6 Signs You are Being Manipulated in Your Relationship

Last updated on February 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

If we fell in love with someone, we usually keep aside all of their weakness. It also happens when we love our partner, we will see their good sides at the beginning of our relationship.

But as time passed by, your partner will show their real self. Have you ever wondered whether you are being manipulated or not by your partner? If you are curious about it, here are some signs you’re being manipulated in your relationship.

  • You Often Feel Confused and Messed Up

A manipulative person always seeks for their own advantages. They can be really dangerous, especially if they make you feel like a mess. Do you consider yourself often feel confused when you are with your partner?

If you also feel that you are messed up when you are with your partner, then it might be a sign that your partner is being manipulative in your relationship. Your manipulative partner will make you feel guilty, and even underestimates you.

The effect of that is you will feel lack of confidence, and even get stress easily. Also read how to get over of your long term relationship.

  • Your Partner Always Criticizes You

Being in a manipulative relationship is actually similar with a toxic relationship. You need to know some signs someone is toxic. Your manipulative partner always looks for your mistakes, blame you, and always criticize you.

Even when you are doing a right thing, your partner will give you a piece of their mind, and will start criticizing you. You need to stay calm, and start to think about your partner’s act to you.

If your partner somehow always criticizes you, then you need to be careful with them. Don’t let yourself drown in your partner’s act on you. You need to trust in yourself.

  • You Always Feel Guilty

If your partner is an anti-critic person, then it might be possible that they are a manipulative person. They never want to admit their mistake, especially when you ask for their responsibility.

Your partner will avoid all of their mistakes, and instead of admitting it, they will start to blame you. They will make you feel like it is your fault, and you might even feel guilty about it. But try to think clearly when you are in this situation.

Don’t let your partner control you. Try to look for the truth behind all the mistakes of your partner. You are not responsible for your partner’s mistakes, so don’t feel guilty about it. You also need to know how to end toxic relationship.

  • Your Partner Doesn’t Believe in You

Someone who likes to manipulate other people tend to not believe in other people. They only believe in their self, and is hard to believe in other people. If your partner manipulates you, they will not believe in you.

They will constantly check on your phone, get mad at you when you are going out with your friends, and even stop you from doing any positive activities. This is all because your partner afraid that you might be cheating on them.

If your partner has done that to you, consider on ending your relationship with them. Having a relationship with someone manipulative will only waste your time, and you will not be happy with them. Also read how to get closer to your partner's children.

  • Always Try to Control Your Life

If your partner always chooses anything for you and not letting you choose anything for yourself, it might be a sign of manipulation. You need to remember that in your life, you are the one that have a decision.

If you doubt about something, that is the right time for you to ask for someone else’s help. If your partner never let you make a decision for yourself, it means that they control you.

It also means that your partner is a manipulative person, and if you still let them have a relationship with you, it might become a toxic relationship. In order to avoid yourself on getting in a toxic relationship, you need to end your relationship soon.

  • You Sometimes Doubt Yourself

If you always listen to your manipulative partner, you will have a lack of confidence. You soon will start to doubt yourself, and it can make you unhappy. If you feel that sometimes you doubt yourself when you are around your partner, you need to check some signs above too.

If you feel some signs above in your relationship, it is a sign that you are being manipulated in your relationship. So, you might want to consider on breaking up with your manipulative partner. You also need to know some signs you have become toxic person.

If you have some signs above in your relationship, you can consider on ending it. You can also seek for your friends and family’s help, so that you can be sure about what to do with your manipulative partner.

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