16. He Remembers Your Birthday

He still remembers your birthday and is never late to wish you happy birthday. Even when he can’t see you, he sends you flowers or gifts.

17. He Congratulates You

You finally achieve something you’ve been trying hard for. He still manages to congratulates you and be happy for you. Even when he can’t see you, he sends flowers or gifts to make you feel appreciated.

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18. He Gives You Advice

Sometimes you can’t help but make a bad decision for yourself. You try your best to follow the right path, but some things may confuse you. When he knows that you have trouble of taking a decision for yourself, he helps you find a way.

19. He Protects You

Life can be so dangerous. Whenever you’re around him, he tries his best to look over your shoulder so you can stay safe.

20. He Cheers You Up

He can tell by your eyes that you’re in a bad mood. It’s still his concern to make you feel better. He does whatever he can to see you smile. He surprise you with sweet gifts or takes you somewhere fun.

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21. He Laughs At Your Joke

It’s never easy to find someone who has the same humor as you. When you think your joke is lame, he still laughs. He doesn’t want to make you feel like you’re not fun. It’s his way to show that you still matter to him.

22. He Makes You Laugh

he makes you laugh

Sometimes you need to forget about the things and just laugh. He knows how to make your sorrow go away. His jokes may not always be funny, but he tries anyway. Maybe the what makes you laugh and realize how much he cares about you.

23. He Reminds You Of The Good Things You Two Had

Since you two were lovers, there were many good memories that you two had shared. They aren’t something to easily forget. Although you two broke up, he still talks about those good times.

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24. He Feels Sorry That You Two Broke Up

It wasn’t easy for him to end the relationship he built with you. He feels sorry that he couldn’t make it work between the two of you. There are just many more signs that your ex still cares about you.

25. He Regrets That He Couldn't Make A Great Boyfriend For Her

It still gets him every time how he couldn’t be a great boyfriend for you. He wishes he could go back in time and be a better man for you.

26. He's Still Not Over You

It’s not easy for him to get you out of his life after the break up. Things may not be the same after you two decide to split up, but he just can’t become a stranger after all the things you two had been through together.

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27. He Doesn't Let You Go Easily

Although you and him have decided to not continue the relationship, he doesn’t seem to let you go away and leave him behind. He hopes that you and him can still keep in touch.

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More Signs He Still Cares

more signs he still cares

He may not ask you to be his girlfriend again but you know the signs that your ex still cares about you all the time:

  1. He respects you
  2. He treats you right
  3. He asks how your parents doing
  4. He invites you to his party
  5. He still keeps in touch with you parents
  6. He still remember you bad habits
  7. He doesn't forget your ambition
  8. He still recalls what it feels like to be your man
  9. He gives you space when you need time to be alone
  10. He's still sticking around
  11. He listens to your problems
  12. He waits for you patiently
  13. He helps you do things you can’t do alone
  14. He warns you when you do wrong
  15. He is around and around you all the time
  16. Even when you don't want him anymore
  17. He keeps reminds you about the sweet things that happened between the two of you
  18. He said, "Let's be friends!"
  19. When he just literally cannot move on and still cares about you!

Those are signs that your ex still cares that you need to see in your ex-boyfriend. It’s not easy to get over the things you two had. He may not be your boyfriend anymore, but he still thinks that you’re an important person to him.

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