9 Possible Reasons Why You Should Leave a Cheater

Last updated on May 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

How did you feel when you knew your partner cheated on you? Do you forgive them and stay together or do you end your relationship? Should you give another chance for your cheating partner?

Some people might think that if someone cheat on their partner they deserve another chance as long as they realize their mistake and won't do it again.

But, there are also some people who think that cheating is one of the mistakes that doesn't deserve a second chance because it's a betrayal and it ruins the pure love between two lovers.

If you caught your partner cheating on you and they still want to maintain the relationship with you, you need to think about it carefully. To help you make the decision, here is the Reasons Why You Should Leave a Cheater.


1. They have ruin the trust you give

A strong and healthy relationship is built with trust. Once one cheats on the other, the trust has been broken and things aren't the same again. Maybe they can get a second chance to prove that trust can be built back again, but who knows how painful it is to see your lover turns out to ruin the trust you give to them. If you have been together with them for so long, it's not easy to know how to get over of your long term relationship.

2. They will probably cheat again

They will probably cheat again

People say if you could do it once, you could do it twice. So, if your partner has cheated on you once, they will most likely do it again. There is no impossibility for that to happen again. So, if having cheated on once has hurt you terribly, how can you let that happen again? Nobody wants to get hurt over and over again.

3. They have betrayed you

Once people start getting into a relationship, they vow to loyal to each other. So, if someone turns out to have affairs with somebody else, they must have broken the loyalty they say they'll keep.

Catching your partner for not being loyal can bring you down because you feel like they have betrayed you after all of the loyalty you gave them. So, it's better to just leave a cheater than staying in a relationship where loyalty is no longer praised. It can be one of the signs you are being manipulated in your relationship.

4. They have a chance to play with your heart

One important reason why you should leave a cheater is that someone who has cheated on you but still begs for you to stay in the relationship, they must have had a chance to play with your heart.

First they break their promise, then they ask for forgiveness and a second chance. If you give them a chance, there's a possibility for them to play with it knowing that you'll forgive them.

5. They're not grateful of who they have

Having affair when you already have a partner is a sign that you don't accept your partner whole-heartedly. If you caught your partner cheated on you, it's clearly that they're not grateful to have you. They still look for someone else.

6. It's a toxic relationship

The next reason why you should leave a cheater is that you're not supposed to maintain a toxic relationship by giving a chance to someone that has betrayed you. You will only risk your heart for another pain. Just because you still love them and want them in your life, doesn't mean you can lose yourself.

7. You deserve to be happy

Finding love and getting into a relationship are supposed to make you happy. Although no relationship is perfect, you shouldn't tolerate cheating. Once your partner did it to you, you should put yourself first. You may forgive them but o not give them a second chance. You deserve to have a happy and healthy relationship or just stay single. You'll see that there are so many reasons why single is better you have to know.

8. You deserve someone who loves you unconditionally

You deserve someone who loves you unconditionally

There's no such thing as a perfect relationship, but true love makes it perfect. You don't need a perfect person to love, but someone who loves you perfectly.

Someone who loves you perfectly isn't the one who gives you material things. They're the one who loves you unconditionally. Cheating is not something that someone will do if they love you unconditionally. You'll see more signs of conditional love here.

9. You deserve a peaceful relationship

Everybody thinks that having a partner will make their lives better. But, it's something that you will hardly get if you stay together with someone who has cheated on you. You will barely find peace for having a cheater in your life.

When they're away you will get worried if they are seeing someone else. When you are together with them, you may get the thoughts of not being good enough cause they may have their eyes on someone else too.

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